Tencent's cat: How did the blockchain cats come together to catch the demon?

Lead: On April 12, 2018, Cai Yunge, general manager of the blockchain business in Tencent, released the blockchain game codenamed "Catch the demon together". One year later, "To Catch the Demon Together" was launched on April 11th after the public beta was launched. In terms of the nature of the game, this is an LBG (Location Based Game) + AR (Augmented Reality) game, the blockchain is just a pendant. Players in the "to catch the demon" incarnate the spirit of the spirits, personally explore the real world around, collect the demon around. The quality of the game is superior, and the game comes with blockchain and OTC genes, whether or not it comes from Tencent's wish, but the player relies on WeChat ecosystem. As long as the game goes on fire, it will avoid the secondary market.

Next, DR's small partners will bring you this "Taking the Demon Together" strategy, and the blockchain will be a pendant evaluation.

Beginner tutorial

After all, it is a mobile game of Dachang. The first novice tutorial is very detailed. Even those who don’t play games can easily get started, and Chinese gamers have basically been exposed to the "Pokemon" series of games. Understand, let's talk about some things that novices should pay attention to.

How to improve the capture hit rate:

To catch the demon needs to consume the spirit beads (to catch the demon ball), the spirit beads have three levels, the capture ability is increased in turn, and the demon spirit can also feed the demon spirit food to increase the success rate. There are two circles when catching the demon. The white circle on the outside is the volume circle of the demon spirit. When it is touched, it will trigger the capture action; the inner dynamic circle will cycle down. The smaller the hit, the higher the hit rate in the inner circle. A quarter hit to the center is a "perfect" capture, and the success rate will be greatly improved. The demon spirit sometimes has a counterattack action, will hit the ball, and often counterattack twice, please wait for the demon to calm down and then shoot.

Here are two ways to improve your hit rate without using props:

1. Open AR mode , AR mode can get a larger capture circle than the animated background mode. The following figure is an example. The radius of the circle of the same Huba in the AR background and the animated background mode is nearly doubled, and the area is different by 4 times. The former is easier to throw a perfect ball, so when you encounter a rare demon, please open the AR.

2. Rotate the ball:

The ball thrown by holding the pearl and rotating it hits the demon is a spin hit, which can also improve the capture rate. The disadvantage is that the ball speed of the rotating ball is fast, the track bending often misses the target, and a lot of beads are wasted.

Here is a unique secret trick of the DR partner. Take the right-hand rotating ball as an example. The shot point moves to the right, and the angle of the shot is 40 to 45 degrees from the bottom of the screen. The core principle is: the angle of the ball in this way before hitting the demon spirit and the plane of the demon spirit is reduced a lot, the range of the hit is expanded to the volume width of the whole demon spirit, and the shot in the middle of the screen generally hits the area only the demon spirit. The middle and right half of the body. Another advantage of this way is that you don't need to wait for the rotation speed of the ball to drop. You can hit the fastest ball speed as long as the position and angle of the shot are correct. The efficiency of catching the demon is not reduced. It is easier to hit when the ball spins slower. The only thing to note is that this kind of ball is more afraid of the demon spirit jumping. Please wait patiently for the demon spirit to stabilize on the ground.

The above two methods can increase the experience acquisition, hit the inner circle to get 10~20 experience, and the rotating ball provides 10 points of experience, so that you can double the upgrade speed. In the picture below, the experience of catching the demon is 20, and the precision and rotation hit +25, which is more than the experience of catching the demon. Please take a good look at the croquet posture!

3. Level upgrade:

The level of the imperial spirit in "Catch the Demon" is everything. The level of the demon spirit cannot exceed the level of the imperial spirit. Various advanced systems such as snoring, cats, and stalls are required to reach the corresponding level to unlock. The way to quickly upgrade the level is to madly explore the tasks in the system. Daily tasks are the most important source of experience. The completion of tasks in the “Growth Road” will send a lot of experience and resources, and must be completed in time. The Shanhe map is a real world exploration. It is very easy to give 100 experiences for each area explored, but Need to open the mountain river map refresh frequently.

Advanced tutorial

Demon spirit training:

The demon spirit training is the core of the game. The powerful demon spirit can go to occupy the ring platform, complete the difficult task, and greatly increase the speed of the game resources. So what kind of demon spirit is worth training? The first-level demon spirit that has just been captured has a combat score and five attribute scores. The higher the attribute score, the larger the increment when the attribute is upgraded. The yellow attribute in the attribute is especially important for the main attribute of the demon spirit. Highly qualified little snoring and mixed child Huba.

If you want to be a powerful sorcerer, then it is recommended to cultivate a demon with a full attribute higher than 30. The higher the attributes of the main attribute and the demon's occupational positioning, the better, such as the life and double defense of the tank demon. The inadequacy of non-professional related attributes can be compensated for by operations. For example, the physical defense of the output character is low. In the face of the physical output role, the tank can be replaced immediately.

The "Catch the Demon" battle is not an instant PVP, but a demon spirit operated by other monarchs, so the attack is very important. The defense relies on the operation to make up for some insufficient attributes, but the high-end players still try to cultivate All the attributes are higher than 30 demon spirits. The early demon spirit training is generally for attacking, the following demon spirits are more common and powerful: golden nose white rat, small fox, small thief, porcelain doll, dry, Mo evil, Lei Tongzi, ground fire turtle, Mountain hair, wooden pile, small Ankang, etc. Some high-level demon spirits immediately went to occupy the collapse of the side, occupying a few more. After being defeated, the rankings will drop until they fall out of the top 100. The Fujian and Taiwan can provide rich reward resources every day.

Blockchain cat play:

When the spirits reach level 22, they unlock the exclusive cat system and adopt a free cat. The exclusive cat is a digital pet based on blockchain technology and original genetic algorithm. Each cat will present a unique image, and it is exclusive to you. You can buy and sell cats in the trading market. The smashing blockchain game is the same as the cat.

We explain some of the mechanisms and ways of playing cats from the functions in the cat market:

Cat Bell: This is a new generation of cats that are constantly being produced in the blockchain of Tencent. The advantage of the new generation of 0 cats is that they may carry genes that have not appeared. These genes may be very beautiful or have strong BUFF. Secondly, the production efficiency is fast, and it can be recovered in one minute after breeding. The price of the latest cat is 1.5 times the average of the last 5 bought cats, and then prices continue to decrease over time.

Selling Neutralization and Matching: The selling area contains all the cats that are being sold, and the cats in the matching pair can breed with the pussy's own cat and get the resulting cat baby. But keep in mind, but the genes are only genetically probable, and the baby that is born does not necessarily have the genes you screened. Both the cat and the breeding service need to pay for the coupons in the game.

Publicity area: After the player sells his cat, the cat will enter the publicity area for a period of time before entering the sale area.

All cats: all produced cats

My transaction: query the player's own transaction history

All regions can filter their favorite cats according to various conditions.

The core of cat play is its gene. Each cat carries a number of genes that determine the appearance and function of the cat, corresponding to the skin and BUFF in the game. When the state of the gods will become the cat's appearance, the cats that look like the wind are naturally liked. Some cat genes will give the player some BUFF such as increasing the resource acquisition and reducing the difficulty of catching the demon.

Analysis of the Possibility of OTC Trading with "Catch the Demon Together"

Cats with block dragons in a blockchain game have created a single price of $170,000, and cats in "Catch the Demon" may have the same value potential. The gold medal of "Catch the Demon" is relatively low compared to other popular mobile games. The cat is the most precious resource in "Catch the Demon". There are countless of the full-qualified demon spirits, but each cat is unique. The Royal Spirit can enjoy up to three cats' BUFF. So a cat with multiple powerful genes will be invaluable.

At present, the most popular angel wing gene in "Catch the Demon" is not only good-looking but also powerful. A breeding opportunity requires 3000 coupons (1rmb = 10 coupons), and the purchase price is equivalent to RMB 3,000 at around 30,000 coupons. A variety of powerful and beautiful cats will become popular in the future.

When the player reaches level 24, they will unlock the stall function, allowing the priest to sell the monsters and props to earn the diamonds in the game (1rmb=100 diamonds). The function is very simple. If you are lucky enough to catch some high-qualification demon spirits, each can sell tens of thousands of diamonds, but the most difficult thing is to grab the booth. This is not a simple mechanism design, or Tencent's black humor, in the north. The stalls in these big cities are all seconds.

Over-the-counter trading that "Catch the Demon" may face:

Since there is a trading system, it is inevitable that some players will contact and trade outside the game to make a profit.

Take the cat system as an example. If player A has a good-looking cat who wants to get the powerful BUFF gene of Angel Wings, you can find player B who owns the gene cat in the professional cat breeding WeChat group, and then add B as a WeChat friend. And pay him a certain fee or transfer to a third party as a guarantee (such as: group owner), please player B to use the cat with the angel wing gene to breed. Unlike the 15% fee for breeding in the market, cat breeding with your own WeChat friends is free for both parties. For the breeding fee of 3000 points mentioned above, WeChat breeding can make B earn more. 450 points, worth 45 yuan, this part is the profit margin of over-the-counter trading.

There will definitely be more powerful genes in the future, so the price difference of 15% may have a gap of hundreds of yuan. There is also a possibility that a sheet metal player A wants to leave the game, but there are 5000 coupons in the account that are not spent. A can contact player B who wants to receive low-priced coupons, and let B sell one for 5000 coupons. Only low-quality cats, A buys this cat, completes the transfer of the coupon, and finally B pays A.

There are also some possibilities for over-the-counter trading in this aspect. For example, Player A has a large number of diamonds, and may be a gold medal player who wants to leave the game but has a large number of diamonds or a European emperor who has captured a lot of high-qualification demon spirits. Has been sold the demon, and got a lot of diamonds (1rmb = 100 diamonds). If he wants to monetize these diamonds, he can find player B who wants to get the diamond at a low price, let B go to the stall to sell some inferior items at a high price, and then A completely swallows the goods of B and completes the transfer of the diamond.

As long as the price of B is greater than the cost of A to obtain diamonds and less than the cost of official currency exchange, then A has a market for reselling diamonds.

These three methods can theoretically cash out in-game resources, and "Catch the demon" comes with WeChat connection, WeChat can easily transfer money, providing the most convenient OTC trading environment.

OTC trading has advantages and disadvantages for games. The drawback is that there may be a professional gold-plating team to profit from over-the-counter trading, which hurts the market environment in the game. The advantage is that OTC will promote the circulation of resources. Players will have more willingness to play games after they learn that their contribution is valuable, so that the game has more vitality.

But it will greatly reduce the fault tolerance of the game design, design flaws will be infinitely magnified by over-the-counter trading. For real blockchain games, tradability is a must and cannot be circumvented. Chain behavior cannot be tampered with. The resistance to defects is much less than that of centralized games. The games built on them need to be more incomparable. Rigorous design. This determines that the current blockchain gameplay is simple and difficult to innovate.

The big players and professional game producers who pay attention to gameplay and innovation are not willing to make games that are completely built on the blockchain. It is justifiable to think about it.


The "Catch the Demon" game uses Tencent's self-built private chain TrustSQL, which has been referred to as the blockchain heat, but I think this is the first step in the combination of the two. The countless players have passed the "Catch the demon" Some blockchain concepts, blockchains, also show another role beyond the value of the game through the public.

Tencent has made a breakthrough in the combination of game and blockchain. "Catch the demon" is not a pure blockchain game. The blockchain is just a pendant of it. It has no inferior experience such as cumbersome and slow speed of the general chain tour, and the player is In the game, I learned about the characteristics of the blockchain, knowing what state the cat is on the chain, what transactions are there, and experiencing market transactions and profit and loss on the chain. Perhaps the combination of big game and blockchain at this stage should be this way, let players and the public slowly accept blockchain games, blockchain is a good pendant.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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