List of recent blockchain policy highlights of governments around the world

Recently, the new crown epidemic situation has been effectively controlled, and the process of resuming work and returning to school has been gradually launched, and many stimulus and encouragement policies to support the development of blockchain-related issues have been introduced.

01 Jiangsu Province

The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the latest data on April 8. As of April 7, the total number of industrial enterprises above designated size in the province was 45,000, with a recovery rate of 99.7%. %. In order to strive for the completion of the annual target tasks, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has compiled 70 annual cluster cultivation key work plans and deployed more than 70 key projects in the fields of integrated circuit chips, blockchain, 5G and other fields.

02 Jilin

On April 9, the Jilin Provincial Committee Theory Learning Center Group held the second collective (expanded) learning meeting in 2020. Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, said that the development of blockchain should be regarded as an important focus of the construction of "digital Jilin", to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and to promote the continuous conversion of new and old kinetic energy. Jilin revitalization provides strong support.

03 Liaoning

Liaoning Provincial Taxation Bureau will continue to strengthen cooperation with relevant agencies and departments to promote diversified and multi-channel payment methods throughout the province. Starting from efforts to improve the satisfaction of contributors, in accordance with the principles of “full coverage of insurance types, full coverage of collection methods, and full coverage of payment groups”, blockchain technology was introduced to solve the problems that payers are generally concerned about such as online processing of electronic payment vouchers. On the basis of popularizing the pilot experience, the province will gradually complete the basic coverage of urban and rural residents to pay basic medical insurance premiums across the province.

04 Chongqing

On April 7, the Chongqing Municipal Government website issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Application and Development of Fintech" by the General Office of the Chongqing Municipal People's Government. The "Opinion" aims to promote the application of information technology represented by artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, etc. in Chongqing's financial field, and plans to promote Chongqing's promotion of financial technology industry clusters. A blueprint for the application and development of fintech. Chongqing will attract a group of domestic and foreign big data service providers to come to Chongqing to set up regional headquarters and big data technology research and development centers. Focus on the introduction of high-quality financial technology companies, R & D institutions, and personnel training institutions at home and abroad. Focus on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and other underlying key technologies, increase R & D efforts, and form a group of intellectual property rights and patents.

The Chongqing Smart City Smart Hub Project, with an investment of 200 million yuan, will be initially completed as planned within the year. The project is composed of urban big data resource center, digital Chongqing cloud platform and smart city integrated service platform and other "one center and two platforms". Among them, the smart city comprehensive service platform builds a common technology support platform that provides big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things and other new-generation information technology application services, and builds identity authentication, electronic licenses, social credit, and spatio-temporal information big data services. Collaborative support systems and platforms. At present, the platform is in the process of developing core capabilities platform systems and building new smart city operation management centers.


In order to deepen the application of urban brains to strengthen the governance of digitally empowered cities and accelerate the creation of the “National Digital Governance First City”, Hangzhou has formulated a series of local regulations on urban brains empowered urban governance, which have been included in the Standing Committee of the Hangzhou People ’s Congress Key legislative projects. Hangzhou will create favorable conditions for accelerating the industrial layout of big data, blockchain, 5G commercial and other industries, relying on the city ’s brain to create several new infrastructure industry clusters, actively cultivate new economic growth points, and form new competitive advantages to “new infrastructure” It is an opportunity to comprehensively improve the digital level of economic operation and urban governance.

06 Kunming

On April 8, the Kunming Municipal People's Government Office issued the "Kunming City Construction of Regional International Central City 2020 Action Plan". The Action Plan mentions accelerating the construction of a regional international economic and trade center and exploring the application of blockchain technology in the field of public resource transaction supervision services.

07 Tianjin

On April 8, the "Cloud Signing" activity of the key investment project in Tianjin in 2020 was held in the form of video connection. Among them, Hexi District has signed contracts with a number of companies. The project involves information technology, business services, creative industries, and construction. The total investment is 5.15 billion yuan. Hexi District will focus on strategic emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, "Internet +", and a new generation of information technology, and strive to promote the development of the Internet, big data, blockchain and other formats.

08 Changsha

On April 8, Changsha Economic Development Zone signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shugen Internet Technology Co., Ltd., using Sany Cloud Valley as a carrier to jointly build the Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park, and strive for 5 years Form a 100 billion-level digital economic industrial park featuring blockchain technology.

09 Beijing

On April 8, Xicheng District, Beijing announced the "Action Plan for Stabilizing Economic Growth and Promoting Development in Xicheng District", which planned to allocate 5.091 billion yuan of financial funds to minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic development and coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. . Xicheng District will promote the “unseen approval” of government services, so that enterprises and the public can enjoy more convenient services in the process of handling affairs ; promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of government services.


The Shanghai Municipal Government website issued on April 8 "Several Opinions of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Improving the System of Preventing and Controlling Major Epidemic Diseases and Improving the Public Health Emergency Management System." In-depth application, strengthen public health emergency information construction. Accelerate the application of 5G, blockchain and other technologies in the field of public health, strengthen the integration of multi-source data, promote the application of big data in the field of public health, improve the function of disease prevention and control business information system, support the collection and application of epidemiological survey data, and promote Refined and intelligent management . Accelerate the construction of platforms such as "smart health supervision", retrospective supervision of vaccines and drugs, and Internet medical treatment management. Consolidate and enhance the level of "artificial intelligence + medical and health", comprehensively deepen the opening of artificial intelligence scenarios in the medical and health field, explore the establishment of public health data open application mechanisms and specifications, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive level of medical and health intelligent hardware, data, algorithms, and computing power. Develop Internet medical services, provide outpatient services for chronic diseases, network consultation, consultation guidance and popular science education to alleviate the pressure of pre-examination and triage of outpatients. Carry out cross-regional remote diagnosis and treatment cooperation.

11 Dalian

On April 9, the State Administration of Taxation Dalian Taxation Bureau and Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. signed a blockchain framework cooperation agreement and a car purchase tax blockchain construction agreement. Relying on the needs of Dalian Taxation Bureau and combining aerospace information in the field of blockchain technology Advantage, integrate the resources of taxation, government, finance and other commercial institutions, explore the Internet application of blockchain technology, take the lead in taking the car purchase tax blockchain construction as a pilot, and build the "Dalian City Vehicle Information Blockchain Credit Platform" , marking Dalian's tax information construction has entered a "smart era".

On April 9, the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission formally issued the "Opinions on Prosperity and Prosperity of the Capital Culture in the New Era". The "Opinions" proposes to lay out all-media construction based on big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies to strengthen the supply of digital content.

12 Guangzhou

Recently, Guangzhou released the first digital economy innovation development programmatic document "Guangzhou City to accelerate the establishment of digital economy innovation-led city measures". "Measures" proposes a number of measures related to blockchain, including:

① Create an efficient, convenient, stable and transparent business environment with "Blockchain + government services", promote "reduction of processes, materials, time and costs", realize "zero meeting and zero door-to-door" and promote the revolution of government services Process reengineering. Support Huangpu District to build a demonstration area of ​​government service blockchain application, and form a replicable experience to promote it nationwide.

13 Shijiazhuang

Recently, Shijiazhuang City issued the "Working Plan on Responding to the Impact of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and Accelerating the Development of Service Industry". The work plan mentions that nurturing and strengthening market players, increasing support for producer services, and promoting big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, online medical care, online education and entertainment, and other innovative enterprises will become bigger and stronger.

From the above-mentioned blockchain related dynamics and related incentive policies, we can know that in the process of the promotion of digital smart cities, local governments attach great importance to the application and development of blockchain technology, not only actively promoting blockchain technology and various The application of traditional physical industries has also continuously promoted the integration of the work and management of government functional departments with blockchain technology. At the same time, in the areas of blockchain industry park landing and attracting blockchain enterprises and talents to settle down, etc., it has also continuously released positive signals. From this, it can be seen that all regions are eager to promote the development of digital and intelligent transformation in cities, industries, and government affairs management. The comprehensive deployment of high-tech technologies such as blockchain has become an urgent task!

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