Webster's rating is constantly changing, asserting that Cardano is far stronger than EOS

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Weiss Ratings, a cryptocurrency rating agency, recently said that Cardano (ADA) is far stronger than EOS. And this is also the recent announcement by the rating agency that Stellar is technically superior to Ripple and suggested that XRP will gain greater growth by migrating the entire community to the XLM network. The official calibre made a subjective judgment on the two major projects at the head of the market.

In the latest tweet, Webster Ratings pointed out that although EOS is one of the pioneers in the market, EOS has not been able to maintain its "first mover advantage" over time. Cardano has been implemented in many aspects. Beyond EOS.

The Webster rating explains that EOS has a relatively obvious "centralization" problem, and in the recent period, the network has not been able to handle any transactions for users who have not locked and mortgaged a large number of EOS. This is EOS decided to adopt a no-cost structure. The "bad consequences" caused.

However, after the tweet marked "1/4" was issued and triggered a lot of questions from the encrypted community users and the criticism, the Webster rating did not continue to explain their views, and this also triggered netizens' ridicule.

There are also members of the encryption community who directly respond to the Wechsler rating. The ADA will face the difficult challenges that EOS has overcome in the future, and sincerely hope that they can solve these problems smoothly.

In a follow-up to the Webster's rating, the agency shared more reasons to judge that ADA is stronger than EOS. The agency explained that Cardano had just completed the balance verification snapshot of Shelley's incentive test network, and is about to enter the incentive phase. .

However, for this explanation, the netizens obviously don't buy it. Many members of the encryption community bluntly say that this explanation looks more like Cardano's advertisement, and it is not a view that can withstand scrutiny.

After the tweet was sent, it triggered another heated discussion on Twitter. Although there are some people who support the Webster rating, a lot of netizens are skeptical about the Webster rating, compared to Cardano. EOS's user base and potential seem to have great advantages, and Webster's rating does not come up with a strong argument that Cardano is far stronger than EOS.

After the fall of the ICO boom in 2017, the project side of the cryptocurrency sector has gradually returned to a serious technology-driven situation. Projects such as Cardano, EOS, and TRON have become more attractive. But because of this, the competition between projects that are more similar or seek to solve similar problems is fierce. This has also led to a deep division of the crypto community, where members of the community are firmly committed to the ultimate success of the projects they support.

In this case, directly comparing the "good and bad" of the two projects will always cause fierce quarrels in the encryption community, and even cause serious damage, which is why most people have always avoided giving any controversial "conclusions." "The reason for the statement. But in recent times, Webster's rating has apparently failed to comply with the unwritten conventions in this encrypted world.

Although we must admit that Webster's rating does get on social media through words like "XRP and XLM should be combined for greater success" and "ADA is far stronger than EOS" and other provocative and even "leading" elements. A very high discussion heat. But this behavior seems to have seriously affected the reputation of the institution.

Shallot has previously sorted out the brilliant record of Webster's rating at the beginning of this year. In the short period of one month in March this year, the currency that won the series of research published by Webster's rating was published in the research results of the institution. After that, I did not go out of the explosive performance. After the WeChat rating continuously predicted "predicted" the rise of five currencies, the market once called it "the octopus Paul".

However, in the recent period, Webster's rating has repeatedly thrown out "lack of remarks" that lack effective arguments. This rating agency, which has been highly recognized by the market, has become a lot stranger.

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