10% of lockouts are accompanied by over 60% mortgage, what do institutional investors expect from IRISnet?

With the launch of the main network by Cosmos and IRISnet cross-chain double stars, it indicates to some extent that in 2019, it will become the first year of cross-chain platform landing. After ATOM opened the transfer transaction, it successively landed on major exchanges, but the online mortgage rate remained stable. More than 52%, this not only represents no decline in network stability, but continued mortgage means that ATOM holders choose to actively lock positions.

The IRIS of the same BPoS mechanism has been the focus of the early stage of the project since the start of the world's first fire currency on April 8. According to the publicly disclosed information of the Foundation (https://github.com/irisnet/iris-foundation/blob/master/iris-public-token-address.md), IRISnet will celebrate its first big on May 1. The unlocking of the scale, a total of 10% of the total release. However, when many investors speculated, it seems that the pressure of unlocking 200 million IRIS and the selling pressure did not appear as expected.

As we all know, the investment community has always advocated "the long-term and good-looking". Sun Xianyi’s Softbank invested 20 million US dollars in Alibaba 19 years ago, and now it has already valued more than 130 billion. Also out of the confidence of IRISnet's cross-chain ecology, these early participants who participated in the project a year ago expressed their recognition of the value of the project and the expectation of subsequent progress from different angles, including not only professional investment institutions but also wallets. The developers of the application, as well as the ecological partners who focus on the business services business, have reason to believe that the glory of IRISnet has just begun on the road of promoting the ecological development of cross-chain service technology.

Value Identity – Advanced IRISnet Cross-Chain Technology and Future Distributed Business Support

In 2018, when the market turned its attention to the public chain 3.0, it gave birth to an endless stream of PoS public chain projects. However, the various blockchains that are not connected to each other are in politics. It is precisely that "the neighboring countries are facing each other, the voices of the dogs and dogs are heard, and the old and the dead are not in contact with each other." The chain-chain technology led by Cosmos and IRISnet has made people see the hope of solving blockchain information islands and value islands. Build a secure and efficient interoperability hub and protocol between chains and chains, connecting isolated blockchains into a huge world-class network, truly bringing out the network effect of value Internet, and milestones in the development of blockchain The meaning. This is why the IRISnet project immediately attracted attention and active participation when it was announced.

Cross-chain technology solutions and cross-chain ecosystems are important support for the deployment of distributed business applications. Based on the good architecture of the Cosomos SDK, the inter-chain interoperability is achieved through the IBC cross-chain communication protocol and iService, and the mature cross-chain system can spawn more application-specific chain roots. The innovative iService service provides a revenue solution for enterprises to share technical services and data services, bringing more possibilities for enterprise-level landing, thus supporting a larger-scale distributed business application scenario, and the practical significance behind it is even more impressive. Think deeply.

Reality prospects – potential and strength coexist

Since the main online line, apart from the high recognition of IRISnet technology, the reasons why investors continue to participate in online mortgages are more expectations of project progress and ecological development:

Wheat Wallet – A powerful and secure cross-chain wallet that supports decentralized cross-chain transactions and builds a multi-chain DApp ecosystem.

“IRISnet and Cosmos have three major values: 1. The difficulty of developing a chain through the Cosmos SDK; 2. The cross-chain value transfer through IBC; 3. The Peg Zone is connected to the current large-volume public chain. IRIS is expected to help Multi-team and corporate multi-chain ecosystem, wheat wallet will open access to the IRISnet and Cosmos SDK's public chain APP wallet and browser plug-in wallet."

Reading Funds – Founded in 2017, it is dedicated to mining the top project teams behind the data, investing and helping them grow. At present, he has been deeply involved in investing in nearly 50+ blockchain projects, involving public chains, cross-chains, wallets, exchanges, and Dapp.

"The core reason is that we are looking forward to the breakthrough possibility of cross-chaining for a while. IRIS project, we invested in March last year, and after one year, we saw the project's related capabilities in technological innovation and engineering. At the same time, we also saw the rigorous and responsible attitude of the project side in dealing with matters of size, which gave us a lot of confidence.

In the 2018 industry, the high expectations of the PoS and DPoS public chains did not lead to high breakthroughs. In the end, apart from a handful of public chains running some games and spinach-based applications, we have not seen more. The possibility of security and other issues during the period.

In this context, we are actually thinking about a question: Will the blockchain world really be carried by a few public chains? If the value of assets reaches a certain level, say 10 trillion, can we really safely hand over such large-scale assets to dozens of super nodes to maintain the security and stability of the network? Obviously there are still big concerns. At the same time, we must also see that the differences between the industries are actually very large. Some industries have high requirements for safety, some have high requirements for performance, and some have decentralization. High requirements, different industries, can not go all the way to a chain. At this time, it is necessary to think about the value of the "applied proprietary chain", that is, to build a chain that best meets the requirements of the industry for the characteristics of the industry, so that the chain will be more, and once the chain is more, the chain The cross-straits of assets, information and data between the chain and the chain will become the biggest demand. This is the opportunity and value of a cross-chain project based on Cosmos Hub and IRIS Hub.

Water Drop Fund – Committed to the eco-investment of the blockchain industry chain, focusing on innovative projects in the blockchain field and early investment in quality projects.

"We chose to continue to lock most of IRIS. First, we saw the commercial potential of cross-chain technology, especially because IRIS is the only hub in China as a COSMOS network. Second, because of the BPOS mechanism of IRIS, even if locked, we can also participate in mortgages. Get a higher profit, why not."

Back to Funds – A blockchain digital money fund rooted in China but globally dedicated to promoting the development of a distributed business ecosystem through support for outstanding blockchain projects.

“Returning funds has invested in IRISNet very early. As a long-term value investor, we hope to be able to accompany and support the development of the project while achieving good returns. IRIS plays an important role in the economic model of IRISNet, and participants pledge IRIS is involved in the ecological construction, and IRIS will remain in the network, which can make it realize its real role and benefit its long-term value, so we are still willing to pledged IRIS on the network after unlocking."

Paper Technology – a technology enterprise featuring data governance and blockchain technology, focusing on services finance, government and enterprises, and the judiciary. It is the governing unit of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program of China's ICT, and a full member of Hyperledger. The company is a full member of the Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and has established companies and branches in Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Hainan Free Trade Zone, and Singapore.

“Cosmos and IRISnet have led the cross-chain communication of blockchains, which has a high driving value for the development of blockchains, and people have seen the hope of solving the problem of blockchain information islands. At the same time, Cosmos SDK and Tendermint are The popularity of blockchain has made a huge contribution. Developers don't need to pay attention to the lower layer of blockchain, such as bookkeeping, P2P network building, consensus algorithm, etc., only need to use Cosmos SDK or Tendermint, more Development focus on the implementation of the chain business, quickly build a blockchain network, and provide a framework for the development of blockchain. However, currently Cosmos and IRISnet can only provide value for cross-chain exchange, and far from reaching people's cross-chain communication. The requirements, the blockchain's more landing, the need for cross-chain communication calls, hope that Cosmos and IRISnet can give developers and followers more surprises in cross-chain implementation.

SNZ Holding – a rapidly growing crypto asset fund, advisory body and community builder.

"The successful launch of Cosmos Hub and IRIS Hub officially announced that the blockchain has entered the inter-chain interoperability phase from the previous infrastructure, just like the early Internet, from the newly dispersed college LAN to the current global information sharing, is a new Milestones. In addition, by providing some standard underlying sdk, the development cost of the chain is reduced, so that many small teams can focus on developing the application layer while retaining the custom development and expansion capabilities of the chain. Our SNZ Holding team has always focused on investing. Incubating some blockchain projects that are truly valuable and able to solve real-world problems, I am very pleased to find that Cosmos and IRISNet are the projects we are looking for, so we chose to be the public chain nodes of these two projects to participate in and support their community development. ""

Byzantium Capital – Focus on blockchain industry equity, cornerstone investment, mining and support quality projects to promote the ecological development of blockchain.

"We are sure of the core value of IRIS, IRIS's vision and space for development. Through a number of IRIS core teams that are highly collaborative, talented, trustworthy, and IRIS communities that have grown autonomously without strong promotion and operation, We are ready to hold IRIS for a long time. At present, in addition to the employee rewards issued, the remaining 70% of IRIS has been mortgaged in the network. Now IRIS is still in its infancy, with a positive voice and a questioning voice. The team can stick to the heart, not forget the heart, and carry forward with the support and expectations of all investors and the community."

Do not forget the initial heart – solid implementation of the application

On April 17, the “cross-chain service integration and governance hub” based on IRISnet technology successfully won the bid for the Nanjing Digital Finance Experimental Base application demonstration support project, and took a solid step in the application.

The bidding project is led by Nanjing Financial Technology Innovation Research Center and is strongly supported by the People's Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute and the Nanjing Municipal People's Government. The project focuses on the core technologies of the digital financial industry chain, key infrastructure, and innovative application service research and development. It aims to further explore the strategic driving role of digital finance in the innovation industry. The successful bid not only marks the recognition of IRISnet by industry experts and government agencies, but also reflects the great value of cross-chain service technology in accelerating the integration of the real economy and digital technology. The deployment of more distributed industry applications provides infrastructure-level construction. Example.

With the support of all investors and the community, the team will strive to explore more landing scenarios and service plans, give back to investors, benefit users, and advance toward the goal of perfecting cross-chain ecology!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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