The market is generally down or the currency is broken and the BSV coin war is launched.

The market is generally down or the currency is broken and the BSV coin war is launched.

Today, most of the mainstream currencies fell, and BCH rose against the trend. At present, the global average price of BCH is currently reported at US$319.85, up 3.79% in 24 hours. The average global price of BSV is now at $56.33, a 21.2% drop in 24 hours. The market speculated that the market was generally down or because of a number of exchanges such as the currency security, BSV caused the market panic selling.

On April 15, the company issued an official announcement and decided to stop trading at 18:00 on April 22, 2019 and remove BCHSV. After the transaction is stopped, all pending orders will be automatically removed. Users can withdraw cash before 18:00 on July 22, 2019, after which the cash withdrawal function will be turned off.

On April 16th, OKEx official news said that OKEx has re-examined the code development, liquidity, compliance and other indicators of BSV. At present, BSV has not reached the OKEx offline standard, and OKEx does not consider the offline BSV. OKEx officially stated that “OKEx, as a neutral trading platform, has respected and supported all the teams dedicated to the development of Bitcoin technology, and has no inclination to different technical routes. It is recommended that each development team of Bitcoin focus on technology development. Stop the war of words and maintain the overall image of the Bitcoin community. OKEx believes that the advanced technology will determine which technology route users and markets choose."

On April 16th, Firecoin Qiye replied in response to the BSV's dismissal question: In any case, fraud and sinfulness violate the values ​​of the fire currency, and the fire currency encourages the act of fighting evildoing, but the exchange itself should not be disliked by the manager. And decide the issue of the currency. It is not good to evaluate the behavior of friends, fire coins will pay attention to user feedback, and ultimately may also hand over the decision to the user.

After the BCH is forked, the CSW becomes the "net red" of the encryption circle again. The market has formed two camps around the BSV.

Previously, Craig Wright threatened to sue the lightning torch creator Hodlonaut and announced that he would collect his information with a $5,000 bsv, who is the cat's head. Subsequently, the Bitcoin community fully supported Hodlonaut and launched the topic "WeAreAllHodlonaut (we are Hodlonaut)", replacing the avatar with Hodlonaut, indicating that the cat is me. Zhao Changpeng and Sun Yuchen have all participated in this topic interaction. Zhao Changpeng said: Oban is not a Nakamoto, and warned that if he comes back to this set of tricks, the currency will be down the bsv trade. Li Qiwei also forwarded this tweet.

Earlier, on March 22, Leipzig Mine Pool Zaller said that the BSV was a deception from "fork, no split", led by the liar CSW (Ao Ben Cong). Whether it is a lock-up agreement, or a miner decides everything, and even most of the teachings of CSW are advertisements. The purpose is to separate a chain of self-control from BCH, and then serve CA's capital stock operations in Canada. This is a Door business. The 0.1 version is the closest to the original agreement, and the BSV is far worse at 0.18. In addition, Nakamoto's design does not include the "lock-up agreement", nor does it include "miners decide everything" (otherwise, checkpoints will not be designed to prevent deep reorganization of miners), and BSV (design and ideas) is in the middle. Cong's farthest fork.

On April 13, Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano issued a call for all exchanges to delist the cryptocurrency BSV before May 1, 2019. This is revenge for Craig Wright to intimidate those who accuse them of pretending to be Bitcoin creator Nakamoto.

Erik Voorhees, CEO of Swiss crypto exchange ShapeShift, said that the exchange supports the views of Kanan and Zhao Changpeng and decided to release Bitcoin SV (BSV) within 48 hours.

On April 15, announced that it decided to terminate all support for BSV by Blockchain Wallet before May 15, 2019.

Kraken Exchange officially launched a vote on Twitter, asking for public opinion on the matter, entitled "Kraken should go offline BSV?". The results showed that 73% agreed to the shelves and 7% did not want to get off the shelves.

According to the social media @ blockchain scam broke out, Coinbase has quietly revised the BSV recharge confirmation time. Currently, users need to confirm 1008 blocks to complete the transaction by recharging the BSV to the account. According to a block of BSV, it takes 10 minutes to calculate. It takes 7 days to complete a BSV recharge and trade.

The wave of anti-BSV alliances is constantly advancing, and supporters of BSV are constantly making voices.

Alex Krüger, an economist and digital currency analyst, pointed out on Twitter that almost everyone in the cryptocurrency field may celebrate the removal of the BSV, but from the perspective of institutional investors, the quarrel and delisting of Nakamoto should be Make this industry look like a children's playground. holder holder Cobra issued a message on Twitter saying: "You don't know the BSV community. When other cryptocurrency communities are actively requesting listing on the exchange, BSV people are actively making money." They delisted and mocked them as 'casino exchanges.' These people have completely different ideas. They are 100% fanatics."

Zhao Dong, founder of DGroup, said in Weibo: "I don't think the BSV under the exchange is correct. It's not that I support BSV. CSW is a liar and a fake Nakamoto. Is it the first day that everyone found out? Since it was on the shelves Now, I have earned enough transaction fees. Now I have abandoned people. What do you do for those who bought the BSV quilt? Is this a bit too snobbish?"

Bao Erye (formerly known as Guo Hongcai) made a speech in the circle of friends and questioned Zhao Changpeng’s threat to remove the BSV on Twitter. He said that he is full of hope for the future of the currency security, "hope that the currency is more than Nasdaq", but this move is undoubtedly a disaster. "BSV plummeted, those users who lost money? Before the announcement, CZ (Zhao Changpeng) and the internal staff of the company were short-selling BSV in advance? How to prove that they are not doing evil? The US SEC is staring at the currency, who will come? Supervision? The user is God, not Chang Peng!"

Bao Erye thinks, "Now the tears are all over in the small circle. The next step is to deal with the people behind the entire Wall Street. You can catch people in minutes. How about Meng Zhouzhou? How is Iran? How? The US SEC is afraid that CZ will not make mistakes. We are all people who want to change the world. The modest service users will definitely be wrong. If they are arrogant, they will kill themselves and the people around them. The BSV will cause waterfalls and the US investors will lose. Heavy, the job of a special black lawyer in the United States is to find fault, why bother to get into trouble? We hope that the currency can exceed Nasdaq, but it needs to be retired, not Yelang arrogant!"

The dispute between the anti-BSV alliance represented by Zhao Changpeng and the BSV organization represented by CSW continues to spread. In essence, this is the battle for both parties to the right to speak in the encryption circle. At present, the anti-BSV alliance has launched a substantive action, and the BSV may be brewing a new counterattack.

Of course, the defects of the BSV itself cannot be ignored. The data shows that BSV is losing its "real bitcoin" as its network capacity, and its support is decreasing. The total hash of the BSV has continued to decline since its inception. The current cost of a 51% attack on the BSV is only around $6,500, while the bitcoin cash (BCH) is currently about four times the BSV, which is about $25,000. In addition, ETCs that have suffered 51% of attacks recently have similar costs to BSVs and cost about $6,300.

A report released by BitMEX's research department estimated that the BSV miners had a cumulative loss of $2.2 million. According to the report, since the BSV was created in the hard fork of the BCH, the gross profit margin is minus 12%. The estimated value is based on the number of cryptocurrencies being mined, the current cryptocurrency price, and the lower limit of the mining power cost.

Source: Coin World

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