2019-10-3 mainstream currency market analysis: the beginning of the stream, the sun is falling, the mountain rain is coming to the wind

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The holiday is about halfway through, and the market is still very small. This is the dog's kindness to treat the leek. Please cherish! The possibility of chasing up and down is rather than stop-loss, and it is possible to earn a few copper plates with ease and low throws. Still, the holiday is relaxed. Since the dealers are resting, the operation in the interval is to make a seaweed~~~

Hot interpretation

According to Coindesk, in a recent letter from US Congressman French Hill and Bill Foster to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, they outlined concerns about the risks facing the dollar. The dominant position of the US dollar may face long-term threats due to the widespread adoption of legal digital currencies worldwide. The letter said that the United States should not rely on the private sector to develop digital currency. The US Federal Reserve, as the central bank of the United States, has the ability and responsibility to develop a nationwide digital currency. The letter specifically mentions Facebook's recent efforts in cryptocurrency by JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. As digital currencies further demonstrate the potential and usefulness of banknotes, the Fed’s project to develop dollar-denominated currencies may become increasingly urgent.

The combination of digital currency and legal currency may be slowly considered by governments. Since Facebook’s launch of the Libra plan is a real awakening dreamer. Governments have begun to explore relevantly, either explicitly or implicitly. Perhaps the future of international Alipay will bring convenience and benefits to everyone, at least the exchange rate difference of overseas travel is gone. The flow of funds for international students will be more convenient!

Mainstream currency interpretation


BTC: The big cake fell back to 8150 yesterday, and the follow-up market is also very small, with almost no fluctuations. This morning it rose to around 8400, the current price is 8330. Since there is no upswing to the key resistance support, the market remains volatile, so the operating strategy has not changed much. The sky is low, but the location is still different. Today is close to 8370, the target is 8150, near yesterday's low, there is a rapid decline, you can hold to see if you can expand profits. Also close to more than 8,100, near the 8300, are short-term trading, control positions and stop loss. Half of the National Day holiday has not fluctuated greatly, but beware of the dealer’s sudden efforts to make directions.


EOS: Yuzu's 2.96 short list yesterday has almost no profit, and the market is not big, but there is a wave of rapid rise at 0:00, which is currently fluctuating around 3 blocks. Considering that the grapefruit is relatively strong in the near future, the short-term recommendation is more than 2.94. On the 3.06, 3.06 to 3.07, the short-term single-stop stop-loss control is the single position.


LTC: The spicy bar was also very volatile yesterday. Yesterday's 56 empty orders did not make any money, and the lowest 55 did not break. Today, 56.5 is also near 55, the imagination space is a bit small, even if you do more than 55, the imagination space is small, you can properly enlarge the position, but with a good stop loss transaction.


BCH: From 6 o'clock yesterday morning, the Prince fluctuated by 5 yuan. If you like to operate the Prince, look at the hourly chart operation, as long as the market remains unchanged at 225, and close the backhand near 220, you can operate back and forth several times. Of course, the highs and lows are not so good even for the hourly line. If you are close to the operation, the position can be bigger, but you must bring a good stop loss.

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