Still running in the blockchain conference? The chain node calls you to read the book!

Do you want to sit down and read a book in the chain that the conference can't finish?

Book, I want to read, but the technicality is too strong, open the article to persuade?

Do not persuade, do not panic, all members of the chain node to help you catch the wild amnesty, hold a group of k books!

In order to guide everyone to get close to quality projects and learn more technical knowledge, the chain node is launched –

"White Paper Declassification Reading Club"

Technical big coffee online dismantling white paper is difficult, and more students share their reading notes every day! Together, happy to learn!

Looking back at the first white paper declassification reading meeting (hereinafter referred to as the “Reading Club”), we have completed the MOV white paper of the old domestic public chain project Bytom. This reading session is the white paper author Liu Qiushan. Look awkward –

Liu Qiushan, senior researcher of the original chain, author of the MOV white paper.

He has served as a research assistant in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong and a recipient of the Hong Kong Government Ph.D. Scholarship Program. He is engaged in the research and development of high-performance and high-fault-tolerance consensus systems. The core projects are included in the top conference of the System;

The first batch of IBM superbook developers, engaged in PBFT research and basic research and development. After working in the well-known financial technology company Zhongan Technology-Fudan University blockchain joint laboratory, dedicated to the construction of Zhongan basic blockchain technology and platform.

WeChat picture_20191119184017 (MOV White Paper Read Address:

In the reading post, Akiro has introduced the meaning and symbol of MOV with great enthusiasm. The participating friends have also gathered and flagged. In the middle, there are some friends with unique ideas, such as: Under the green /Excerpt from the user's reading notes of sq19870110

I think this big brother might have been a novel of Changchun. There are also old brothers who claim to be ordinary old iron seriously shared their incomprehensible questions and doubts in the forum, and then suddenly found out: Hey, can I read so many books?

3 /Excerpt from the user Wang Cong's reading notes

The old man looked at it while thinking and thinking hard! I often write and write, "So the problem is coming." It is also very cute. In the comment area and the study group, there is also an active figure of this old man. If you don’t know clearly, you will ask questions in time. One answer, look at this learning motivation! Of course, like this excellent reading post, there are 16 articles on the chain node. Here, I will show you some excellent notes:

521 /Excerpt from user dyhbrewer521 reading notes

4 / Excerpt from the user's thoughts, scribbled zlf reading notes

I have to say that this friend caught a good keyword! The Open Federation Management Framework (OFMF), which is an important part of the MOV protocol, is a practical cross-chain collaboration framework based on the federation gateway. It has decentralized governance of gateways, proof of authenticity of cross-chain events, and unified cross-over. The data format of the chain protocol, the validity of the cross-chain message, and other characteristics.

5 /Excerpt from the user's gentledog reading notes

According to the white paper, there is a patrol officer in the MOV to prevent the side chain from doing evil. So think about whether there is a loophole in this system? He also shared three types of attacks that he thought were possible: copy trading attacks, pretending to be bad attacks, and DOS attacks, and then detailed analysis of the game between individual inspectors and perpetrators. At present, this friend has the highest number of notes reading. Interested students can go to to watch more notes details, and students who take notes seriously will also get a small gift, don't forget to check the group notification~

The one-week MOV white paper declassification book club has been successfully concluded. For this event, the old irons have said that they will not lose! Qiu Shan’s patience one-on-one answers, discussion and sharing in the learning group, and the experiences and notes of the friends, in just one week, let everyone learn a wave of intensity; there are also big brothers private feedback, this The MOV white paper is still quite difficult, and the first-order people are still not very friendly to read! Then in the next reading session, we will make more sharing of different difficulties, and strive to streamline and lively the difficult parts. Of course, we also welcome everyone to participate in the challenge, boldly ask questions, and become a king of bronze!

Well, I talked so much, but I still hope that more students can join us. Students who have excellent speeches in the book club will receive beautiful gifts and become VIP users of the book club. At the same time, the chain node official hopes to cooperate with these. Classmates have more in-depth cooperation. (The cooperation methods include but are not limited to being invited to become moderators, participating in online live broadcasts, participating in roundtables, etc., and students are also welcome to self-recommended~)

Book club registration method: add ChainNode small housekeeper (micro signal: leipengbtc), reply to the "white paper" to join the ChainNode white paper decryption reading club;

Details of the first reading session:

MOV White Paper Reader Collection:

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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