This blockchain forum to be held in Hangzhou may let 3,000 companies around the world know you

Block chain city Hangzhou added another gold business card.

On November 9th, the Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center (SIBC) was officially established. It is located in Qiantang New District, Hangzhou, near the largest university town in Zhejiang Province. It is foreseeable that this will become another technical high ground for the development of Hangzhou industrial blockchain.

December 10-One month after the official establishment of SIBC, here will usher in the first blockbuster industry conference-the 2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum.

The summit forum was hosted by Bridge +, located in Hangzhou Science and Technology Park, Singapore. Yiqiao is a flexible office space and working community platform of CapitaLand. It provides enterprises and teams of different sizes with fully furnished and fully equipped office solutions that adapt to various scenarios, and becomes the "information exchange processor" of various enterprises. Space-based and activity-driven, connect different companies and users, and promote resource sharing and collaboration.

The blockchain project team recognized by SIBC can not only get the opportunity to enter for free, but also access its international network and interact with teams in Singapore and India.

If you want to have a free opportunity to settle in Yiqiao, quickly apply according to the tips in the article.

Harmonious time and place, Hangzhou Chengdong will be a new highland of blockchain technology

SIBC was co-sponsored by Hangzhou Science and Technology Park in Singapore, Babbitt, and the New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation, and is committed to making Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park one of Asia's influential blockchain and fintech industrial parks.

The New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation is dedicated to promoting New Zealand businesses and research institutions to link the global digital technology market.

SIBC brings together the resources of the three parties and is expected to become the main position for the industrial blockchain to land. In addition, with the strong overseas resources of the sponsor, this is also expected to become a bridgehead for Chinese blockchain projects to explore and develop in overseas countries such as Singapore in accordance with the "Belt and Road" strategy.

It can be imagined that time, geography, and harmony, over time, SIBC Hangzhou East will undoubtedly become another blockchain technology highland in Hangzhou.

The 2019 blockchain innovation application and digital economy forum was held in Hangzhou,

The country's top projects are here

The 2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum, to be held on December 10, will be the first heavy event since the establishment of SIBC.

This forum is co-sponsored by three SIBC sponsors. The forum aims to discover high-quality digital economy and blockchain application projects, and discuss how SIBC can promote technology and industry landing in the digital economy and blockchain field.

This is one of the few domestic forums for industrial blockchain implementation and global development. Participating guests are from domestic head blockchain project parties–

Xi Tower Technology, whose CEO is also Wang Xiaoliang, the co-founder of Mystery Technology, has a wide range of technical strength in the community.

Conflux——Most of the team members come from Tsinghua Yao class alumni. You must know that Tsinghua Yao class learners are gathered together, and many of the students are the top college entrance examinations in various provinces across the country. chief scientist.

Efang Technology-At the Yunqi Conference, we won the third place of the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition.

In addition, Tao Rongqi, the founding partner of NGC, founder of, vice president of Babbitt, and Ma Qianli, CEO of Bystack, will also attend the forum. Ma Qianli will share the fusion of future community + blockchain. With the completion of SIBC, Singapore's Hangzhou Science and Technology Park is likely to become the forefront of blockchain + future community exploration.

In 2019, where is the blast of the global blockchain economy? Don't miss this forum!

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Yiqiao Free Member is waiting for you to come, global office is not a dream

With the policy, the venue, the resources, and the popularity, SIBC is definitely a treasure trove of entrepreneurship in the Hangzhou blockchain.

Bridge +, located in Hangzhou Science and Technology Park, Singapore, is a flexible office brand of CapitaLand. Currently, Bridge + has established 8 centers in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Dalian, Chongqing, Singapore and Bangalore, India.

This time, Bridge + will provide SIBC-recognized blockchain teams with free entry opportunities. They can also access its international network and interact with teams in Singapore and India to help blockchain and other entrepreneurial projects land. .

Yiqiao Bridge + can provide the ideal office space for the blockchain team. This is only basic services, including full life-cycle solutions for startup projects, and Unicom Yiqiao Bridge + China, Singapore, India and other global industrial resources. A real benefit to the bridge team in Yiqiao.

Yiqiao Bridge + will be the ideal office space for Hangzhou blockchain startups. If you want to land in Hangzhou and want to go global, Yiqiao Bridge + is obviously the best choice. Sign up now.

Free application method:

2019 blockchain innovation application and digital economy forum registration link

CapitaLand and Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park background introduction:

The Hangzhou Science and Technology Park in Singapore is an industrial park project owned by CapitaLand, a well-known large-scale diversified real estate company in Asia. The CapitaLand Group is headquartered in Singapore and is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The Group has operations in more than 30 countries and 200 cities worldwide. As of September 30, 2019, the group had assets under management of S $ 131.7 billion. Located in the Qiantang New District of Hangzhou, Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park is a modern and international comprehensive science and technology park. The first and second phases of the project have an area of ​​300,000 square meters. mechanism. The third phase of the project is 230,000 square meters and will be completed in 2020.

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