6.3 market analysis: Bitcoin shocks, ETC rises, the current round of the market is coming to an end?

Bitcoin continued to fluctuate and fell sharply around $8,700. It rose again after 2 days. The continuous correction after the EOS surge has hit the enthusiasm of the market, and the BSV returned to the king again, rising more than 20%.

As the market has come to the present, the kinetic energy of Bitcoin has been continuously consumed, and the kinetic energy of shorting is accumulating, and the risk will only increase. In fact, it can be seen from the rise of EOS with bitcoin, the staged top has already appeared.

The only thing that is worthy of consolation is that the external environment continues to be turbulent, the safe-haven funds are looking for the target, and Bitcoin may be recognized, which may bring a wave of market, but this news-affected market is difficult to sustain.

Therefore, I am still pessimistic about the mid-term trend, but the short-term market is still a bullish trend. For investors who are trending, they can still wait patiently for opportunities and hold positions. After all, the trend has not fallen below and there is no need to go.

From the indicator point of view, the trend of BTC has weakened, MACD has begun to die, the red column has become longer, so the medium-term trend is down; and KDJ has also stepped out of the form of dead fork, and the pressure of callback is large in the short term; RSI also began to callback. However, today's small Yinxian line, the Bollinger Bands narrowed, the price is above the middle rail, the trend is still long.

My opinion is that as long as you don't fall below Brin's middle track, you can properly dip the bottom, but once you break it, you may break the position and fall into the callback market. There is no such trend yet. You can watch the dynamics of the night. You can pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

The trend of ETH is even weaker and does not have investment value in the short term. From the indicators, the Bollinger Bands narrowed and the shocks intensified; the MACD's dead fork weakened and the trend went bad, and it needed to wait for adjustment; KDJ and RSI both began to adjust, and the market began to adjust in the short term, and could enter at the bottom, but short-term The risk of internal investment is large.

The trend of EOS has completely gone down. It is exactly the same as last year's market. Before the announcement, there was a big rise. When the profit came down, it began to weaken and collapsed. Looking at the current trend, the most likely to take it is EOS.

From the indicators, MACD's DIF accelerated down, the formation of the dead fork, KDJ running to a low position, the downward trend; RSI also began to weaken, entered a relatively equal trend, lost the buyer's low.

On the whole, the rise of ETC today and the market correction have reached the end of the market. Coupled with the recent market corrections, large players have begun to ship, and deep callbacks will come at any time.

Therefore, lightening the position is a must, up to 5 positions can be. The only thing that is gratifying is that the trend of the market is still a bullish trend, and the market may be revived under the influence of large funds. However, if you put your hopes in the hands of others, then the investment loses its meaning.

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If you still don't choose the currency, if you don't know how to invest, you can pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

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