September monthly report | Bitcoin 8000 US dollars up and down shock, USDT market value is shortly listed as "fourth"

Recently, CoinCola Research released a monthly report on the global cryptocurrency market. The report shows that in September, the main characteristics of the global cryptocurrency market include: market-type decline, market value evaporation of more than 40 billion US dollars; BTC fell below 8,000 US dollars, monthly decline of nearly 20%; USDT market value ranks as "fourth", daily trading The number exceeded the BTC ranking first.

The report explains the global cryptocurrency market dynamics in September 2019 from four aspects: cryptocurrency market re-marketing, mainstream cryptocurrency dynamics, cryptocurrency industry events review, and cryptocurrency regulatory trends. The three major hot events in this issue include: follow-up progress of the central bank's digital currency, Bakkt's on-line bitcoin futures contract and Libra's latest developments.

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