April 11 market analysis: BTC innovation is high, EOS is about to touch the annual line

Market sentiment: Fear & Greed Index 62 points (greed)


[EOS technical analysis]

On April 10th, EOS/USDT rose strongly, and the daily line closed on the long-term line. The daily line refreshed this round and the new high was close to US$6. The current upward trend is intact, and the US$6 is near half a year ago. Fall back, but return to the bottom 5MA support rebound, as long as the price is maintained above $ 5.6, the bullish trend is still not finished, with the right shift of the time axis, there will be a chance to touch the annual line in the near future, the specific price is in the range of 6.3 to 6 US dollars After the end of the year, there will be adjustments to the market. The low position will continue to hold, and the position will be suspended. Recently, the long and short feng shui moved up to 5.6 US dollars. Today, it supports 5.7 US dollars, 5.5 US dollars, and the pressure drops 5.85 US dollars and 6 US dollars.

[EOS Trading Strategy]

On April 11th, if EOS/USDT has not passed 5.80 US dollars, or loses 5.70 yuan, the station is empty. If it is steadily 5.80 US dollars, stand many parties, short-term operation: wait for oversold to do more than one, wait for overbought to make a single empty The sideways are not made.

[BTC technical analysis]

On April 10th, BTC/USDT rose strongly. The daily line closed at the middle line and closed at the highest price. The market closed at 5200. After the morning line change, the current round rose to a new high. The highest came to 5407 and the 5410 in the intraday analysis. Inconsistent, the current 5MA support is tough, Maya line support is tough, 10MA is close to 5MA today and tomorrow, if the closing price today stands 5360 points or more, there will be a new high in the later period. If it closes 5360 points today, it will be There is a short break, the current round of the rise is still not over, after the completion of the consolidation, there is still the momentum to continue to rise, the low-band multi-single continues to hold the market to wait for the stage to appear at the top, and the Buddha does not care, hold the chase Today, it is expected to support $5,260, $5,230, and the pressure falls to $5,330, $5,380.

[BTC Trading Strategy]

On April 11th, if BTC/USDT has not exceeded $5222, or lost $5,200, the station is empty. If it is stable at $5222, stand on multiple sides, short-term operation: wait for oversold to do more than one, wait for overbought to make a single empty , sideways finishing does not make a single. Due to the random nature of short-term trading, if the HOPEX perpetual contract short-term operation is randomly communicated in the Andy community.

【HT Technical Analysis】

On April 10th, the HT/USDT callback was shocked, and the daily line received the shadow line Xiaoyang line. After the recent high refresh, it entered the adjustment since the lower Bollinger Band's middle rail was supported by the US$2.6. The market is waiting for the fundamentals to appear. If the normal market behavior has not yet been completed, the next IEO project needs to be adjusted before the release of the next IEO project. The technical short-term feng shui is 5.6 US dollars, and the wide range is 3 to 2.3 US dollars. The short-term is not suitable for chasing high, and the long-term waiting for callback Jiancang, today is expected to support 2.60 US dollars, 2.55 US dollars, the pressure fell 2.62 US dollars, 2.65 US dollars.

[HT Trading Strategy]

On April 11th, if HT/USDT holds $2.62, it will stand on the sidelines. If you have not passed $2.62, or lost $2.60, stand by. Short-term operation: Wait for oversold to do more than one, wait for overbought to make a single empty, and do not make a single order.

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Note: This analysis chart uses the fire currency network and the currency network technology chart.

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