A brief history of the wave field PVP game: endless fun with people

Chairman Mao once said, "It’s fun to fight with the sky, to fight with the land, and to have fun with others."

If this sentence is put into the game here, it is actually saying: "The single game is full of fun, the human game is endless, and the PVP game is endless."

The development of video games to the present, on the public level, PVP games have actually completed the magnitude of the single game beyond. Today's video games not only undertake the functions of entertainment, but also meet the needs of people's social interaction. Compared with facing a cold computer, most people prefer to have a living person sitting across the screen, even if it is a lame man, it is much better than a person who is alone.

From LOL to the glory of the king, to the chicken, the history of the development of mainstream mass games is a testament to this.

This kind of demand, in the blockchain game, is also applicable to the wave field. Although the game on the wave field is dominated by the dice class and the hottest, the dice player will not deny that the dice is more monotonous. We often say that the players in the wave field game are not for the fun of the game. The money-making effect is the core driving force for the development of Dapp, but things will not be the same, blockchain games will not always be financial vassals. On the road where blockchain games really become games, PVP games will definitely play a very important role. Therefore, as the wave wall's largest wallet + Dapp entrance, the steady-state VenaPi will bring everyone together to review the PVP game on the wave field.

Probability class PVP game

Wavefield games are the world of probability so far, and for some time to come. Dice games, poker games, are a long journey to mathematics expectations. The journey is extremely boring, and only the desire to make money is supported by the players. From this perspective, it is better to say that this is work than to say that this is a game.

So on such a boring journey, someone wants to make some adjustments. The same is the probability game, why can't you make a slightly more interesting change? Under such an idea, some probabilistic games with PVP elements have emerged.

At the end of November 2018, the wave field red envelope was launched. This timeline is obviously carefully selected. It is chosen for the coming of New Year's Day and the Spring Festival. Chinese players who have been baptized for several years by WeChat red envelopes have almost no learning costs for the game mode of wave field red envelopes.


Despite this, the wave field red envelope still has a huge disadvantage compared to the WeChat red envelope. The wave field red envelope is much more than the ordinary dice game. It is only one of the reasons. The more fundamental reason is that the wave field red envelope is not a social tool like the WeChat red envelope. Even if it has a PVP element, it does not cover it as the dice game. Nature.

The project side knew this well, so in March 19, after the Spring Festival cycle, the wave field red envelope also came to an end. There are still some similar games, such as Hi red packets, etc., obviously can not escape such a fate.

In January 2019, Tronbet launched the Duel (match mode) of the color ring game. With the powerful platform of Tronbet, this duel ring is probably the most successful probabilistic PVP game. The game is very simple, the player can create a room for 2 to 4 people, or join a room created by other players, each player in the room chooses a color, and then the color ring to which color, the corresponding player wins. Obviously, this is a pure probability PVP game, and there is no other factor in addition to luck.


I think, except for Tronbet, no one can make a pure probabilistic PVP game for a long time. The four months of the wave field red envelope is already very long. To cite just one example, a game called Duel is essentially the equivalent of a PVP coin toss. The game itself has not achieved any results, and it has completely returned to zero in less than a month. For probabilistic games, PVP games have extremely limited fun when they can't carry social functions, and the requirements for development, cold start, and operation are much higher than PVE games, and it's no wonder that they can't last long.

Just like work, even if there are adjustments, most of the time it is always boring.

Develop a PVP game

The fascination cat is the first explosion game on the blockchain, and the meaning of this game is not only the explosion, but its game form has a great impact on the blockchain game. After obsessing with cats, not only did replicas such as the Leitz dog come into being, but the impact was even deeper into some traditional games. Tencent's blockchain game "Catch the demon together", part of the blockchain comes from the transplant of obsessive cats.

After obsessing with cats, the blockchain game enriches the gameplay on the basis of it, joins the battle and other systems, and continues to be active on the public links such as ETH and EOS. In December 2018, during the period when the wave field public chain began to accelerate, several types of games appeared on the wave field. With the addition of the combat system, this type of game is no longer a simple buy-reproduce-sell logic, but a PVP element, including blockchain cute, Everdragons, ChibiFighters and so on.


These three games have several highly similar features:

1. It is necessary to spend the token to establish the role and enhance the character's attributes through various means;

2. Roles can be traded on the market;

3. All transplanted from other public chains;

4. The PVP elements are all 1V1, and the battle results are strongly related to the character attributes, abilities, and ranks.

It can be seen that the development trajectories of these games are clear and can be followed. They are all born out of obsessive cats and transplanted to the wave field after obtaining achievements in other public chains. The PVP element does not actually involve many strategies or operations, and is not the main part of the game. Even if you plan to go to the PVP section, the game is still a complete whole.

The development track of several games is different, Everdragon has been weak, and the blockchain is still strong. ChibiFighters has finally been officially launched after long-term pre-sale, and the performance is acceptable. However, after the three games were launched, the wave field did not have a similar game online in the long run, except for TronGoo, which went online in January 19th.

TronGoo's three games are not the same. In December 18, after the explosion of the shrimp farmer transplanted from the ETH Etherean shrimp farmer, there were a large number of imitations on the market. Although TronGoo was late, it was one of them. TronGoo has carried out all-round upgrades and improvements to the wave farm shrimp farmers, which not only greatly enhances the UI design of the wave farm shrimp farmers, but also enriches the gameplay. The reason TronGoo appeared in this article is that TronGoo designed the combat system, which became the PVP element.


TronGoo allows players to launch battles against other players to grab Goo (the game's core assets), and design attacks, defense attributes to determine the battle's victory and defeat, as well as attack CD and other elements. Similarly, TronGoo's battle is also determined by attributes, and the PVP element is just a icing on the cake, even if it is cut off, it does not affect the normal operation of the game.

After all, the PVP element is just a functional module in this type of game.

Strategy PVP game

Even in traditional games, the Real Time Strategy (SLG) is a relatively unpopular game category. After all, there are only a handful of people who are willing to keep their minds in the game. As the game gradually moves and fragmentes, the living space of strategy games is further reduced. As a result, the strategy games on the wave field are even more numerous, and even if they are, the degree of completion is not high.

In January 19th, TronKingdom went online. In the 15-day period, the volume of the game fell to zero, and then the amount of users was boosted by the amount of brush, and it was completely cool in April. Even so, this game is the first real strategic PVP game on the wave field.

TronKingdom's game requires 5 players to control 5 kingdoms. The game uses a turn-based system, and each round player can choose to "train the army" (to increase the army of his kingdom by one unit) or attack other kingdoms. In the battle, the kingdom with a large number of troops won the victory, and the players who unified the mainland finally won.


For the wave field game, 5 players per game is not a low threshold, so the game is also on the line 1V1 mode and PVE mode. In addition, the entrance fee of 100~150TRX for each game will also block the player. Imagine that you spent more than 100 TRXs into the game, but it will not match the opponent…

But the core disadvantage of the game is that there is a problem with the "strategy."

After reading the game manual, you will find that the initial strength of each country is the same. The battle is judged according to the number of troops, and when the offensive and defensive forces are the same, the defender is judged to win. When a party wins, the defeated forces are completely destroyed. Then:

Who will choose to attack? Isn't this game that everyone keeps training, reaches the upper limit of the force, and then everyone has equal strength, so do you blink each other?

Of course, I also want to actually try to verify whether the facts are true, but I have never succeeded in PVP (matching no opponents). The PVE is very simple, the computer AI will not operate at all, so I have no chance to experience a real battle.

In April, another war strategy PVP game BLOCKLORDS official version was launched on the main wave network. I was already concerned about this game in January when I was still testing. The game has won the Wavefield Accelerator Award and is currently running on both TRON and NEO networks. This game has a very high quality, unlike the beautiful UI of the chain tour, the grand European map, the magnificent soundtrack, above any game in the wave field.


The game threshold is higher, you need to spend 500TRX to build a hero, the hero can wear equipment, and the equipment can be upgraded. There are three kinds of battles in the game. It takes a lot of TRX to launch each type of battle, so the initial cost is relatively high. Players can win TRX by buying and selling props in the trading market and capturing city treasury.

Of the three battles, two of them may be PVP battles, which is the most important PVP element in the game. However, at present, the battle is automatically carried out according to the attributes, but the project side has a long-term plan, which will change the battle into a strategic battle that can be operated. After all, the goal of this game is the big IP like "European Storm" and "Total War." I hope that the game will join the strategic combat system as soon as possible and lower the game threshold.

In June, a game called RocketGame was launched, including 3 games. The dice and fruit machine didn't have much fun, but another game monopoly was a PVP game that had not appeared before on the wave.

I believe that many people have played Monopoly, and we can also play the simplified version of Monopoly on RocketGame. The game can be played on 2 to 4 players simultaneously on a simple board. Each player will roll the dice in order and move their car to a grid according to the dice points, at which point the player can choose to purchase the store. If other players move to their own grid afterwards, they will have to pay the toll. In the end, whoever runs out of funds first will be out, and the final player will win.


Although this game also has a lot of luck, it also has a strategic element. When the game is late, there is not much money on the player's hand. Obviously, it is not possible to purchase the store at will, otherwise it is easy to break the funds. Of course, under this extremely simplified rule, there is really not much room for strategy.

In these strategy games, PVP has become the core element of the game, but the negative impact of the shortcomings such as high threshold and lack of strategy on the game is also very obvious. But we still hope for more boutique games like BLOCKLORDS, this high-quality game is the hope of the blockchain game "gamification."

Action PVP game

Due to the limitations of blockchain performance, action games are still very rare on the wavefield. In the traditional game field, action games are a very large mainstream category. When traditional game manufacturers continue to pursue the operational and design sense of action games, blockchain games are still pursuing the most basic "not stuck". The ruler of traditional games, in the field of blockchain games, is struggling to follow.

In November 18th, Tronman appeared as the earliest action PVP game on the wave field. This is a bomber game that was ported to the wave field. Two players placed a bomb on the map to kill the opponent as the ultimate goal. As an action game, Tronman is obviously unsatisfactory, the operation is not smooth, the bomb is too slow and the range is too short, which makes it difficult for both sides of the game to kill each other. It is easier to kill himself because the card is stuck in the map. This directly leads to a failure of the game core experience. But after seven months, Tronman still maintains sporadic game data, which is enough to show that players have a demand for action PVP games, and there are only a handful of such games on the wave field.


In January 19, Traps was launched. This is a multiplayer PVP game with a small ball on the map. Players can control their own balls to eat other balls to make their balls bigger, while avoiding being eaten by other players' larger balls. This game mode was unique in the wave field at that time and attracted many players. But for this kind of game with very high operational requirements, Traps does not do well in the core experience. The experience of operating on the computer through the mouse has serious problems. It is difficult for the player to accurately control the travel route of the small ball, which is far less than the experience of using the keyboard direction key. The mobile terminal optimization of the game is also delayed, in the mobile phone. It is impossible to play smoothly. So from March, the game life cycle has gradually ended, and social media has stopped updating.


In May, Hypersnake went online on the wave field. This is a game of snakes on the blockchain. It is transplanted from ETH. Its core gameplay is basically the same as Traps (the ball is replaced by a snake), but the completion is obviously much higher. The first is that the UI is very delicate, the snakes have their own cute points, followed by a variety of gameplay, and even the purchase of skin. On the other hand, in terms of core operation, both the operating experience and the mobile-side optimization are very good. Although there will still be occasional occurrences, the experience is a qualitative leap compared to Traps. The game data also showed a good performance and still maintains a good standard.


Although there are only a handful of games, action-based PVP games show a point that attracts players. But the difference in performance between Traps and Hypersnakes also tells us that operations are the core experience of this type of game. Therefore, unlike games such as Dice, even with excellent economic models or operational methods, shoddy action games cannot be turned over. But at the same time, the boutique action game is also one of the directions of blockchain games to get rid of financial attributes.

Future PVP games

PVP wave field games have always faced many difficulties. Blockchain performance can't keep up, game development is difficult, the game is cold start, the economic model is not good design, the players are all fund players… However, we still see some excellent PVP blockchain games, and PVP games, It may also be one of the shortcuts to the "gamification" of blockchain games.

For blockchain games, the huge gap with traditional games makes it difficult for blockchain games to catch up with traditional games in terms of gameplay. The biggest value of the game is "fun", and the "fun" blockchain game can't be done, and it can only be reduced to a financial plate. If you can't catch up with traditional games in terms of gameplay, then the battle between players and players may be another idea. When you play another game with you, "fun" will come to life.

Although the current wave field is still the world of dice, the second law of thermodynamics tells us that the only truth in this universe is entropy increase, or change. As the currency market picks up, the DApp circle is going through a cold period. If the winter of the second half of last year removes a lot of bubbles from the traditional currency circle, will the DApp circle change because of the current cold?

We will wait and see, and look forward to "following people with fun."

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