Bitcoin mining army moved west to "find electricity" – heavy traps, how to avoid?

Bitcoin mining army moved west to "find electricity" - heavy traps, how to avoid?

The 019 year of the flood season will officially come in April. For the mining ring, the flood season means more power resources, cheaper electricity prices, and more revenue. There is a saying in the mine ring: the battle is in the flood season. Everyone understands that in this round of flood season, who can find the cheapest electricity, who can live, but there are always many "pits" in the process of finding electricity. This article counts the four pits of the mining circle, teaches you how to avoid the pit, and profit in the flood season!

First, the intermediary pit

Intermediaries generally hold first-hand power resources in their hands. Due to information asymmetry, many mine owners can only buy electricity from them. What the intermediary earns is the difference between the mine and the miners. It usually acts as a second-hand trafficker. It may even be a three- or four-way trafficker. If you have many people, there are often problems that can be solved.

Second, the mine pit

The average miner will choose to host his mine machine to the mine, pay the custody fee, and the mine will be responsible for daily operation and maintenance. However, there are no shortages of crude mines, or no power outages, private switching of power, and mining of mines.

Third, the power station pit

Since there are pits in the custody, it is safe to build a mine, but it can't escape the pits. Many power stations attract miners at low prices. When your mine is built, the power station starts to sit on the ground. For large-scale mines, the price of electricity will increase a little, and the cost will increase several times. However, in the face of power stations, miners are vulnerable groups and can only accept passively.

Fourth, the liar pit

The hunger of miners for low-cost electricity has spawned a market for scammers. Liar companies often claim to have low-cost electricity, collect customer deposits, and go to the time agreed in the contract, but they can't get electricity, and they don't give back to Party B. The miner will not deposit, the blood is gone!

How to deal with the pit of the electricity search process, prepare for this flood season? To maintain competitiveness when the whole network computing power grows, the key points are: 1. Finding low-cost electricity that is reliable; 2. Starting a mining machine with high energy efficiency and great computing power. How can we get reliable power and competitive machines at the same time?

Prospecting machine manufacturers use exclusive mining machines and mines to provide assistance and support to miners, giving customers the highest level of security at the lowest cost.

Miners generally believe that one-stop service provided by mining machine manufacturers, with brand and after-sales guarantee, second, more convenient, and also have the opportunity to enjoy preferential prices and electricity prices, is an effective way to help miners to win the flood season. (chain to finance)

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