Getting started with blockchain | In addition to Cosmos, there are also Polkadot

On March 14, the Cosmos main network, which was postponed for more than a year, was successfully launched. The founder of the Ethereum, V God, congratulated by forwarding the tweet. In the global celebration of the Cosmos main online line on March 31, Xiao Feng of the Wanxiang blockchain delivered a speech, saying that “with the new online main line of blockchain represented by Cosmos, a new era is about to kick off. ""

Cosmos focuses on cross-chain technology, and in all projects that focus on cross-chain technology, there is one project that has been expected by many people: Polkadot.

Today, let's take a brief look at Polkadot, which was named one of the four major projects in 2019 that determine the direction of digital currency development.


Founder of Poca: Godfather of Ethereum Gavin Wood

On October 23, 2018, at the Web3 summit in Berlin, Gavin Wood unpacked a brand new Mac, live demonstration, and a new blockchain was born in his hands 15 minutes later.

The founder of the Poca project is the Gavin Wood.

Gavin Wood's other most well-known identity is the co-founder of Ethereum, the author of the Ethereum Yellow Book. In 2013, the 33-year-old Gavin Wood met the 19-year-old V God with the introduction of a friend and then joined the development of the Ethereum project. In April 2014, Gavin Wood wrote the Ethereum Yellow Book, known as the Ethereum Technology Bible, to clarify the concept of virtual machines and allow smart contracts to run smoothly. Ethereum's development language, Solidity specifically for smart contracts, was also created by Gavin Wood.

In 2016, Gavin Wood left the Ethereum Foundation to develop Parity, one of Ethereum's main clients.

In October 2017, Gavin Wood launched the Polkadot project. In an interview, Gavin Wood said that for Ethereum programming, he was doing the exercises at the time, and Polkadot was designed based on the expansion of Ethereum at the end of 2014.

Whether it's the technology development level of blockchain or the development of blockchain, Gavin Wood is the leader. This is why so many people in the industry value the Polkadot project.


Mainly cross-chain Pokaadot

Different blockchains, data information is not interoperable, and each blockchain is an island. In order to break the isolated state of this data, Polkadot is committed to creating a network protocol that, like the Internet TCP/IP protocol, allows all access to the blockchain of this architecture by establishing a multi-chain architecture. Can better complete the information interaction between each other.

To achieve this goal, Polkadot defines a set of parallel chains (Parachain) and relay chains (Relaychain).

Among them, the parallel chain is mainly responsible for the calculation of data and the processing of transaction information. Through a plurality of parallel chains, the horizontal expansion of the blockchain can be completed, that is, the performance problem of the blockchain is solved.

The trunk chain is a center of Polkadot. The main function is to verify the blocks given by the parallel chains and give proof of final certainty.


risk warning

If all goes well, according to the original plan, Polkadot will be launched in the third quarter of this year. Similarly, the main chain of Cosmos, the main network has been delayed for more than a year, showing that the development of cross-chain technology is difficult. Whether Polkadot can be online on time, it will take time to tell us the answer.

In addition, EOS founder BM also swears that it will do things on the first anniversary of EOS and release heavy products. Among the many guesses, there is inter-chain chain communication (IBC) (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol). After all, the goal of EOS is to achieve a million-level TPS through sidechain and scalability. If EOS really released cross-chain related products in June, Polkadot will have another strong competitor besides Cosmos.

On April 11th, Polkadot will meet in Shanghai, and founder Gavin Wood will visit the site. The latest developments in the Polkadot project may be more detailed.

Due to the difficulty in developing cross-chain technology, do you think that Polkadot can be put on the main network on time, or will it be postponed like Cosmos? why? Feel free to leave your predictions in the message area.


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