Remember the darknet "Silk Road" five years ago? The dark market is never absent

In November 2011, Ublich, a student, established the “Silk Road” website. His original intention was to create an economic simulation body without systematic power, which can only be traded in bitcoin. Encryption throughout, no one knows the true identity of the other party.

Because of this, the site was targeted by some criminals and has since become obscured, gradually becoming a dark world full of crimes such as drug trafficking, child pornography and assassination.

After two years of opening the dark net, the police finally stared at it. In October 2013, the founder Ublich was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. But after five years, Ublich’s story is not over, and the secret web story is not over.

Darknet market blank is filled

The “Silk Road” is the largest circulation platform for Bitcoin, and its collapse has also damaged the market value of Bitcoin. While the dark net was spurned by the mainstream society, Bitcoin suffered many years of ridicule, but at this time, the dark net market did not disappear with the exposure.

At the same time that the "Silk Road" fell, the Silk Road 2.0 was born. In addition, emerging websites such as Cloud 9, Shuirun and so on, and soon surpassed the Silk Road to reach an annual trading volume of 250 million US dollars. At the end of 2014, the successors of the first batch of Silk Road incidents went to jail.

Later, third-generation dark-net websites such as Agora, AlphaBay, and Hansa emerged, and the volume of transactions on the dark network exceeded $700 million annually, especially when the AlphaBay website was already several times the peak of the Silk Road. Some of these websites are voluntarily closed, some are forced to close by the government, and the government even adopts technology to restrict the migration of users. However, this did not affect the return speed of the dark market.

Moreover, there are still many people who want to get drugs in a comfortable home, or want to profit by selling drugs, which is more intense than the desire to be captured. The Wall Street market, Valhalla and other websites have also developed into the fourth generation market leader.

In recent months, US and European authorities have hit the Wall Street market and the Valhalla market, and dozens of suppliers have been arrested. Among them, DeepDotWeb, a news website focusing on the dark network, was also closed by law enforcement agencies on the grounds of suspected money laundering.

Law enforcement agencies in various countries are investing more and more resources to crack down on the dark-net market, but closing all dark-net markets is clearly an unreachable goal . These law enforcement activities can only reduce the growth of the dark-net market to a certain extent. Those who despise the law and want to pursue the so-called freedom will always find ways to gather together. On the Silk Road, or on other websites, you will always find those people.

Petition for the founder of the Silk Road

On the other side of the cage, Ublich shared an article entitled "Who is worth it?" The handwritten article of "Shows the intention of fighting for freedom for the public.

In the article, Ublich wanted to fight for leniency because he did not directly participate in the crime. Many entrepreneurs expressed sympathy and said: "Even to protect the safety of others, prisoners must be kept in prison. People should be restricted from freedom. Criminals cannot be atone for their guilt in prison."

Although the US government insisted on the decision of life imprisonment, Ublich was strongly supported by the leaders of the global science and technology community. In a recent interview, Bitcoin's early promoter Roger Ver emphasized that the Silk Road was one of the first successful platforms to implement large-scale encryption and one of the most successful startups in human history.

In addition to Bitcoin Jesus, many influential people in the field of encryption are involved in the petition movement. Even the founder of Litecoin Li Qiwei participated in the petition. He claimed that he learned Bitcoin through the Silk Road and called on everyone to join. To the release of Ublich’s petition team.

So far, the number of people who participated in the "release Ublich" petition on the website has exceeded 180,000. In addition, the sport has received support from a political party and a senator.

But those who have suffered direct or indirect harm from the Dark Net? Do you not know if the petitioner has sighed for the lost life?

At first, Ublich wanted to build a free country, but then the dark net gradually became a paradise for drugs, violence, and human trafficking. Ublich did not directly participate in the crime, but he charged fees from various crimes and non-criminal activities, and turned a blind eye to the illegal activities on the website. Isn't he a responsibility as a founder?

The dark net did have a certain promotion effect on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but it not only opened the door to freedom, but also became the capital of human evil. Freedom is not guilty, and technology is not guilty, but in the name of freedom, using technology to evade responsibility and let it ruin life, such a platform is doomed to escape legal sanctions.


When the Silk Road was closed in 2013 and its founder Ublich was sentenced to life imprisonment, people thought his punishment would stop the imitator. However, under the secret trading of the dark network and the huge interests, more and more organizations are taking risks and joining the black industry chain covering the whole world.

The news site DarknetLive said that despite the closure of about six websites (including the last two) in the past six years, there are still nearly 30 illegal online markets. The fifth-generation dark-net market seems to recover business faster than previous generations . The replacement of the dark-net market has become an inherent law, and its existence seems to be unchangeable.

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Source: Block wave

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