Startup Proof of Impact completes Series A financing, led by asset management company Franklin Templeton Group

According to The Block, Franklin Templeton Group, a global asset management company that manages more than $ 700 billion in client assets, participated in the financing of blockchain startup Proof of Impact, but did not disclose its investment.


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On December 12th, Amsterdam-based Proof of Impact announced the news, saying that the blockchain technology venture capital institution Ausum Ventures, Swiss Crypto Valley Ventures, and Swiss blockchain fund company Pangea Blockchain Fund also participated in the institution. A round of financing.

According to the announcement, Proof of Impact was established in 2017 and is building a blockchain platform that allows impact implementers (impact implementers, NGOs, companies, initiatives, etc.) to submit verifiable impact events (impact events) and sell it directly to donors and impact investors. The company stated:

All impact events verified by Proof of Impact are marked with the 'Sustainable Development Goal' label. The company's ultimate goal is to provide liquidity-based impact investment products and portfolios based on blockchain technology to mobilize more capital for proven impact.

Regarding the lead of Proof of Impact, Roger Bayston, director of quantitative and financial technology strategy at Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group, said: "In addition to the financial returns provided by traditional portfolios, our customer base is influential The demand for returns is also increasing. So the significance of investing in Proof of Impact is that it can generate impact content in digital form. "

Proof of Impact is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020. The new financing will be used to build the platform and achieve two goals-"Securitize Proven Impact and Bring Proven Impact Investment Products to Global Capital Markets."

Byston said that the Franklin Templeton Group has invested "a lot of" capital in the blockchain space because it can provide "a very effective potential infrastructure for fund management." In fact, the company recently announced plans to tokenize its money fund shares on the Stellar network. Last month, Franklin Templeton partnered with crypto wallet provider Curv to acquire these tokenized stocks.

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