Another halving night has passed, is the reason for this pull?

The BSV has also been halved quietly . Even in the belief group within BSV, the gang members also questioned: Why? At present, BSV has halved from around 260 knives in the previous period and dropped to around 200 knives. From the historical high of 455 on January 15 this year, the price has shrunk by more than 50%.

Due to the decline in revenue, miners have temporarily switched their computing power to BCH and BTC, which are fairly stable in price. At present, the computing power of the BSV network has also fallen into a 7-day average of 3254PH / s to 1859PH / s. The current theory Earnings have fallen below 9 cents.

What is even crazier is that the mining pools after the halving have not been marked. It is likely that new computing power has been added. After this BSV halving, can we ask a question:

If BSV and BCH are not Bitcoin's forks, or if it doesn't occupy the name "Nakamoto Vision", is it a complete bubble?

The current mining industry as a whole is very pessimistic . In addition to the latest output of mining machines in 2020, there can be some output. Basically, all mining machines shipped before this year have entered a negative profit state. At the same time, under the highly competitive mining industry Even with the same type of mining machine, there are about 1/3 of the miners, because of the passive electricity cost, they are forced to shut down.

The day before the bsv halving, Wu Jihan, after the last appearance of the Zhimin University analysis market, and the halving of the BCH the day before yesterday, held a halving live broadcast online night event. During the live broadcast, he began to talk about ecological construction. Talk about faith, talk about the number of users. The implication is that if you choose BCH and you stay in the BCH ecosystem, you can prepare in advance for the next big outbreak.

Like BSV Omoto Satoshi, they are always talking about technology reserves, but the technology of the currency circle has not been continuously improved. Except for Ethereum, the others are only copied. The whole industry has a dim balance and has entered a pool of backwaters. Case.

However, a group of people represented by Jiangzhuoer, the founder of the Lebit mining pool, still insist on telling everyone repeated stories, they constantly imply that halving is a cycle, which is a continuous good, The increase of any currency in the currency circle will enable the market to open up a joint effect , but everyone is constantly waiting every day, waiting for some sparks.

However, during such an industry crisis, Coinbase CEO was selected as the 15 youngest billionaires in the United States in 2020. Forbes released the 2020 World Billionaires List. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong was selected, and his net worth was 10 100 million US dollars accounted for 1% of the total assets of the list. This shows that in this round of ups and downs, it is not just retail investors, the distribution of chips, the most central one is the shuffling of industry players.

Despite the global epidemic of new coronaviruses and the increasing number of patients causing economic turmoil, there are still companies in the industry that can survive the cracks.

For example, according to news statistics, unicorn companies in the industry raised about US $ 400 million in venture capital funds last month. With the exception of exchanges such as Bakkt, the rest of the main investment focus is on the theme of Defi. It seems that no matter how the various currencies on the exchange's main board are struggling, in the eyes of traditional investors, only BTC and Ethereum are worth Financed in the economic downturn.

It seems that for the BCH and BSV projects, the name Bitcoin has brought the bifurcation aura to them, and it has come to an end after this halving.

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