Talking about delaying enjoyment and buying bitcoin

I don't know if you have seen "Poor Dad, Rich Dad" and many books on finance and finance derived from this book, such as the famous "pipeline story":

“This is a story of two young people who are together in the town to make money to earn a living. The difference is that while picking up water, one person also uses his spare time to build a pipe from the water source to the town. After a few years of hard work, when he is old, he can earn money without having to pick up water at home, because the pipeline is constantly generating money. Although it is hard, he enjoys the steady benefits that the pipeline brings to him. And the one who only knows that the water is old is old, and there is no income."

In fact, most of the investment and wealth management books are actually talking about a very simple truth, that is, "open source and thrifty" can get rich.

But I also admire a lot of people can write a nonsense of a whole book, but also publish.

And there are people to buy.

In fact, the starting point of financial books is good, and the truth is right. Many people who are most critical in financial management think that they are the direction and way of investment. Actually, what is important is the source of your "principal".

For many people, the source of investment funds can only be saved from consumption, which is a very fashionable word "delayed enjoyment".

But this is nonsense, because he wants people to overcome the biggest shortcomings of mankind – desire.

As we all know that barbecue beer hurts the body, we all know that we can't do it.

Including myself.

Today, I am still working hard on the road of “delayed enjoyment”, but I still can't restrain myself.

I regret it after every impulse, if the money is used to buy more bitcoin?

Consumerism is particularly rampant in this era. If you have money to spend, you have no money to borrow money, you will not be accused of it, but you will be encouraged, and you will be encouraged to delay the enjoyment of life and to promote the life of the scavenger for more assets in the future. Refuted by one sentence:

"What does it mean to live?"

In my student days, I used to think about it, and I don't know how to refute this sentence.

Later, after I turned off the lights in the bedroom, I mentioned this to my roommate. My roommate didn't take it for granted:

"Do you think it is interesting to be alive now?"

I suddenly realized that my mentality has changed since then, and I found that making money is more interesting to me than spending money.

Looking at asset appreciation will give me more satisfaction than buying a consumer product I want. Similarly, buying a bitcoin can give me more satisfaction than buying a tens of thousands of dollars in consumer goods.

I am actually opposed to every time when I talk about investment, some people who have stepped on special historical opportunities or ran into a good fortune, talk about how you want to invest, how do you take risks, how do you want to do this? …

In fact, investment is a very simple matter, that is, you save the excess enjoyment of the present, through some normal investment in exchange for the appreciation of assets.

In this way, investment can not be done by people who are very rich, or people who have money must do well. This is a very common thing.

My previous Weibo has sent such a paragraph:

"In fact, apart from having special opportunities to create, the rich are more likely to invest in reproduction by giving up their enjoyment. For example, in the 1990s, buying color TVs, refrigerators, and three large pieces of money, used to do business, buy stocks, buy The house, at that time, a color TV suite, not exaggerated. For example, the millennium, buy Santana, buy air conditioners, buy motorcycles, buy stocks to buy a house, then air-conditioned motorcycles are tens of thousands of good things. When I bite my teeth and spend my savings, "Be kind to myself who works hard" is actually the self in the future. This is what happened next to me, that is, the neighbor Li, who usually buckles Soso, finds that he is not willing Buying, saving money, buying a house, etc., I have been particularly comfortable for the rest of my life, and my son is a good wife. I am talking about ordinary people, no opportunities, no background, no ordinary people with great ability, and opportunities for millions of assets. ""

Think back, is this the case? Every generation has the "creation" of that generation. You can't make all the investments without making money. Naturally, it is impossible for all investments to make money. But if your money is the money you originally used to "enjoy", it is not bad to take this money for a possible return on investment.

So why did I put the "buy bitcoin" and "delayed enjoyment" together when I was in lectures or when I was sharing online and offline. I usually say this. If you think it makes sense, you can also use this "Amway" to buy Bitcoin:

Let's assume that Bitcoin is 60,000 yuan. What kind of enjoyment is that 60,000 yuan? Everyone's definition is different. For the middle class, it may be an overseas trip. For the rich, it may be one or two golf clubs. For the working class, it may be the Chinese and Maotai that are needed for the Chinese New Year. Red envelopes are different.


Please note: It is useless to "invest in Bitcoin". If you want to be an investment, it can't give you a fixed return on investment, and for those who hold ideas that will make money quickly, Bitcoin will not take him to heaven, but will take him to the abyss.

So investing in Bitcoin money must be your "deferred enjoyment" of money, no matter how much. For example, if you want to change a new car, it will be equivalent to saving tens of thousands of dollars for two or three years (the luxury car is another), and you can buy two bitcoins for this money.

If Bitcoin is zeroed, you will comfort yourself by saying that you have bought a new car that has leaked oil. The 4S shop will not give you a refund and you will be finished.

But what if Bitcoin is made?


In fact, when you buy the bitcoin with the money saved by "delayed enjoyment", your mentality will be very good. On the one hand, you have overcome your own material desires, and on the other hand, you have bought hope for the future.

Does it make sense? Save time for your upcoming vacation to see the mountains and the sea, maybe 0.21 bitcoins, how good.

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