Market analysis: the market weakened, the signs of bearish pressure were obvious

Sun Yuchen, founder of the wave field TRON, announced today on the official Weibo: "I officially announced to you that I successfully photographed Warren Buffett's 20th anniversary charity luncheon with a record price of $4,567,888." Sun Yuchen said that he has always been Buffett's value investment philosophy. Long-term believers, I hope to invite celebrities in the blockchain industry to communicate with Buffett, thereby enhancing the understanding and friendship between top traditional investors and digital currencies, and truly benefiting the entire industry. Buffett then said that he was very happy that Sun Yuchen won the auction and looked forward to meeting him. Buffett’s lunch event has been a stone hammer. According to normal logic, the market should have a beautiful increase for this kind of profit. Now we see that the market has not only risen but has started to fall. I personally think these are some markets. If you are weak, then you should be cautious and wait and see.


BTC has seen a quick kill in early trading. It has already broken the important support level of 8350 US dollars. It quickly hits around 8100 US dollars. Maintaining yesterday's view, the market will continue to look down to around 8,000 US dollars. For the bulls, the current The situation is very unfavorable. We believe that there may not be effective support at $8,000. The next support level is around $7,700, at which point it may be supported.


ETH has followed the market down, and has now broken through the support of $ 245. Then there has been a small increase in follow-up with the BTC, pulling back above $ 245 and observing whether the target can stabilize and withdraw $ 360 at $ 245. I think that the adjustment level of this time may be relatively large. If there is a counter-pumping, it is recommended to take the exit.


The decline of XRP is small in the mainstream currency. The 5 antennas and 10 antennas are bonded. Unless the target is 5 antennas again, the two forks can be blocked. The current macd indicator has been dead and downward, maintaining the trend of M. Judging, only a strong breakthrough of 0.48 US dollars can resolve the M crisis.


The BSV continued to maintain its strength, but it still could not drive the BCH to strengthen. The target has already fallen below the uptrend line and the support level of $425 yesterday. Today, it has hit the integer mark of $400. We believe that the mid-term adjustment of the target is coming soon. It is recommended to watch cautiously.


The LTC's long position is also losing ground. Observe whether the target can stabilize and rebound around the $100 integer mark. If the point cannot be effectively supported, we think the target will also be a medium-term adjustment, at least $85. Important support level.


EOS head signs are obvious, has now fallen below the neckline of M head, pay attention to the 6.8 dollar neckline competition, if you stand again on the pressure of 6.8 US dollars, the M head is invalid, will test the pressure of 7.5 US dollars, if The $6.8 loss, I think the target will return to the important support of $5.8.


BNB still runs according to the previous logic. A high point is lower than a high point, a low point is lower than a low point, and the overall trend is still running downwards. Pay attention to whether the support at 30 dollars is effective. Down the support of $25.5.

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