The most influential industry star! Coinbase CEO is on the "Times of the Next Generation" list of Time magazine

On Wednesday, Time magazine published a list of TIME 100 NEXT to recognize outstanding talent in all walks of life.

Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of the well-known exchange Coinbase, became the first member of the cryptocurrency.


On the website, Time magazine briefly introduced Armstrong's determination to create Coinbase and change the world with cryptocurrency:

“A few years ago, Brian Armstrong was an engineer at Airbnb. He witnessed the company’s sudden closure of its leasing services in Cuba in order to comply with US government policies. Cuban homeowners also lost contact with the global economy. He wanted to know What if there is a way for people to exchange goods and services with less government intervention?

Eight years later, Armstrong became Coinbase's co-founder and CEO, which allowed approximately 3 million customers to purchase and trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are not directly linked to any country's monetary policy. .

While the long-term impact of cryptocurrencies is still unknown, Armstrong said that an economy that uses cryptocurrency extensively offers more opportunities than the current system. This is one of the reasons he launched the website last year, which aims to distribute digital currency to the poor. Armstrong has been on the list of the top 100 people in the next era, proving that cryptocurrency is recognized by the mainstream world, and the efforts and efforts of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs are equally worthy of respect.

Time magazine published the top 100 most influential people in the world 15 years ago. The winners of this list are usually from traditional power structures, such as CEOs of listed companies, actors in big-production movies, and leaders of international foundations. Wait.

Today, more and more people are paying attention to the power of ordinary people, such as American students who launched anti-gun violence in 2018.

Time has realized that “in the past three years, the silent complaints of generations have become a deafening roar. This change has taken place all over the world for a variety of reasons, including: the rise of social media; Over the years, people’s confidence in existing institutions has been declining.”

Therefore, they decided to launch the list of the next generation's top 100 people, focusing on shaping 100 new stars in the future of business, entertainment, sports, politics, science, health and other fields.

Dan Macsai, executive editor of Time magazine, said:

"They are driven by hope. They are eager to overcome all odds and fight for a better future."

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