Analysis of the madman market on April 27: Stabilizing the currency is the rise of the currency circle will bring disaster

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Bitcoin, which looks like a rebound, has seen a continuous decline. We are once again confused by the “real decline” of the market. Since the trading pairs we are looking at are all BTC/USDT trading pairs, when the USDT falls, the trading price is actually rising. If we add 3% of the USDT depreciation, the actual loss of our French currency is extra 3 %, the market loss effect is still quite strong.

Once this happens, it will have a blocking effect on the new funds in the market. Therefore, the market will be extremely limited, and will not even break through the new high of the current market. The rise in the price of the currency is fund-driven and there is no new capital. Waiting for us will be a continued callback.

Bitcoin experienced a small rebound today and did not follow up with funds, indicating that the overall mood of the market has not improved, the momentum of bullish counterattack is not big, the market outlook will continue to callback, and we can watch the game in low positions.


After falling below the box yesterday, there was a rebound in the pumping box. However, both the strength and the volume were very weak. After the rebound, the market will continue to pull back and support 146.

Analysis of the madman market on April 27: Stabilizing the currency is the foundation of the currency circle. The spamming will bring disaster.


The rebound is still weak, and it is expected that the market will continue to fluctuate and go down. It is not ruled out that there will be new lows.


Today, the rebound is weak, and it has not re-established on the 5-day line. If it does not fall below 70, it can hold it and fall below the unconditional stop loss.


It’s very similar to Wright’s, but it’s weaker than Wright’s, and it’s going to fluctuate in this position in the short term, and the momentum of continued decline is temporarily small.


The multi-military still has no online, and the market outlook continues to fall back along the 5-day line.


The platform moves down gradually, and the rebound is an opportunity to lighten up the position, and the stage can continue to lighten up.


The trend continues downwards. Before the channel is changed, the position is not added. In terms of volume, the funds continue to pay attention and the market is very promising.

Analysis of the madman market on April 27: Stabilizing the currency is the foundation of the currency circle. The spamming will bring disaster.

The small coin has not seen much value recently, and the risk is far greater than the opportunity. Because IEO has spawned a lot of air currency garbage coins and poured a lot of money, the old air currency pays less and less attention, and most of them are the main self-guided. Self-acting, the risk of being cut after admission is very high, try not to participate, most of the mainstream currency is also a trend of callbacks. To make big money, you must endure loneliness, keep bullets, avoid most risks, and then catch Live big opportunities.

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