The People's Liberation Army newspaper article: blockchain boosts military management

Author: Zhangjia Kui Cao Ruifei

Source: People's Liberation Army

Blockchain is a chain structure, which is a kind of decentralized public account book technology that combines data blocks in chronological order and combines with cryptography, consensus mechanism, smart contract and other technologies. Blockchain technology makes up for the problem that traditional technology data is easily falsified and stolen and lacks authenticity. It can be said that network information technology has evolved again. Therefore, the application of blockchain technology in the field of management has been paid more and more attention. The application of blockchain technology to military management will further drive the development of military management innovation.

Promote military manpower management more fair and effective. In the aspect of personnel information management, the use of blockchain technology to store military personnel's personal basic information, training experience, implementation of major tasks, and merit awards, etc., enables information to be easily analyzed and invoked while technically ensuring military personnel data. The information is authentic and reliable, and it eliminates untrustworthy behavior such as forgery and tampering. In terms of personnel performance evaluation, it is possible to distinguish between military training, professional competence, task completion and other indicators, and establish a corresponding Token (digital token) reward mechanism. Reward or deduct the corresponding Token according to the daily performance of the personnel, and use this to generate objective and impartial personnel evaluation, to achieve the purpose of stimulating management vitality.

Promote military training management to be more intelligent and transparent. The nature of the blockchain is a transparent and transparent electronic accounting system, which can greatly improve the efficiency and intelligence of military training management. The blessing of the blockchain has made the military's pure training style a technical guarantee. For example, live-fire shooting training, the electronic report target will automatically record the shooting performance data into the system, and package the "winding" together with the information of the participants, training time and other data, the whole process is not only automatically completed by the system, the data can not be changed, thus the largest Limit the authenticity of training results, ensure fair and equitable assessment, and realize the whole process of “anti-counterfeiting” from training to assessment.

Promote military information management more secure and reliable. Losing and leaking is an important task and goal of military information management. The big data system embedded in the blockchain technology makes full use of the traceable and difficult-to-replicate features of the blockchain to realize the non-replicable sharing of information, which greatly improves the security of data information compared with the traditional network-based management mode. By building a layered security technology system, it is possible to further improve the data information security protection capability and add a “safety chain” to the military information security and confidentiality work.

Promote military logistics management to be more intensive and efficient. Logistics management is an important area for the application of blockchain technology. IBM has developed a high-quality item tracking system based on blockchain technology. In April 2018, Samsung announced plans to use blockchain technology in logistics management, which is expected to reduce costs by 20%. It can be seen that the implementation of the military logistics blockchain can improve the efficiency of military logistics, reduce the cost of transporting equipment and materials, and realize the full traceability of the logistics process and the management of equipment and materials, thereby improving the management and effectiveness.

Promote the daily management of the military more convenient and smooth. First, based on blockchain technology to trust the intelligent contract function, the trust between the military department and departments, individuals and individuals will be based on technical trust. No matter the upper and lower levels or the same level in the army, you don't need to be familiar with each other to work safely. Secondly, due to the decentralized P2P interaction mode, it can reduce the internal command-based resource allocation within the military, and overcome the shortcomings of cross-departmental collaboration that must rely on superior coordination intervention to facilitate smooth communication, help reduce communication and coordination costs, and quickly achieve work goals.

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