Who is more valuable in Maotai and Bitcoin?

As a financial product, it is hard not to be compared. The recent bitcoin bull market has attracted a lot of attention, and the increase is amazing. There are still such products in the financial market. The price of Bitcoin remained at around 3,000 in March, and by the end of May it had already exceeded the 9000 mark.

The popularity of Bitcoin has also been on the hot search of Baidu, and the people who eat me have expressed their desire to find out about this financial product. What happened in the end. The heat of this wave has also attracted the attention of many investors in the traditional financial market. Friends in the traditional stock, futures, foreign exchange and other markets will also ask the author, what is this digital cryptocurrency? Compared with the traditional financial market, the value of investment is not big. The question raised by one of the stock-making friends is more precise, because just before the Maotai Group's stock soared, it is a comparison of the current bitcoin. Others have questioned whether bitcoin can be compared with Maotai. Can the investment value of Bitcoin be comparable to that of Maotai? Just talk about this topic.

Before you understand this problem, you need to know what the two products are, and who is the value of the two products.

For Bitcoin itself, the task that Nakamoto has given to it since the day of its birth is mainly transactional properties. The white paper also reads: A peer-to-peer electronic cash payment system. The property that has always been in place is the point-to-point transaction. And because Bitcoin has also produced a technology called "blockchain."

This is the value of Bitcoin itself and the value of the additional band. When the value of Bitcoin is increasingly recognized by the public, the price of Bitcoin has also risen. From the beginning of the 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas, the price is about 0.0041 US dollars, and the price is known to be about 20,000 US dollars at the highest point. Turned over about 4.8 million times. I have to say that the entire rate of human history, this rate of increase is also very amazing.

As a famous historical product, Maotai has been deeply loved by the public as a national banquet. The consensus of its own products seems to be more reliable than a more imaginary digital product.

Where does the value of the two products come from? Moutai does not have to say more, as China's national wine, the product is strong, the brand awareness is high, and the people's recognition is also very good. Naturally, the brand of Kweichow Moutai has become the golden signboard of the public. The stock of Moutai Moutai, the parent company of Moutai brand, will naturally be recognized by many people. Since the end of 2018, the stock of Kweichow Moutai has been running all the way in April. Almost a thousand, reaching a high of 990. At this time, everyone's mentality is that no loss is a well-known brand, and the price is high. The picture below shows the highest point of Moutai's stock price.

And in turn, this price increase becomes bitcoin, and people will be very strange. This kind of broken thing, I don’t even know what it is doing, can it rise so expensive? Still a few thousand dollars, is this a scam?

This is the difference. When people are more familiar with the financial products that they are more familiar with or understand, they will always look envious and embarrassed when they are crazy about price increases. The reason is always why I didn’t buy it, but unfortunately. And when people see financial products that they don't understand, they will cast doubtful eyes when they are soaring. Can such deceptive things be worth so much? This is probably the case.

In fact, the value of any one thing has risen or fallen. There are reasons for this. For example, the reason behind the rise of Moutai in April is that the performance of Maotai’s annual report and the first quarter report is gratifying, and Moutai is developing. The smooth situation of foreign markets. All of a sudden, people have a higher degree of attention to this traditional brand, and the stock price has naturally risen.

For Bitcoin, it is even simpler. Bitcoin itself has created a new situation in the blockchain industry. The application of Bitcoin is constantly expanding, and the recent trade war between the world’s bosses and the second child. All of a sudden, the attention of Bitcoin was re-ignited, and the natural currency price was lifted.

There must be a reason for the change in the price of a product or a commodity. People are accustomed to seeing the changes in the things they know, the things they know better, as natural changes, and things that are not familiar to them, such as the rise and fall of Bitcoin. . When you go up, you can say that the liar is definitely looking for someone to pick it up. When it falls, it is not a problem. It really is a liar product.

Therefore, Maotai has the reason for the price increase of Maotai. Bitcoin also has its own price increase. In addition to the investment value, a product still depends on whether it can bring help and promotion to human beings. Liquor inherits history and promotes it. culture. Bitcoin represents the future, bringing blockchain technology and contributing to the future of human technology, so the price rise of both things has its fundamental reasons. What do you think of your friends?

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