Experts: Industry development needs top-level design blockchain industry urgently needs compound talents

Source of this article: Securities Daily

Author: Xing Meng

Opening slogan: On the afternoon of October 24, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee that the blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clear the main direction of attack, and increase investment. Efforts will be made to overcome a number of key core technologies and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

Blockchain has become a new high ground for global technology competition, and China is also increasing its support for the development of blockchain. How to rationally understand blockchain technology? How will the blockchain transform society and life? How to grasp the opportunities brought by new technologies? The "Securities Daily" launched the "blockchain big coffee face-to-face" series from now on, and talked with government figures, entrepreneurs, academic experts and other people in the front of the blockchain industry, how to integrate the blockchain with the real economy.

For blockchain technology, both countries and enterprises are pouring more enthusiasm. In this context, how should we rationally treat the blockchain and how to make the blockchain effectively empower social and economic development? With these questions, the "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed Gao Hong, deputy general manager of the National Research Institute of Innovation.

Enterprise application scenario for blockchain

Should not blindly follow

Securities Daily: The blockchain, as an emerging technology, has attracted widespread attention around the world. From a macro perspective, how do you feel that we should better grasp and develop the blockchain industry?

Gao Hong: From a macro perspective, since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the concept of innovation leading development has been continuously strengthened, grasping the opportunities and challenges of the fourth industrial revolution led by new technology, and becoming an important strategy to guide China's construction and development, 5G The guiding policies and specific implementation projects in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, etc. have emerged rapidly. As an important scientific and technological innovation direction mentioned in the report of the 19th National Congress, the development of the blockchain industry also requires the state to guide from the top. The angle provides direction guidance and specifications. From a micro perspective, the application of a batch of blockchain technology is rapidly emerging, such as product traceability, bills, supply chain finance, etc., blockchain technology has begun to be applied and gradually promoted.

"Securities Daily": What do you think from the perspective of serving the real economy, what dimensions can society embrace the blockchain and grasp the new opportunities of this era?

Gao Hong: I believe that the government and enterprises are important participants in the blockchain industry. From the government's point of view, it is necessary to open up application scenarios, actively apply new technologies, and carry out continuous prudential supervision of innovations. At the same time, we must change the management model from one-off audit to continuous audit supervision, from result management to whole process. management. Pay attention to the interest related to the blockchain, understand the ownership of data from the perspective of the number of rights, the controlled marginal and macro security of data use, and advocate the distribution of all-factor rights based on digital rights.

From the perspective of enterprises, we can actively explore the application of blockchain technology from product management, program management, financial management, etc., improve industrial synergy efficiency, reduce upstream and downstream financing costs, and solve financing difficulties and fund withdrawal cycles in SME supply chain finance. Long wait questions. For enterprises, my suggestion is to use blockchain technology prudently, not blindly follow the application scenario, and pay more attention to exploring the organic combination of main business and blockchain technology.

Blockchain industry development

Compound talent is the key

"Securities Daily": In recent days, the blockchain has become the capital darling. However, the capital market has experienced the phenomenon of "funds are hot and technology is cold". The concept of speculation and foam are frequent, and the technical level of blockchain has not developed by leaps and bounds. How to Look at this phenomenon?

Gao Hong: From the perspective of industry development, it usually goes through the stage of high-speed development to high-quality development. The key is to solve the sustainability of development. At this stage, we should create a better blockchain industry ecology, including macro policy openness and stability, mid-view project application and innovation, bottom-level technology sustainable development and improvement, and the ecological relationship between financial investment institutions and industries. If no one sinks his heart to solve the deeper problems, it is impossible to promote the leap-forward development of the industry and the ability to continue to compete. This requires each participant to have certain feelings and pursuits while pursuing economic benefits. I think short-term economic gains seem sweet, but the benefits of true sustainability come from calm thinking and long-term strategy implementation.

"Securities Daily": You mentioned that talent is an important variable in industrial development. What types of talents are needed in the blockchain industry?

Gao Hong: Blockchain is the product of technological innovation. Under the surface application, it needs a complete underlying technology and the support of the physical layer. Unlike other technologies, the effectiveness of inter-industry linkages is the decisive factor in the development of the blockchain industry, that is, purely consensus data storage without economic value is meaningless. In layman's terms, in the past, we have to bring everyone together, which adds a lot of communication links and management costs. If there is no economic benefit, it will be difficult to sustain.

I believe that the demand for talents in the blockchain industry must have cross-industry knowledge and solutions, which can integrate the information flow of different participating entities in different industries, and distribute benefits according to relevant rights and interests. The social division of labor is continuously optimized. In other words, the talents in the blockchain head are compound talents. They should have a technical foundation and also need to understand social management knowledge such as performance management and incentive mechanism.

The road still needs to go step by step. Do not undermine the innovation with the banner of innovation, so that it can be innovated for a long time, so that innovation can continue to deepen development, to make useful innovations, to think more about how to block blockchain technology and The needs of national development, social progress, and people's happiness are combined to create healthy and sustainable progress for enterprises and individuals.

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