Wuzhen·BKEX (coin guest) CEO Ji Jiaming: How to make digital asset circulation more valuable

On November 8th, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt was officially opened. The conference gathered more than 100 global blockchains, digital assets, AI, 5G experts and scholars, and technical geeks. Opinion leaders and founders of popular projects, with the theme of “application unbounded”, explored the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues, and promoted blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

BKEX (coin guest) CEO Ji Jiaming attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech on How to Make Digital Assets Circulate More Valuable.

First of all, Ji Jiaming shared the BKEX platform positioning concept and the impressive achievements since the launch of the line through a group of vivid images. It introduces in detail how to make the coin customer stand on the basis of survival and continuous development through the products of the life insurance, and show the audience the function and value of the product.

Next, it introduces the history of the development of the currency and its business. From the four aspects of coin capital, Incubator, research institute and mining, the audience has a better understanding of the ecology of the coin passengers. Finally, Ji Jiaming took advantage of this conference opportunity to recommend the latest exciting activities of the coin to the audience. In the near future, Pandora's Box, high-quality currency special purchase, transaction rebate and other "Double 11" activities will be held. 333 The following is the full text of the speech, organized by Babbitt:

Last year, I did say that I will come again this year. I remember when I chatted with FBG next to Wuzhen, they said that in this group of exchanges, there will be a maximum of three in the future. This time, I have been looking for exchanges that I used to be familiar with, or who used to come with us in the past.

Our latest slogan is "making digital assets more valuable," based on our new thinking of one year and five months. What is BKEX? We went online on June 10 last year. On the same day, we registered more than 150,000 registered users, and the fee income was almost 1.2 million US dollars. At that time, many platforms and projects were confused, and we survived in a more innovative way. People are often asked, you are still there!

1. Platform Positioning: Global Blockchain Derivatives Service Platform

At the beginning, our overall positioning was to be a global blockchain derivatives service platform. We continually explored, researched and analyzed this derivative field last year, so that we can survive in the most difficult times through some products. Come down, I will talk about it one by one.

2, performance data: serving 38 countries around the world, more than 2.3 million users, daily active users at 60,000, PV value of 720,000

Let's take a look at the BKEX data. We recently ranked 10 or less in MyToken. Serving more than 2.3 million users in 38 countries around the world, the daily active users are 60,000, and the PV value is 720,000. Last year, we launched the live treasure on December 20, and there are currently 400,000 people who have served. Based on the life treasure, it is a life and death product for the coin passengers, because with this product, the coin passengers continue to develop until now. I don't know if there are users with live treasures in the room. It seems that our space is particularly large. I hope that 50% of them will become our users. You can experience our life treasure!

3, the four major business introductions of the coin passengers: coin passenger capital, Incubator, research institute, mining

Next, let's talk about the business of the coin, (1) Coin capital, we recently took out 20 million US dollars to make the coin capital, and then want to explore more unicorn projects in the industry, boost the blockchain development of. Recently, we made some investments in the traffic portals used in the entire industry. Of course, our coin capital came to Wuzhen, and the booth was just behind. If you are a product or application that has your own project, you can go to the consultation to see if you have the opportunity to cooperate.

(2) Incubator, launched in March this year. Discover, support and incubate some quality projects

(3) Our research institute, we have very strict assets for each online, there are various ratings inside the institute, we will score a score for the project, and will be online after the score is passed. (4) Recently, we launched the mining of the coin passengers, which will be launched within two months.

4. History of the currency passengers

A little bit of the history of the currency, we launched the coin tribe in April this year, the entire coin tribe is based on the community, users and platform chiefs, currently there are dozens of tribal chiefs, they all like coins, love coins Guest, although this is a small group, in fact it is a very good user experience for us. Recently, we launched the “One World, One World” event, this time Wuzhen Station, then we will be in Beijing, immediately in Singapore, and then there will be a series of activities in Vietnam. Only the projects of online customers, we will take the project together to go to the “four seas and one global line”. There is also a product that will be launched immediately, and the coin will immediately launch a contract belonging to the coin owner to welcome the entire derivatives market.


5, wonderful special events

Next, we will introduce the "Double 11" event. This time, "Double 11" has three series of activities. Friends at the scene have the opportunity to experience it, and if you don't understand, you can go to the booth at the back to consult.

(1) "You trade me to pay" activity

Based on BKK, we have such a design for BKK, now BKK can deduct the handling fee; BKK can participate in SEED INCUBATER; BKK can use shared printers in more than 500 universities nationwide, this is the scene of the line drop The first application. At the same time, the OTC mortgage is deducted through BKK.

(2) "Pandora Box" activity

Recently, the Pandora Magic Box has a random digital asset portfolio and a special prize to reward iphone11. This product will be on the official website after ten or twenty minutes. (3) Discounted purchases of high-quality currencies. Sharing more quality assets, there is also a transaction rebate activity, I believe this event will be very exciting, get different discounts according to the purchase order.

6, the professional advantage of the currency

The core of the entire coin is time, and some investors ask us. In fact, when we created the currency, we have analyzed some trading platforms, and we want to invest in a trading platform. The head exchange is overvalued and we can't afford it. Later, I analyzed some trading platforms and found that the whole team's entrepreneurial attributes are not too strong. If we don't find a suitable one, we will do our own platform. From the beginning to the present, we have been adhering to it. We must maintain very good communication and coordination with the project side, and we can provide more comprehensive services for the project side. We are always on the lookout for the hottest operational events, or some operational solutions, before we can continue to introduce new products. Globalization, we set up a branch in South Korea and will immediately launch branches in Singapore and Vietnam. There is also diversity, and specialization, there is a point in the trading platform is the core – technology. If the technical level does not reach that point, in fact, you will not be able to carry more users, so we continue to improve the strength of the entire technology in the process.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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