Market Analysis: BTC's full network computing power is about to reach a record high, can the market still sprint?

With the rapid rise of BTC prices, the BTC miner's return cycle is also rapidly shortening, coupled with the arrival of the wet season, which has once again attracted a large number of mining machines to reopen. In two days, the difficulty of BTC's entire network will increase by 9.6%. By then, the calculation power of BTC will surpass the maximum calculation power of 53.33EH/S on October 4 last year, thus reaching a record high.

In the past year, BTC's computing power has fallen sharply since October due to the sharp drop in its price and the double impact of the BCH power war. In mid-November, BTC also officially fell below $6,000 until it reached $3200 in mid-December. . From the BTC mining difficulty curve above, we can also see that during the period when the BTC fell below 6,000, the mining industry also experienced a large-scale washing, because before the BTC broke 6000, the market estimated the BTC mining cost is about 6,000 US dollars, once the BTC fell below this position, there will be a large number of BTC mines can not continue, and chose to close the mining machine, so there are a lot of news on the market. Time has passed, and when I think about it, the whole market is surrounded by a kind of pessimism. Even after hitting the bottom of 3200, many people think that BTC will fall below 3000. Now that BTC has experienced several consecutive months of increase, it has nearly doubled from the bottom of 3,000 US dollars. The calculation power of BTC is about to return to the high point. The market is watching more emotions, and the market trend is also at this time. A choice will be made.



Today's pancakes led a small correction in the market, down to the lowest point of 8425 US dollars, currently maintaining a slow recovery trend, and the mainstream echelon rebound far more than the pie. This is likely to be the reason why the previous positions are not enough for the retail investors to look at the callback and then make up the position. The main force will use this to start the slow shipping behavior. The current market is no longer the beginning of the year. After that, it was often a broken knife. At that time, the main harvesting chips were very emotional. And this wave of market has gone on for so long, the main shipment takes a long time, including the long-term contract on the contract also takes time, but as long as it involves high-level shipments, it will continue to use the psychology of retail investors, which is also Why are there some reasons for the 'history replay' on the K line? For example, many people compare the current trend with 2015, or take the bitcoin trend against gold. They find that the K line has similarities. In fact, all of this is market sentiment. Highly coincident. Back to the market, because the thickness of the big cake callback is not very deep, the outflow of funds is limited, the overall trend is determined to be the center of the 30-minute shock, and the strategy should be left to wait and see.

Today's analysis: The big cake slowly rebounded after returning to $8,400 today, but the strength of the counter-pumping is not very strong. The heroes believe today that the pie continues to consolidate, consolidating the range [8400-8800] US dollars, we need to guard against the risk of falling after the consolidation.

2 mainstream echelons

EOS: When I went down today, I saw some chasing chassis. I went back to the 30-minute level consolidation center. After a long period of time, I will continue the 30-minute level consolidation trend. The consolidation range is 7.6-8.1 USD. The short-term can be used for small positions. Do T, no position is not recommended to chase, because the goodness of grapefruit is about to be honored, there is a saying in the trading market: good cash is a bad. Short-term support: $7.4, pressure: $8.1.

ETH: Yesterday, the heroes judged that the ether had a demand of 260 US dollars to support the test. Today, it just hit the support level. After the downswing, the rebound strength is general. In the near future, the short-term trend will remain in the range of 260-270 US dollars.

ADA: Today's downturn is larger, the rebound is weaker, and the probability of maintaining a weak shock in the later period is greater. For the time being, we will wait and see. If there is a big rebound in the market, we will consider the replenishment position. The short-term support is 0.082 US dollars. Pressure level: $0.09.

BCH: After the downswing, the rebound is very strong. Before it was stabilized at $450, it was not enough to become a new uptrend. Next, we still pay attention to the $450 that we said yesterday, if we can effectively stand up. In the short term, it will remain in the range of 420-450 USD, and the spot has certain short-term operational benefits.

LTC: The suggestion for Wright's heroes is to wait and see in the near future. Waiting for the post-adjustment form to make a choice, today's callback is close to 8%, the rebound is generally strong, and the short-term high probability remains weak and shocked. Support level: 100 USD, pressure Bit: $120.

XRP: On the graph, the Rippo line has dug a concave shape for 5 months, and it is now in the concave neckline position. Compared with the Ruibo corresponding pies in February 2019, Ruibo has not doubled the price until now, and it is currently a stagflation market. Heroes believe that it is currently a bottleneck period, and it is necessary to give the market confidence to effectively break through the current concave neckline position of 0.5 US dollars. If the market effectively breaks through 0.5 US dollars, it is the moment when Ruibo breaks out, and then it may come later.

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