The contemptuous currency circle is dying? Blockchain enters the era of ecological "card war"

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Key points:

  1. Some companies that have sent air coins have come to us to discuss the development of the industry. Although it will be received because of the face, the heart is still more complicated and has the contempt."
  2. Unlike the collective madness in the “hot money” in 2017, people who shout in the group or send a virtual currency quote sometimes get diss: “Don’t sell junk coins at home”.
  3. The “blockchain enterprise”, which has been fascinated by the word blockchain, has slowly “released” its patented technology and application scenarios, hoping that the general public has a direct and objective understanding of the blockchain.
  4. After all, the blockchain is a virtual world. How to ensure that the data and entities on the chain are consistent and each node is trustworthy is a problem that every blockchain enterprise must consider.
  5. The biggest obstacle to the development of blockchain is the air coin and some pseudo-innovations. It is only for the crazy cutting of leeks, just like cancer cells, it will grow wildly. Only by resolutely cracking down on such illegal activities can we falsify the truth, clean up the original source, and let the real value of the blockchain emerge. The air bubble will burst in the next year or two.

"I thought that I have already cooperated with the institutions that have already reached the sea. Recently, we have started to contact us. Our CEO has recently traveled frequently to re-negotiate cooperation with these organizations on the application of blockchain scenarios." The market leader of a blockchain startup company Deep net said.

The blockchain startup company has regained its nascent status, mainly thanks to the official adjustment of blockchain technology. Defining the blockchain as an "important breakthrough in independent innovation" undoubtedly gave the long-lost blockchain industry a "bettering agent." The “blockchain enterprise”, which has been fascinated by the word blockchain, has slowly “released” its patented technology and application scenarios, hoping that the general public has a direct and objective understanding of the blockchain.

“Inspur established a blockchain R&D team in 2015 to study blockchain technology and explore how to serve the real economy. In 2018, the blockchain service was officially released and applied to multiple business scenarios. Currently, in 29 provinces, More than 90 cities and municipalities have started operations. There are more than 2,000 companies in our chain. Before that, we did not widely publicize the development and application of blockchain technology. First, the application scenarios of blockchain technology are in the process of exploration. The second is that the general public has misunderstood the blockchain and equated the blockchain with virtual currency. Xiao Xue, senior vice president of Inspur Group, told Deepnet that “we said that the wave is doing blockchain. Application, but some people can't tell the relationship between coins and chains."

Companies that have been "crouching" on the research of blockchain technology have not only a wave, but also a wave of well-known companies such as Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Ping An, and Baidu. These companies have been involved in the development and application of blockchain technology two or three years ago, and launched their own blockchain BaaS platform (simply the underlying software system of the blockchain), which allows enterprises or institutional users to Quickly build your own blockchain network services on the cloud platform.

Different from the previous attempts to land the company's internal products on its own BaaS platform, after the introduction of the blockchain favorable policies, these companies have pushed their BaaS platform to the front, in the blockchain + government, medical, financial, food traceability, Intellectual property and other fields have seized more application scenarios.

"hairy crab" on the chain

This year's "crab season", Liu Xiao, who bought Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs in Jingdong, found a change in the crabs. In addition to the "crab buckle", these crabs also carry a quality chain code. After scanning the QR code on the crab through the quality chain WeChat applet, Liu Xiao found that every link that the hairy crabs experienced during the period from September 9 to September 23 was presented on the page as a picture or video.

In terms of supply, the page shows the whole process of crab fishing from fishing, transshipment, weighing, holding, bundling, labeling, packing, packaging to quality chain bonding. In terms of quality assurance, the page includes four documents including the company's quality self-sworn, third-party agency audit, environmental monitoring report, and crab sampling test report.

The quality chain label on these hairy crabs is the most intuitive way to block the traceability of the goods. Dismantling and opening up is that from the breeding environment to the fishing to sales, all parties in the quality alliance chain (aquaculture companies, sales companies, testing institutions, logistics, insurance companies, etc.) will write their own data. On the blockchain. The use of blockchain multi-centered institutions to achieve consensus and collection of multi-party quality data, data cross-validation can not be falsified, which ensures that the data on the chain tends to be credible, and ultimately allows consumers to see the real life of the goods. ".

The role of the quality chain is not only to "follow the source", but also to provide evidence for consumer rights protection.

“When the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs opened the lake, we launched the quality chain ecological alliance with Suzhou Qiancheng, Bureau Veritas, Jingdong, China People's Insurance, as well as brand cultivation and standard testing to ensure that the hairy crabs on our chain were paid ten. As long as it is For the goods of the chain, consumers can obtain relevant quality information by scanning the code. For example, if you buy Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, it is not a bathing crab; if there is a problem, the data on the quality chain is evidence that cannot be falsified, and consumers can apply for a claim directly. For the consumers, it is a real guarantee. For the enterprise, it is the brand confidence that dares to promise quality.” Xiao Xue said to “Deep Net”.

But the blockchain is a virtual world after all. How to ensure that the data and entities on the chain are consistent and each node is trustworthy is a problem that every blockchain enterprise must consider.

In this regard, Xiao Xue explained to "Deep Net",

“Providing the correspondence between data on the chain and the physical world is a cost and cost-effective problem. There are generally two solutions. One is to use IoT equipment to monitor the whole process, which can ensure that the deviation is reduced, but the cost is too expensive. Some companies can afford this cost; the second is to make each node credible. In the blockchain, if a node is once marked with 'untrusted', it will be kicked out of the blockchain and alliance, and then think again. It is very difficult to turn over, which is the effect of good money. In fact, technology is not a panacea. The core is the design problem of the business scene. Only when the business and technology are deeply integrated can the empowerment and business reconstruction be realized.

The quality chain is just a business in the application of the BaaS platform in the wave blockchain. Up to now, blockchain technology has been deployed in data storage, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, supply chain finance, food safety, government services, health care and other business areas.

Take the blockchain + movable property pledge as an example. When a financing enterprise uses the goods it holds to apply for a financing loan, it needs to pledge the goods held by the financial institution to the warehousing party designated by the financial institution, and the warehousing party issues a warehouse receipt and guarantees and supervises the property rights of the goods. This involves two issues of cargo confirmation and warehouse order standardization. In response to the scenario of movable property pledge, Tencent Cloud launched the movable property pledge blockchain registration system, attempting to supervise the goods through video, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and data registration and electronic receipt of warehouse receipts through the blockchain platform.

In this regard, Shao Bing, head of the blockchain product of Tencent Cloud, told Deepnet that

“The blockchain technology can play a very good role in the financial business. In the warehouse receipt pledge financing scenario, financial institutions have the ability to supervise the whole process of pledge loans, which will greatly reduce the risk of loans, while on the other hand, small and medium-sized Companies can get more liquidity with lower pledge costs and faster time efficiency, alleviating the difficulty of lending. In this scenario, the blockchain also plays an important role in protecting data privacy and ensuring judicial effectiveness. The role, for example, can identify the user's identity through key technology, and achieve effective control of the visibility of the data on the chain through encryption technology."

Cryptography is one of the core and bottom-level technologies of the blockchain. Cryptography technology plays an important role in the secure transaction, privacy protection and secure access of blockchain networks. On the afternoon of October 26, the second day of the high-level study on blockchain technology, the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress passed the "Password Law of the People's Republic of China". "The passage of the "Cryptography" provides a strong legal basis for the commercialization of blockchain-related encryption technology," said industry insiders.

In addition to the Cryptography, data, a key resource for the development of blockchain technology, has also been proposed as a factor of production to participate in the distribution of contributions. On November 1, 2019, Han Wenxiu, deputy director of the Office of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics, pointed out that in order to promote and improve the basic socialist system of socialism, he pointed out that "encourage hard work and wealth, improve labor, capital, land, knowledge, technology, management and The production factors such as data participate in the distribution mechanism according to contribution…" This is the first time the central government has proposed data in public to participate in the distribution as a factor of production.

Blockchain landing scene card position war

Every historic change will breed huge innovations and market opportunities, which will lead to an upgraded iteration of the industry. But the key to the success of innovation is whether this new model can be verified in practice, so the blockchain should be detached.

After the central government stated that it should vigorously develop the blockchain, People's Daily issued three series of articles to analyze the blockchain. One of the articles emphasized that the blockchain technology should be integrated with the real economy.

The core problem of the blockchain detachment is the integration with the real economy. The blockchain technology itself does not solve the problem and must be combined with the industry to restore the actual problem. Therefore, the head blockchain enterprise currently The most urgent thing is to radiate your own BaaS platform services to specific scenarios in all walks of life. Blockchain + medical is not only Tencent Cloud is doing, Inspur Cloud is doing, other blockchain companies may also be in the layout. Everyone In the blockchain chain invention patents, occupying the niche, paving the scene," Xiao Xue explained to "Deep Net".

The core of the blockchain scenario is the mobility and accessibility of data resources. A wide range of applications can prove the stability of the underlying platform and support for multiple industries. The head blockchain platform has entered the card position battle of the landing scene. .

At present, in the fields of supply chain finance, government affairs, and smart medical care, every head company that standardizes the BaaS platform hopes that enterprise developers and organizations can build business applications on their own platforms and explore blockchains with the platform. Landing scene. For example, Tencent Cloud's TBaaS has implemented scenarios in supply chain finance, data management, insurance direct compensation, electronic bills, smart healthcare, charity and other charities; Ping An Group has deployed finance, medical, and automotive in the blockchain industry. Real estate, smart city five major sectors, deployment nodes over 40,000; Ant Financial has applied blockchain to more than 40 scenarios such as cross-border remittance, supply chain finance, judicial deposit, electronic bills; Inspur Cloud in financial services, health Medical, commodity traceability, food safety, data security, government services, and other aspects of people's lives have been laid out.

This creates a problem. In the same application area, different head companies will gradually form their own “regional scope”. For example, Inspur has already run through the blockchain + health care big data model in Shandong, and promoted the “Shandong model” to Tianjin and Inner Mongolia. Tencent Cloud and Donghua Medical cooperated to create Donghua Medical as a health chain. Starting from Beijing Public Hospital, it solves the problems of data security and data sharing that are difficult to achieve in the current medical and health informationization process.

As a result, different organizations may have different interfaces and standards on different BaaS platforms, and it is difficult to truly achieve greater range of node access and data circulation. In this regard, Ten Meng cloud blockchain chief architect Yan Meng told "Deep Net",

"The cross-chain can solve this problem. If there is a big chain that can do a universal value distribution and connect these small chains, the future will form a very large network, and the value circulation will become easier. But across In the chain service, the information cross-chain is better implemented, and the value cross-chain, especially the contract-based value cross-chain is very difficult. At present, we are already studying the cross-chain data connection technology, and hope that the blockchain of different institutions can be realized. Cross-chain trusted technical solutions."

Participating in the blockchain technology innovation and application scenarios are not only large companies, but also a large number of startup companies. Some people in the industry told Deepnet that

"At present, there are tens of thousands of blockchain companies nationwide. There are more than a thousand blockchain companies in Shandong. Many startups hope to stand out in the industry through the blockchain policy."

But there are also entrepreneurs who are cautious about this slogan. “The blockchain is ultimately related to the combined industries and applications. Some sunset industries cannot reproduce the second spring by simply adding blockchains. Therefore, in the selection of application scenarios, we must adhere to the spirit of seeking truth from facts. Dialectical Find the core appeal, and then introduce the blockchain technology, never blindly. The pig standing in the wind can fly, but the puffy pig flies fast and falls fast. A real blockchain entrepreneur should stay awake. It is important to build its own barriers early. The hug policy is important, but the true value of technology can be realized by truly serving the enterprise,” said Ji Zhoudong, chief strategy officer of Distribution Technology.

The arrival of the chain era, it is getting harder and harder to fish in the water

After the blockchain favorable policy came out on October 24, there was not only a “chain circle” but also a “coin circle”. The once-suffering currency circle practitioners have also become active. Some air currency practitioners even shouted directly in the major live broadcast groups under the name of the blockchain.

"Don't mention the currency circle, we don't want to be linked to the currency circle and the currency." When visiting the blockchain startup company, many practitioners expressed similar appeals to "Deep Net". "Some companies that have sent air coins come to us to discuss the development of the industry. Although it will be received because of the face, the heart is still more complicated and has the contempt."

In the past ten years, because the killer application of the blockchain is mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum, and many people have misunderstandings about the blockchain technology, some ordinary investors who cannot access the primary equity investment market are Air-like coins cut the leek. Li Xiaolai, Sun Yuchen and other famous celebrities who rely on ICO to achieve "wealth freedom" are mixed.

"The level of excitement of the currency is obviously not comparable to the popularity of the ICO in 2017. After all, the regulation of the blockchain and virtual currency is becoming clearer. In 2017, you bought the air currency and cut the leek to report the case. Maybe the police don't know which direction to start checking, but as the regulatory policy gradually comes out, over-the-counter trading, dark-net trading, etc. may be traced, and the currency circle will be slowly purified in the next few years." Su Qing, who worked at a virtual currency exchange, revealed to Shennet.

But there are interests in places where there is competition, and greed in places where there are interests. Under the temptation of getting rich quickly, there are also some currency players, especially the air currency players who are still taking risks. They use the blockchain banner to shout their own air and garbage coins in each group. Unlike the collective madness in the “hot money” in 2017, people who shout in the group or send a virtual currency quote sometimes get diss: “Don’t sell junk coins at home”.

In this regard, Ant Jinfu Chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong said at the 2nd Import Expo.

"We must be vigilant and guard against all kinds of air coins and pseudo-innovations in the name of blockchain. Just like when we connected a network cable, we said that we are Internet finance. The biggest obstacle to the development of blockchain is such fraudsters. Amaranth, like cancer cells, grows wildly. Only by resolutely cracking down on such illegal activities can we falsify the truth, clean up the original source, and let the real value of the blockchain emerge. The air bubble will burst in the next year or two."

It is not only the enterprises that really engage in the research and development and application of blockchain technology, but also the regulation of virtual currency by the central banks and other state institutions.

In December 2013, the central bank issued a Notice on the Prevention of Bitcoin Risk to Prevent the Risk of Money Laundering Possible by Bitcoin. In September 2017, the Office of the Leading Group for the Special Remediation of Internet Financial Risks issued the issue of “Clearing the Issuance of Tokens”. Notice of rectification of work, comprehensively stop the new occurrence of new currency issuance financing activities; in January 2018, the Leading Group for the Internet Financial Risk Special Rehabilitation Office issued a document requesting all localities to guide enterprises within their jurisdiction to withdraw from the “mining” business in an orderly manner, and Regular progress is reported; in 2019, Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the central bank, publicly stated that “the monitoring of virtual currency monitoring should be strengthened in 2019”.

From prompting to guard against bitcoin risk, to prohibiting ICO and virtual currency trading in the country, and then limiting virtual currency mining, the state will increasingly tighten the regulation of virtual currency. In this regard, some people in the industry said to "Deep Net",

"In order to ensure that resources are used in the development of blockchain technology and prevent good policy orientation from going to virtual currency, the government is taking a more severe high-pressure policy on virtual currency. It is expected to fish in the currency circle. difficult".

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