DApp evaluation 丨 The first three-nation character development and PvP game "EOS Three Kingdoms", will be the next EOS knight?

"Huang Shang, can you still remember the EOS knight on Daming Lake?" This smash hit tower game has not been optimistic recently. It seems to have gone downhill. At present, the daily activity is only around 2900.

On the other hand, its "twin brothers" – the domestic version of the EOS three countries , daily activities, trading volume straight up, have greatly surpassed the "big brother" signs. As a former EOS Cavaliers bronze player, I couldn't help but download this EOS three countries in an attempt to find a different way of playing.


EOS Knight historical data (data source: spiderdata)


EOS three countries historical data (source: spiderdata)

According to its official white paper, EOS Three Kingdoms (English name EOSDynasty) is the first three-nation character development and PVP game in the blockchain. The producer is the seventh continent game studio. The game opened a one-month pre-sale event on April 17th. It was officially launched on May 17th, and will be launched in July.


Currently, mobile phone login is supported. After downloading the game, you can log in using MEET.ONE or TOKEN POCKET wallet .

The first feeling of opening the game to me is: OhMyGod! It’s just too much like it! This page layout, this heroic character, this battle scene, this equipment material, is very similar to the EOS knight, which is very good for the friends who played the knight, and it is very fast. Let's take a look at the specific gameplay and rules of this game.

First, the introduction of the game

(1) Buying a hero

There are three hero characters in the game, namely warriors, archers, warlocks, and the corresponding heroes of the three kingdoms are Lu Bu, Ma Chao, and Yan. The first hero needs 0.1EOS, the second hero needs 0.2EOS, and the third hero needs 0.4EOS, which means that it costs 0.7 EOS to buy three heroes, and the price is quite satisfactory. Personally recommend three heroes to buy together, and the battle upgrades faster.


The hero can be upgraded to a maximum of 16 levels. Each upgrade requires a "hut" (the tiger character is an important item in the game, which can be used for hero upgrades, purchases, etc.). After upgrading, you can upgrade various attributes and carry higher level equipment. Each hero has four basic attributes: attack power, defense power, health value, and lucky value, where the lucky value is related to the material drop rate.

(2) Participation in the battle

  With a hero, you can participate in the battle and get materials and tigers through battle. There are 16 kinds of battles in the game. Different battles participate in different thresholds. Heroes need to reach the specified level to enter. The higher the level, the higher the material basis. In addition, the probability of material drop rate is different in different campaigns, and the player chooses the battle according to the materials he needs.


Click on "Exit" on the "Battle" page to send a hero to automatically start the battle, and you can re-enter every 120 seconds. This is a typical placement game. There is no need for players to operate too much in hero battles. The focus should also be on materials and equipment.

(3) Obtaining materials

  According to the type, the material can be divided into five kinds of natural, metal, bone, leather and gemstone. According to the degree of rarity, it can be divided into ordinary (gray), rare (green), master (blue), legend (gold), epic (purple). Five levels. In the "Materials Book" you can view detailed information on the rarity of the 55 materials and the equipment that can be manufactured.


In addition, materials can also be traded freely in the market, which is also a source of income for players. The rarer the material, the more difficult it is to get more valuable. Since there are only 28 original items in the storage material (the EOS needs to be expanded), when there is extra material and no one buys, you can choose to refine the material to get the tiger character. The rarer the material can be obtained. more.

(4) Production equipment

  According to the type, the equipment can be divided into three types: weapons, armor and accessories. According to the rarity, it can be divided into five levels (consistent with materials). There are always 153 kinds of equipment in the game, and different heroes have different equipment. Each piece of equipment may have multiple attribute bonuses, and the equipment is comprehensively scored according to the attribute level. The score interval is 0-100%, which is displayed in the upper right corner of each piece of equipment.


In addition, the equipment can be upgraded up to level 6. Before upgrading, you need to integrate the same equipment. The more advanced the more types of equipment you need to integrate, the more you need to upgrade. Although the upgrade is a bit cumbersome, it can increase the equipment bonus and increase the hero attribute value, and improve the combat power. On the other hand, the advanced equipment can also sell a good price, so the equipment can be upgraded when there is corresponding material.

(5) Domesticated mounts

  There are 20 kinds of mounts in the game, which can be divided into 5 levels according to their rarity. Different mounts have different attribute bonuses and can also be upgraded. The mount requires the purchase of a tiger character. The purchase of a primary mount requires 100 tigers, with a probability of 11.111% to obtain a rare mount. The most expensive high-level mount costs up to 6,400, and has a certain probability of buying a legendary mount.

There are two uses for the mount. One is that the hero himself carries it, which can increase the value of the attribute. The second is the expedition. Up to five mounts can be sent to explore at the same time. The number of mounts that can be sent at the same time is related to the rank of the hero. After the expedition A certain number of tigers and materials can be obtained, which is also an important way to obtain the tiger. It is understood that the game will be on the line in the later stage, and the gameplay will be more abundant.


Understand the above five points, basically the rules of the game can be clear. Some friends may ask, in summary, the EOS knight game is very similar, then what is special about the EOS three countries, in contrast, where is the innovation point? Please look down.


Second, the game features

(1) Three Kingdoms Tongbao (TKT)

Three Kingdoms Tongbao (TKT) is the Token in the game, with a total of 1 billion pieces, 70% of which is produced in the game, and the rest is used for operational activities, game pre-sales, community incentives, developer incentives, etc.

The Three Kingdoms Tongbao has many uses, and the biggest use at present is to obtain dividends and dividends from the pledge.

1. Income dividends

20% of all proceeds from the game will be EOS cash dividends for players who pledge TKT. Game revenues include, but are not limited to, player transaction fees, players purchasing Tigers and other game revenues.


2, material dividends

Based on the total amount of material obtained by all players, an additional 10% is used for dividends, and the amount of dividends obtained based on the TKT ratio of the player's pledge is determined.

In addition, the number of TKTs punished by the player is related to the rank of the hero. The higher the rank, the more military gains are obtained. It is said that the use of the Three Kingdoms Tongbao in the game will be opened later, such as UGC equipment auction and mount training.


(2) Deflation mechanism

At the beginning of the EOS Cavaliers, there was no deflation mechanism for designing game assets, which led to serious inflation. With the EOS Cavaliers' foresight, the EOS Three countries have considered the economic design system of the game more comprehensively.

The falling probability of the material in the game adopts the deflation design. According to the average value of the maximum number of players captured by the city, the overall material explosion rate is gradually reduced. The higher the average value, the more the explosion rate drops, and the lowest drop is 23% of the initial explosion rate. Simple In terms of the player's participation, it will be more and more difficult to obtain advanced materials to reduce the impact of inflation. In the campaign information, you can see the average number of cities occupied by the entire network.

(3) Characteristic equipment

In order to enhance the game playability, EOS three countries have added three limited special equipment – UGC equipment, exclusive suits and NFT equipment.

UGC equipment, as the name suggests, players can design and name equipment independently, create original exclusive equipment, and vote by player voting. It is reported that UGC equipment may be obtained through channels such as the Three Kingdoms Tongbao auction and EOS auction, and the total amount is limited.

The exclusive suit, which is a high-addition suit specially designed for each hero, is estimated to have a set of such a suit, and it will be invincible. And NFT asset equipment, which is a special kind of powerful equipment, issued using the non-homogeneous token standard (NFT), is unique and is also a very rare equipment.

The common features of these three types of special equipment are rare and limited.


  EOS three countries draw on the experience of the predecessors, combined with the theme of the three countries, joined the token red dividend, deflation mechanism, special equipment, military ranks and other new elements, while optimizing the player's gaming experience in some details. The game has been online for more than a month and has already won a lot of loyal players.

However, the game also has some shortcomings. For example, like the EOS knight, the EOS three countries use the automatic combat mode in the hero battle, the design of the character development is also lacking, the player participation is low, and more game experience is reflected in the advanced materials and rare equipment. Competing for competition, it is easy to make the game taste. After all, the real game should be able to resonate with the player and make it fun from the game, not just the satisfaction of the props and equipment.

  I hope that the PvP version of the battlefield can make up for the above shortcomings, and add more fresh gameplay, especially the interaction and communication between players, which will make the whole game more rich, improve the playability of the game, and thus enhance the game viscosity and retain the quality. Player.

The above is the entire content of this DAPP assessment, want to see more DAPP, blockchain related content, you can pay attention to WeChat public password password mimacaijing to understand.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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