Babbitt column | Incentive noise: talk about the impact of the economy

Pass is a new thing, and it can play a role in many aspects. For example, the most obvious is the quantification and incentive effect, so that some people say that the pass-through economy is a subversion of human production relations.

I personally also believe in the great significance of the CIS economy to society, but sometimes I feel that we are too concerned about the quantification and incentives of the CIS economy, and ignore that it may have some negative effects, such as we will discuss today. The "incentive noise".

1. Incentives are not always good.

Many projects have just linked to the block, and when they first came into contact with the general economics, they will be sighed by the magic of the economy. Its stimulating effect can connect many people in an instant, and each of them contribute their own strength, wisdom, and resources, together, can make the project develop better, and at the same time, they can get a lot of benefits.

For example, after a Token is issued on a certain game platform, the number of people playing has increased by an order of magnitude. For example, after a Token has been launched, it has become a content platform at the head of the currency circle.

But after a hot and exciting time, they started to have a headache. For example, in a game platform, the most troublesome thing is that there are too many people who are licking wool. There are too many people who open the trumpet. The whole game has become the guide of economic interests. The balance and entertainment of the game are broken, and the users start to slow down. Slow drain.

For example, a content platform faces the same problem. There are too many people who have wool, too many people writing hydrology, too many people who praise each other, and those who really contribute deep and valuable content are submerged. And I can't get any income.

2. All incentives will bring noise.

Then someone will ask: In addition to the game platform and content platform, what other incentives will bring noise? And what incentives do not bring noise?

In fact, in short, all the incentives will bring noise! There is no perfect mechanism to play only the incentive, but not negative, and generally the greater the incentive, the greater the noise.

Not only the block-chain economy of the blockchain, but also the beauty group take-out in the Internet, the fight for more, the WeChat red envelopes and the like are also smashed with wool, and then to the public number, live broadcast platform, video praise, brush attention, and then to the daily All the excitement in the life will bring noise.

3. When the noise of the incentive is serious, the entire project will be destroyed.

The noise problem of the incentive can be big or small. When it is small, it is only a little noise, it does not affect the overall situation, but in serious cases, it will lead to the failure of the whole project.

We still use the content platform as an example. A good incentive should have two effects: first, it can effectively screen out high-quality content; second, it can avoid the emergence of hydrology and wool party.

The first point to screen out high-quality content is the core. If an incentive mechanism can effectively screen out high-quality content, even if there is some hydrology, some wool blankets will not harm the overall situation; but if it is impossible to screen out high-quality content, then avoid hydrology. The meaning of wool and wool is less obvious.

If an incentive mechanism is not designed well enough to screen out high-quality content, and there are many wool parties and hydrology, then the truly valuable authors and content will leave the platform for a long time, and the platform will be completely worn by the wool party and hydrology institute. Occupation, the foundation of the entire platform will be destroyed. At this time, the project side of the platform may regret it. It is better to have no incentive mechanism or a traditional legal currency incentive mechanism.

The project side must keep in mind the initial intention: the incentive mechanism is to select quality projects. All incentive design should take this into account and avoid the above as much as possible.

4. Incentives require a certain threshold.

So, in the face of the noise that may be generated by the incentives, is there any way to alleviate it?

some! For example, setting a certain threshold for the acquisition of incentives is an effective method.

I used to be a literary enthusiast, so I have been paying attention to those literary communities. For example, people like Tang Jiasan are also serialized every day. Their main income is also rewarded and card-based.

But I find that the literary community is very interesting. Generally speaking, excellent writers can get the most benefits, and the more excellent writers can get more, the lesser the authors can get.

This kind of incentive system is relatively reasonable, but why can the literary community do this? Why do the literary community have less wool? It's a bit strange.

In addition to writing, the live broadcast is the same. Those top-level traffic nets, they can get most of the rewards; small net red can also get a certain amount of income, but compared to less. In this way, it is basically able to achieve the matching of business and incentives. Why is this?

In fact, it is also more difficult to write a novel than to write a short essay in a blockchain content platform. That is to say, writing a long series of novels is a very high threshold. It is a thing that requires a lot of professionalism. Not everyone can write, write, write well, write well, and write attractively. It is very difficult to write that everyone is willing to watch and willing to reward.

In the same way, although everyone can pick up the mobile phone and can broadcast live, but you have to broadcast live to the characteristics, live to the attention of millions of people, is also a very high threshold.

Therefore, I think that it is really necessary to have a certain threshold for this kind of thing that can achieve a high degree of matching between incentives and business. This threshold needs to be high enough to filter a lot of wool parties, and the higher the threshold, the better the filtering effect. .

Of course you can also filter by setting some rules, but there are always loopholes in the rules. So the real way is to have a threshold for this, and the threshold is higher, so the positive effect of the incentive is very large, and the noise effect of the incentive is relatively small.

5. Sometimes, it may be best not to motivate.

Later, some people gave a suggestion on the content of the content platform hydration, saying that it is best to cancel the incentives of one of the business, so that people can participate without incentives.

When the motivation is lost, the hydrologists naturally lose their motivation, so the hydrological content will slowly decrease until it disappears, and then the truly valuable ideas will be highlighted. Because the truly valuable point of view is more about listening, this group of people will continue to issue articles.

Therefore, if there is no way to solve the problem with incentives, it is possible to achieve the goal by canceling the incentive.

Coincidentally, in addition to such problems in the field of content and writing, there are many other businesses that have such problems. It is also that there are many problems with incentives, and they can do well without incentives.

For example, a certain game, before the game is not motivated, the game is relatively pure, everyone is to experience the charm of the game together, experience the fun of competition. However, after the game is closely linked with the incentives, there are many players who are practicing, trumpet, and "fishing", and this phenomenon has been repeatedly banned, greatly damaging the game experience. Later, the project side introduced a number of mechanisms to dilute the incentives, and the game was revived.

6. The more commercial the business itself is, the smaller the noise effect of the incentives; the less commercial the business itself is, the greater the noise effect of the incentives.

Another characteristic of incentives is that the more commercial the business itself is, the smaller the noise effect of the incentives; the less commercial the business itself is, the greater the noise effect of the incentives.

How do you understand this sentence? Take the case of generalization as an example. Before the pass, if the subject of the pass is a purely commercial project, for example, the certification of an asset, or the certification of the equity of a non-listed company, supply The generalization of chain finance, the certification of patents and patents, then the noise caused by its incentives will be small after the pass, because the equity and contract are very pure business. Behavior.

However, if it is a certificate issued by a company, or the certification of a certain content platform, the certification of a certain news platform, the certification of a certain KTV platform, the certification of a certain image platform, a certain The generalization of a social platform, the business of this kind of business itself is not so strong, entertainment and functionality will be stronger, so this type of business will have a loud noise in the process of implementing the incentive some.

7, the conclusion

a, motivation is not always good.

b. All incentives will bring noise.

c. When the noise of the incentive is serious, the entire project will be destroyed.

d. Incentives require a certain threshold.

e. Sometimes, it may be best not to motivate.

f. The more commercial the business itself is, the smaller the noise effect of the incentive; the less commercial the business itself is, the greater the noise effect of the incentive.

Author: Monte Carlo

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