The US group is ten years old, or is it no longer outside the blockchain?

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Editor's Note: The original title is: The United States Mission for ten years, not a dream?

The US Mission was founded in 2010 and has been in existence for ten years. Borrowing the words of Wang Huiwen, Senior Vice President of the US Mission Review, every year, the borders are constantly expanding in the midst of the collapse, and today it is today.

However, since Q2 in 2019, the US Mission has ushered in a turn. On July 29th, the founder of the US group Wang Xing announced on his personal Weibo that on July 27th, the number of orders completed by the US group's take-out single-day exceeded 30 million.

Wang Xing announced on Weibo that the order volume of the US group’s take-out single-day orders exceeded 30 million.

On August 23, the 2019 Q2 financial report released by the US Mission Review showed that the quarterly revenue was 22.73 billion yuan, and the adjusted profit was 1.5 billion yuan. For the first time in more than nine years, the overall profit was realized.

This is not finished.

On October 8, the US stocks' stock price reached a new high, with a market value of 516.8 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 65.9 billion US dollars), becoming the third-largest Chinese Internet company after Ali and Tencent.

On the surface, the Internet "BAT era" ended, the owner is the "cash machine matrix" ATM.

Because of this, when a photo of Wang Xiang’s Dragonfly Crypto Summit closed-door summit came out on October 14, it not only smashed the circle of friends, but the incident continued to fertilize in the past few days, and two paradoxes in the Internet and blockchain. The field has caused a huge wave.

The photo shows, from left to right, the red shirt China founder Shen Nanpeng, the founder of the policy venture capital Feng Bo, the founder of the Ethereum V God, the founder of the US group Wang Xing, the founder of the public comment Zhang Tao. It can be seen that this is an intersection of top VCs, Internet giants and blockchains. Among them, the US group is still free from the existence of the blockchain.

Dragonfly Capital Closed Summit Outfield Big Cafe Photo

However, behind the development of the US group has always had its basic logic.

"Everything has no simple boundaries, so I don't think you should limit yourself."

Wang Xing once made such an evaluation on the expansion of the US Mission business.

Then, the career ushered in a new beauty of the US group, is the blockchain the key to the lack of the "eat" empire?

US group ushered in a turning point

In 2019, the line will be closed. What kind of posture the US group will open for the next decade is still a mystery.

Last month, Wang Xing said at an internal communication meeting:

"Doing one year, three years, and ten years, I have been thinking about what the US group should be in the next decade."

According to public information, Internet giants all over the world have laid out blockchain industry. In 2015, Microsoft released the Ethereum blockchain tool. Then, Amazon and Google all released the actual blockchain. In China, many Internet companies have already entered the market. Among them, as early as 2015, Ant Financial Services established a blockchain group. At present, Alibaba is the company with the most patented blockchain technology. In addition, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Suning, Huawei and so on have also laid out blockchain.

It is not difficult to see that the blockchain has become a "place of competition for the military."

Some insiders believe that from the attitude of the domestic Internet giants entering the blockchain, there are many examples of "Ming Xiu Road, Darkness Chen Cang". As the third giant of China's Internet, the US Mission will not be indifferent.

In fact, many former US team executives have been involved in blockchain entrepreneurship projects.

Among them, the original US group co-founder Yang Jun and Pancheng investment founder Chen Weixing jointly launched the blockchain taxi platform taxi chain VVShare; the original US group taxi technical team leader Liu Chunming set up the decentralized application platform Vite; the original US group Commentary The head of the film business in Shanghai, Yu Yu, launched the Uchain, which aims to establish a peer-to-peer blockchain intelligent network. Li Shuang, the former general manager of the US Mission Group, created the blockchain project BonusCloud and so on.

But what is puzzling is that the current US official website is still ignorant of the blockchain. However, as a high-school student who graduated from Tsinghua University, Wang Xing himself showed a strong interest in it.

Some media dug out, Wang Xing repeatedly publicly expressed his personal views on the blockchain in the meal. On June 18 this year, after Facebook released the blockchain project Libra, on June 20, Wang Xing said on the meal:

"Facebook's strategy of pushing Libra is very clear. The persimmons are softly pinched. The currency system of the weak countries in the world's 200 countries is gradually replaced. When a few powers are encountered, of course, they should bow their heads and the conspiracy will collude."

On June 22, Wang Xing once again commented:

"Discussing the technology behind Libra is not as good as the printing technique for discussing dollar bills. In this great change, if Nakamoto is compared to Marx, then the small tie is equivalent to Lenin. It is indeed a genius design. ""

Wang Xing commented on Libra on meal

Therefore, on October 14, when Wang Xing and Shen Nanpeng, Feng Bo, V God and other people "show in the same box", many media have speculated that the US group and the blockchain are close.

At the same time, according to the US group review prospectus, as of April 30, 2018, it had a total of 46,662 employees, including 10,343 R&D personnel, accounting for 22.2%. The R&D expenditures generated in 2015, 2016 and 2017 were 1.2 billion yuan, 2.4 billion yuan and 3.6 billion yuan respectively. Analyst Lindon Wang believes that the US team's technical staff has the potential to compete with BAT and is driving development with technological innovation.

An industry insider familiar with Wang Xing's entrepreneurial history pointed out that Wang Xing from (original intranet) to Fan and then to has repeatedly started a business that is not the first entrepreneurial project in the industry. It is a “passing through” Killed out. Then, after the group of great battles, the US group stood at the starting point of the next decade, and its "people-oriented" digital era, the blockchain is the proper meaning of its problem.

However, the answer to the US block admission blockchain has no source.

Competition is forced into the chain?

After the success of the US Mission, the development pattern of China's Internet industry is changing.

The 1.0 version of the BAT Big Three era, each starting from a vertical field, based on a goal development, Baidu's search engine, Ali's e-commerce, Tencent's social interaction. In the era of the 2.0 version of the ATM Big Three, it is the second half of the Internet. Not only does competition have no boundaries, but it also kills based on life-based scenarios.

Correspondingly, the industry has long made an argument for the second half of the Internet.

In July 2016, Wang Xing once said that “the demographic dividend ended and the Internet entered the second half”. On the eve of the Lunar calendar in 2019, he once again proposed to insist on doing the right thing in the second half of the Internet.

In fact, last November, Ma Huateng also mentioned the "second half of the Internet" in an open letter issued to the public. He said that the main battlefield of the mobile Internet is developing from the consumer Internet in the first half and the industrial Internet in the second half.

At this point, the Internet giants have placed the "industry Internet" in the second half on the table.

"The most impressed by these traditional Internet giants is not the blockchain technology, but the production chain of the blockchain, which is nuclear weapons." Zhang Haibo, a project sponsor. For the time being, Ali and Tencent are pushing various blockchain products. The essence is to sell their cloud services. Obviously, the pattern is small.

But there is no doubt that they are leading the layout of the US group and have achieved great results with the actual application.

According to the data, more than 40 ant gold clothing has fallen into the regional chain traceability, payment blockchain, blockchain contract, rental blockchain, blockchain borrowing, blockchain bills, chain logistics, and public welfare blockchain. The scene; Tencent launched the "Tencent blockchain + supply chain financial solutions", to create a "public interest hunt", electronic invoice traceability and other landing applications; Baidu launched Baidu super chain, launched totems, encyclopedia, Baidu will learn Wait for six applications.

Not long ago, Liu Wei, head of Baidu's intelligent cloud blockchain product, said that the next-generation blockchain has three characteristics: one is better public chain; the other is better enterprise-level blockchain; the third is to fully expand the boundary. Blockchain. At the same time, "blockchain + business applications" will bring more value to the enterprise.

In a nutshell, the block will push the industrial Internet from the virtual to the real "borderless" competition era.

At the same time, the era of high-speed consumer Internet growth above the demographic dividend is coming to an end, and the traffic struggle between the giants has turned into a zero-sum war. “It is especially important to transform the supply chain of traditional industries with advanced technology to improve efficiency.” Lindon Wang said.

Taking the US group as an example, Wang Xing defined the US group as a borderless company.

The Nuclear Finance APP learned that Wang Xing said that the borderless company is centered on user services and is expanding and migrating according to the needs of users.

Under the guidance of this idea, the US Mission constantly expands its business boundaries. According to the data, the business of Meituan is “including all-round”, from fresh supermarkets, shared bicycles, shared charging treasures, online car, US group to buy food, etc., business across the store, travel, home, travel, retail and many more Fields.

From the market value ranking of Chinese Internet companies on October 8, Ali ranked first with $438.2 billion, Tencent ranked second with $394 billion, US group ranked third with $65.9 billion, and Jingdong ranked fourth with $41.8 billion. The fight was ranked fifth with $36.6 billion, and Baidu ranked sixth with $35.3 billion. Obviously, Ali and Tencent are the first echelons, and the US group is the leader of the second echelon.

I want to come, the US group is difficult to catch up with Ali, Tencent, but it may fall off with a little carelessness.

For the giant competition in the new situation, Wang Xing said in an interview with the media that the law of competition has not changed in essence. The key to winning is "the new battlefield is expanding, and new players occupy a new battlefield."

Photo caused delusions

After the appearance of Wang Xing at the Dragonfly Crypto Summit, there was no small ripple in the coin circle. However, the US group is as usual.

Some investors joked, "We broke the heart for the US group." Some netizens even designed a plan for the US group's incoming blockchain, which was widely circulated on the Internet.

User version of the US group blockchain planning map

In contrast, BAT, which holds a large amount of user data and technology, is aggressively expanding the boundaries of blockchain applications. According to the intellectual property industry media IPRdaily and the incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released the "2019 global blockchain enterprise invention patent list (TOP100) in the first half of the year", Ali ranked first with 322 patents, and Baidu ranked first with 90 patents. Seven, Tencent ranked thirteenth with 66 patents.

2019 global blockchain enterprise invention patent list in the first half of 2019

But this does not seem to cause actual harm to the US group. At the same time, this "no matter the wind and waves, sitting on the Diaoyutai", attracted everyone's endless imagination.

“Wang Xing is the most open-minded attitude towards the blockchain in the Internet circle. Whether the US group enters the blockchain or not depends on the attitude of the regulatory level.” Bibox Vice President Xiang Dan believes that if the Internet is characterized If you embrace change, then the blockchain is standing on the head of change, and you have to be 7×24 hours to get used to the wind and the courage to tear through the cognitive boundaries.

According to the US 2012 Q2 financial report data, active businesses 5.9 million, users 422.6 million. At the same time, the monthly activity of active buyers and users is second only to Ali, the market value.

Zhang Haibo believes that external traffic will enter the blockchain world in various forms, bringing a new wave of market, while reflecting the use value of Token will become the focus of the currency circle discussion, because this is a necessary condition for the arrival of the big bull market. one.

"However, I believe that traditional Internet entrepreneurs will not agree with digital assets that have no actual use value." He smiled a little helplessly.

“The plunge in PGS over the past few days shows once again that digital assets that are driven by funds and have no use value can only end up in the same place. However, the Token economic model, which has value in use and can bring economic benefits, is a panacea for zero-sum damage. ""

The difference is that He Baohong, director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of China Information and Communication Research Institute, believes that Token is not necessarily a currency. In reality, there are many vouchers under the line, and there are also QQ coins and points on the line. Token's utility.

As a distributed business thought evangelist, Chen Caigen, the founder of Diggers, firmly believes that the US group will definitely have some layout in the blockchain field. "Like the US-based group, which is both a wired platform and a brick-and-mortar store, the versatility of landing distributed business is extremely strong. Once the clues are revealed, the currency circle may be changing."

The implication of the Internet, through the previous experiments, observations, learning, thinking, is likely to be put into practice in the industrial Internet era.

Lindon Wang is also deeply convinced. In his view, today's web2.0 world is composed of isolated walls, and the world that web3.0 is to reach is the mission of the blockchain.

In fact, the case of eating as an application scenario has emerged, and “food in the mainland” is one of the practitioners. According to the data, the mainland China APP combines the food economy with the blockchain, and has established various functions such as decentralized transactions, convenience services, and consumption.

In contrast, the group of the United States is building a "Eat Better, Live Better" concept, and is fully creating an ecological pattern with "eating" as its core. It has layouts in the fields of cloud computing, AI artificial intelligence, and autopilot. Careful people will find that only the blockchain is missing.

Ten years of inflection, the United States Mission without borders, has always allowed people to participate in the fog of the blockchain.

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