Twitter will clean up inactive accounts, with Hal Finney an exception

Twitter is preparing a large-scale cleanup of inactive accounts. The cryptocurrency community has called on the company to keep the accounts of legendary programmer and early Bitcoin adopter Hal Finney. Finney died of chilling in 2014, and his last Twitter stayed on September 15, 2010.


Some Twitter accounts are worth keeping

Twitter announced that it would delete inactive accounts in early December, the largest cleanup operation in the history of the platform. The company said the move aims to increase credibility by removing dormant accounts and encourage people to actively use the platform.

This move involves a very important issue-the status of the account whose owner has died. Facebook allows users to freeze and retain accounts of deceased users, while Twitter's current policy does not allow users to access those accounts.

The cryptocurrency community has opposed this decision, saying that there are some historically important accounts that are worth keeping. Dozens of cryptocurrency users have called on Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey not to delete Finney's account. As many have pointed out, Finney's account has historical tweets about the origin of Bitcoin.

An important part of Bitcoin history

Finney is an excellent cryptographer and one of the first adopters of Bitcoin and is considered one of the most important figures in the cryptocurrency industry. His efforts in debugging Bitcoin's original code have shaped this cryptocurrency into what it is today.

In pursuit of privacy protection, Finney and others have jointly developed the world's first free and powerful encryption tool-Pretty Good privacy (PGP). He first noticed that Bitcoin was in 2008 and began a three-year communication with Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

This legendary cryptographer completed many "firsts" of Bitcoin-he was the first person to contact Satoshi Nakamoto, the first person to help debug the original Bitcoin code, and the first to be on the network People trading Bitcoin.

After Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared in 2011, speculation about his identity began circulating on social media. Many people think that Finney is actually the creator of Bitcoin. However, Finney himself has denied these rumors several times.

In 2009, he was diagnosed with icing, but this did not affect his research on Bitcoin. Until the year before his death, he was active in the cryptocurrency community, using software to translate the activities of his eyes into words for communication.

However, despite the many complications that followed, Finney was optimistic about his future until his death in 2014. In an article in Wired magazine in 2014, Finney's wife, Fran, stated that the two had decided to freeze their remains as early as the mid-1990s. Finney's remains are currently stored in Arizona's cryonics in.

He will stay there until the technology that repairs icing and aging is created. No one has been resurrected after being chilled, but Finney's optimism and huge contributions to the cryptocurrency industry should be enough to keep his account alive.

Casa CTO and bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp said that in addition to retaining Finney's online presence, retaining the account may also be returned to Finney the day he returns.

Fortunately, Square Crypto stated that it had already confirmed with Dorsey that the account cleanup would not affect Finney. Square Crypto is the cryptocurrency unit of Square, another Dorsey company, focusing on Bitcoin development.

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