Wikipedia Lightning Network Entry Critical? Bitcoin was deleted 9 years ago

December 13th news, according to a foreign media decrypt report, multiple Wikipedia managers are discussing whether to delete the entry of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Historically, Wikipedia deleted the entry of Bitcoin in July 2010. Although recovery resumed after 6 months.


(Note: Wikipedia deleted the Bitcoin page in July 2010 and resumed it again 6 months later)

It is reported that David Gerard, one of Wikipedia's administrators, is considering deleting the Bitcoin Lightning Network entry.

Lightning Network is a layer of payment network for processing Bitcoin transactions. Its transactions do not need to be verified on the Bitcoin blockchain. With the Lightning Network, users' Bitcoin transactions can be processed faster.

Proponents of deleting the Lightning Network entry argued that the subject was obscure and that its supporting references were based on misconceptions.

David Gerard told Decrypt:

"The article currently cited by Lightning Network is pretty bad, leaving it will trigger more cryptocurrency junk, and removing it is not unreasonable."

Similar comments were made by another manager, Smallbones, who wrote:

"I'd rather throw everything away. In the end, it looks like many people are blinded by scammers who claim to be impossible. Wikipedia has no reason to participate.

Sounds supporting Lightning Network

Of course, there are also objections to Wikipedia's removal of the Lightning Network page. JimD, one of Wikipedia's managers, wrote:

"Arguably, this is one of the most important initiatives in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and it seems to be the only viable way for Bitcoin to act as a retail / mobile payment system (rather than a transaction settlement system or digital asset)."

Michelpman, one of the Wikipedia administrators, also did not agree to delete the Lightning Network page, writing:

"'Delete' voting seems to be inappropriately focused on whether bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a good idea, or whether the article is currently in good shape. The cryptocurrency industry may be flooded with scammers, but that doesn't mean the topic is not worth noting .We have a lot of articles about multi-level marketing, prepaid fraud, perpetual motion, all kinds of pseudoscience, etc. Some things are obscure, but it does not mean that it cannot be ignored. "

A bigger problem

For Gerard, the request to delete the Lightning Network page was part of a broader debate about the status of cryptocurrencies on Wikipedia sites. He said:

"Cryptocurrency and blockchain articles are subject to severe sanctions, mainly because spam articles are usually the norm in the cryptocurrency world, and bad publicity articles are constantly emerging, and related topics must prove themselves."

For example, those who claim that Craig Wright (known as "Auchong") is the inventor of Bitcoin and related news sites are the objects of Wikipedia editors to avoid, on the grounds that their claims are baseless and their research is groundless.

Similarly, the editors must clean up the mess left by the anti-Aucong saboteurs, because they will try to change the name of Aucong to Craig Steven Fart Face.

Perhaps cryptocurrencies should grow before they have a place in Internet history books.

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