5.29 market analysis: Bitcoin shrinkage callback, accumulative impact, the time to copy the bottom has arrived?

When everyone thinks Bitcoin is going back, it is going all the way and breaking the pressure. When most people think that Bitcoin will hit the $10,000 resistance level, Bitcoin starts to pull back. Whether the callback is a reserve or a deep drop, it is still not very good to draw conclusions, so I have to analyze it in detail.

The leader of this rise is EOS. Like last year, EOS always attracts the attention of most investors and creates the biggest hot spot for investors to swarm. And when everyone feels that it can go to heaven, it starts to close the net.

EOS is a banknote, and everyone knows that most of the institutions control a large number of chips, and the pull and the disk only look at the movements of these institutions.

June 1st is a good day for EOS to announce, and there are still 3 days. According to past experience, the positive will be released in advance. When the news is announced, it is often a good time to become bearish. The continuous pull-up of this time is a good early release. When there are enough people to chase up, the plate will naturally come.

As for the depth of the callback, it depends on the trend of Bitcoin. This is still the market's vane. As long as Bitcoin can stabilize, the market will stabilize again.

Looking at the current trend of Bitcoin is still in a strong state, there is no big decline, the market is still relatively strong, so the callback is an opportunity to increase the position. If you can call back to the 5th line, there will be a large amount of funds to dip the bottom, so if you place a pending order, you can hang it above the 5th line.

As for the EOS that most people are concerned about, I feel that the callback will start to oscillate. Waiting for the good news to be announced, the fluctuations of the day will be larger, and it may be more attractive. It is a routine, if you don’t want to take risks, you can . Pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

Now that the market has been running, many positives have been released. The bitcoin is only the last step from the threshold of 10,000 US dollars. Can you cross it, only to see if the recent news can be awesome.

At the same time, the risk cannot be ignored. The market has been running until now, the risk is already large enough. The rise is only in an instant, and the depth of the callback is expanding. It will be a little bit of a profit, and the profit will run away. Therefore, a low position is required. Don't be radical.

From the indicator point of view, the bitcoin contraction callback, once again began to build a convergence triangle, the same as last time, it is estimated to fluctuate for a few days.

The MACD is still at a high level, but the green column is shortening again, indicating that the market is in a hesitation phase, and the possibility of further shocks is high; KDJ begins to callback, and the market is sluggish; RSI returns to the normal range, the buyer’s enthusiasm subsides; the Bollinger Band Closing, the upper rail callback, the shock will increase.

If you continue to callback, MA5 is a support level, a lot of money will ambush in this position to absorb goods. At present, the overall market sentiment is still high, there is no possibility of deep decline, you can rest assured.

ETH also began to callback, and it is close to the 5th line. It can be focused on, shortening the cycle, and observing the line of 15 minutes and 1 hour.

In concrete terms, the rise of ETH is not large, as long as it just exceeds the previous high. The MACD red column is shortened, the dead fork is formed immediately, and the callback pressure is relatively high; KDJ has formed a dead fork, and the short-term is in a weak state; the RSI begins to move down, and the buyer's strength is weakened. After the callback, the bottom ETH is a good choice.

EOS is the leader of this decline, mainly because of the increase, the callback will naturally be large, the highest point has already appeared, and the second highest point is the opportunity to leave. The indicators began to weaken, the MACD green column became shorter, KDJ began to retrace; KDJ fell back, and the short-term correction pressure was greater. You can wait for the counter-extraction and not to sneak out.

On the whole, the market has once again entered a shock, but it may be a wave of bargain-hunting opportunities. It requires patience and observation, and opportunities will emerge. However, the bottom-up needs to be cautious. If you are not careful, you will be deeply involved and you need to learn to adapt.

This article data source: QKL123

Pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

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