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Vitalik: To achieve large-scale adoption, Ethereum must undergo three transitions: L2, wallets, and privacy.

As Ethereum transitions from a young experimental technology to a mature technology stack that can truly bring open, ...


What does the list of the first batch of blockchain filing companies mean?

On March 30, the National Internet Information Office officially released the first batch of 197 blockchain informati...


Report Extract | CICC Research: Blockchain has entered the 3.0 era

On October 22, CICC released a securities research report on the topic of blockchain research: the encryption asset s...


Breaking News: Commerzbank Dives into Crypto Custody Pool

Commerzbank gains control over custody of crypto assets, allowing for expanded digital asset services.


Opinion: The biggest opportunity for blockchain 2.0 is "regulatory technology"

By Liu Mingrui Editor / Wang Qiao Peter Drucker said: The greatest danger in an turbulent age is not the turmoil itse...


Full Text of Avalanche Founder's Testimony: Blockchain Technology Flourishes, US Needs Legislation to Protect Innovation

Dr. Emin Gun Sirer, Founder and CEO of Ava Labs, attended the U.S. House Financial Services Committee's hearing on di...