Babbitt column | Future thinking: Who will beat Ethereum?

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As mentioned above , the Ethereum empire is gradually declining, and BTC can't be alone. So who will become the next Ethereum and raise the banner of value-for-money investment?

Will it be produced in the domestic chain?

Many people are optimistic about the domestic chain, and feel that the success of Alipay can also be replicated in the blockchain. It can be clearly stated that it will not.

China has only excellent engineers and no masters. China's basic chain lacks soul.

It is undeniable that the current Chinese product level is leading the world, such as Alipay, which relies on the outstanding application of a large number of top engineers on the Internet. But the real basic innovation requires a master. This is the soul of a chain and is really lacking in China. What is a master? Not how skilled the code is, how amazing the performance design is, and who can make breakthroughs and innovations in theory and algorithms. Such as Turing machine, von Neumann architecture, Internet TCP/IP protocol, zero knowledge proof and so on. No masters point the way and build the foundation. Engineers are nothing more than a group of lost ants who don't know where to go.

Therefore, it is difficult for China to have world-class competitiveness in the field of basic chain, and it is impossible to replace Ethereum.

Will it be a more perfect Ethereum?

Many projects claim to solve the defects of Ethereum, which is more perfect, but I have to say that they can't beat Ethereum. To put it bluntly, most of the claims to defeat Ethereum are just making more beautiful replicas, polishing some details on the basis of Ethereum, and the fine replicas will not replace the original. When the currency market was the first bull market in the past, how many digital currencies that were better than BTC, the projects to be replaced, had completely disappeared into history.

Looking back at history, it is not another film that beats Kodak film, but a digital camera; it is not a smaller digital camera, but a mobile phone that defeats a portable digital camera; it is not another bank that beats mobile banking, but Alipay.

No matter which industry, the project that defeats the leader is not a more beautiful replica of the leading project, but a blow from another dimension.

For the technology that can defeat Ethereum, it should come from another level of thinking. such as:

Cosmos and Boca tried to solve the scalability problem with cross-chain.

A project attempted to use a Pi-based optimization—Rho calculus (Pi calculus proposed by Turing Award winner Robin Milner, which is a calculus model for describing and analyzing concurrent systems), replacing the Turing machine model to solve intelligence Contract concurrency calculations.

Filecoin tried to solve the storage problem with Proof-Of-SpaceTime.

Tezos attempts to solve security problems with a formal contracted smart contract language.

Of course, we must avoid sacrificing innovation misunderstandings. For example, eos uses 21 nodes to increase TPS. IOTA uses a centralized coordinator to achieve high performance.

Also avoid the innovation of the broken stone in the chest after breaking the big stone, such as many anonymous coins, you use this method to be anonymous, I will change the method anonymously, it is a hype, the purpose is to be anonymous, the project anonymity has been Very good enough, what is the significance of your innovation in the back of the big stone?

In addition to technology, the project as a whole must be excellent in all aspects.

(1) There must be a sound governance mechanism in the project chain.

(2) There must be an active community, and there are three roles of development, users, and investors.

(3) With a clear user market, the chain transactions continue to grow.

(4) It has strong engineering ability and can complete development according to roadmap and high quality.

(5) Foundations and development teams must have clear long-term incentives and are closely linked to the price of tokens and the number of transactions on the chain.

(6) The tokens are distributed as completely as possible, and the project party cannot hold too many tokens.

(7) The economic model of the token should be reasonable, such as designing an economic model for storage, network, and bandwidth.

(8) The information release of the project should be as transparent as possible.

(9) The foundation must have sufficient funds to maintain its operations for several years.

In summary, no one can predict in the future, what we have to do is lurking and thinking, don't miss the arrival of the next wave!

There are four series of future thinking series in the currency circle, which are (1) the twilight of the Ethereum Empire , (2) whether BTC can be independent , (3) who will defeat Ethereum, and (4) who we will earn in the currency circle. ? Welcome attention!

About the author: East of Beijing, public number: bjzdblockchain. Micro signal: beijingzhidong. Senior blockchain investor, engaged in technical research work.

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