Market Analysis: EOS is still stable, BTC or below 8500

After the release of on the weekend, the grapefruit did not respond to the big increase, but turned back, the market reaction distance, the air force fierce, the mainstream currency spot market sorrowful, the late sigh of delivery, many fans asked me if EOS is not good, big The cake is going to rebound, and my thinking trend is just the opposite. At present, EOS is still stable, and the big cake CIA is really not very good.

After the big cake rebounded to near 8813 yesterday, it was blocked from retreating. The current trend is further stabilized. The moving average, KDJ are signs of stabilization, and the latter is mainly based on shock operation. At present, the key pressure position is near 8813. I made a Fibonacci trend based on the previous uptrend, and it was 8813 near 0.382. At that time, I predicted that it would be blocked at this position, or a callback after a false break. .

The market is clearly out of the first, there is no false breakthrough, indicating that the current market is after the news of EOS. Insufficient market confidence, the short-term trend after the rebound in the trend itself is downward. Under the influence of many aspects, the empty trend is expected to catch up with the bulls. This is also the reason why I said that the pie is not starting. In the vicinity of 8500, the break can basically be determined, the short position is completely dominant, but it is not excessively pessimistic. At present, the long and short is in equilibrium, the price of the currency is around the MA6 line, and the 8700 is the short-term operation of long and short watershed. EOS went down sharply on the weekend, mainly because of the positive results at the press conference, which were common interests. Previously, BM had been suggesting EOS's big profit in June a few months ago, even worse than the net biography of Sun Yuchen’s lunch. There is a wave of gains in the wave field. The market's expectation for EOS has changed to the current pressure of EOS. The daily line has also been out of a big Yinxian line. However, the current EOS trend is still in the second channel of fan-shaped expansion. At present, it has not yet fallen below the second channel and returned to the third channel. Therefore, it is too early to say that EOS is not working. Concerning that the support level is constantly moving up, it has moved from 7.2 to 7.45. On the chart on the 4 hours chart, the current price of the currency has gradually stabilized. Before the announcement, the price of the currency has risen to a new high. After the announcement, the trend has echoed the previous trend, and the V-shaped reversal has emerged. Near the 1.618 position (8.31) above Bonaqi, after the short-term decline, there are signs of stabilization and short-term rebound demand. The market impact caused by major events is extremely short-term, and the market outlook is still bullish.

Overall, the current mainstream currency has been affected by the decline in the current mainstream currency, but the overall pattern is still bullish. In addition, sudden major events affect short-term market conditions, and most of the news in this community or ecology, public chain is actually long-term positive, short-term may be good and insufficient, out of decline, but in the long run, the trend is more confident.

Source: Public No. / Nie Yiming

Disclaimer : Personal opinion, for reference only, the analysis in the text does not constitute a recommendation for buying and selling .

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