Babbitt weekly selection 丨 US $ 6 trillion stimulus policy favors Bitcoin; how important is blockchain in China's tens of trillions of "new infrastructure"?

China's tens of trillions of "new infrastructure" indicates that China's development has entered the "new infrastructure" era, and technological innovation will become an important component. Blockchain, as the country's core innovation highland, is expected to flex its muscles and open the door to the trillion-dollar market in the "new infrastructure" era. After the Federal Reserve announced unlimited QE, Bitcoin's response rose by more than 10%. Under the Fed's unlimited QE, there is also the US government's $ 6 trillion economic stimulus policy, and Bitcoin may become the biggest winner. The stablecoin is expected to bring important changes to the global financial sector. Regulators have realized this. The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has formally stepped in to set up a stablecoin working group to evaluate the stablecoin from various aspects. More information can be found below:

Babbitt weekly selection 丨 US $ 6 trillion stimulus policy favors Bitcoin; how important is blockchain in China's tens of trillions of "new infrastructure"?

I. Policy and supervision

The stable currency innovation model is subverting the global monetary and financial structure. The International Securities Regulatory Commission (IOSCO) released a stable currency report and set up a stable currency working group to consider and evaluate global stable currency proposals from the perspective of securities market regulators. Beijing's fintech regulatory sandbox has once again entered the field of vision, but the gates have been closed to coin-issuing blockchain companies.

New progress in the regulatory sandbox! Fintech institutions can declare independently, and there is no hope for coin-issuing blockchain companies

Global stablecoin may face regulatory storm, IOSCO has stepped in

CFTC issues guidelines for digital asset delivery, chairman promises to encourage innovation

Global crisis, market crash, but crypto regulations move in adversity

Blockchain and new infrastructure

The arrival of the "new infrastructure" era is an important support for China to overcome the epidemic and restore production and economic growth from this disaster. The scale of the "new infrastructure", which amounts to tens of trillions of RMB across the country, will cover all aspects of the economy. Will be the focus. Blockchain, as the country's core innovation highland, is expected to flex its muscles and open the door to the trillion-dollar market in the "new infrastructure" era.

Hunan's 2.7 billion yuan launches "digital infrastructure" involving 86 big data and key blockchain projects

Blockchain Development Pioneering Demonstration Zone Listed in Huangpu, Guangzhou

Blockchain invoices go to midfield: giants have already laid out "new infrastructure"

Blockchain Policy | 22 Provinces Write Blockchain into 2020 Government Work Report

Trillions of market opportunities in blockchain under new infrastructure wave | Roundtable

Depth | Business opportunities brought by ABCDI in the era of digital new infrastructure

Five Questions on New Infrastructure: Blockchain plays an important role and investment volume is insufficient

Digital infrastructure frenzy: where is the blockchain?

Blockchain technology and applications

New crown pneumonia is a global topic and a global war. All enterprises and organizations are trying various strategies to win the epidemic. WHO, IBM, Microsoft, and even China's National Health Commission have joined the blockchain project called MiPasa, using a variety of analytical tools and data sources to help citizens and public health officials detect new crown virus infections. With government-level support, blockchain applications are accelerating in China. Xicheng District of Beijing is using blockchain to break through information barriers to make government affairs more efficient. Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced 16 key projects in the blockchain industry to help the industry land.

WHO, IBM and Microsoft jointly develop blockchain project MiPasa to build a hot map of people with new crown pneumonia infection

Hunan Province announces 16 key projects for blockchain industry development

The first in Beijing! The Blockchain Application Platform of Xicheng District Opens the Information Barriers of Multiple Departments, Citizens "Brush Faces" Can Do Things

Baidu super chain escorted, Haidian blockchain government landing accelerated, strive for 150 scenes in October

"Blockchain +" Practice of Shandong University: "Digital Safe" Eliminates Complexity and Simplifies Government Affairs System

"People's Chain" builds a credit system to ease financing difficulties for small, medium and micro enterprises

Blockchain application goes to the next city Shanghai court pilots blockchain technology

Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Singapore has built a large-scale landing of a new battlefield for blockchain, Hunan's policy is the most powerful


Vitalik: Quick Start on Garbled Circuits

Microsoft files new patent: cryptocurrency system that uses physical activity data for mining

Lightning Network's "Big Three" Gathering for the First Time, Deciphering the Future of Lightning Network and the Crypto Market

Fourth, investment and financing

Voice has become the top priority of EOS development company has invested 300 million US dollars for this highly anticipated social network application and let Voice start independent operation. Mining service company Panda Power received a 30 million yuan financing to help improve the mining industry. The lifting of India's crypto ban has made global investors see it as a new hot investment destination. announces another $ 150 million for Voice to operate independently, with a total investment of $ 300 million

Panda Power, a technology-based mining comprehensive service company, received a 30 million yuan A round of financing, which will be used for cloud computing platform construction, etc.

Balancer Labs completes $ 3 million seed round of financing, led by Accomplice and Placeholder

India has become a "Citronella", and CoinDCX exchange has received $ 3 million in Series A financing such as BitMEX

Bitcoin data provider Coin Metrics completes $ 6 million in Series A financing, with Fidelity Investments, Coinbase, and others participating

Digital data verification platform Attestiv completes $ 2 million seed round financing, led by Castle Island Ventures

V. Mining

The plummeting of the currency price has caused many miners to fall below the shutdown price. Bitcoin computing power has fallen by nearly 50% in this plunge. Some bitcoin miners have also begun to sell in response to falling currency prices.

New crown epidemic causes large foreign mines to close, bitcoin computing power drops by nearly 50%

The price has plummeted and the computing power has plummeted. The data tells you whether BTC miners have sold off?

Bitcoin plunges in "mine circle" ecological survey, more than 40 mainstream miners hit "shutdown price"

Bitcoin price rebounded strongly by nearly 50%, miners are back


The next-generation decentralized financial infrastructure MOV is officially launched today. From September 19, 2019, the white paper was released. After more than 190 days, it has been more difficult than the original chain developers. From the frontier theoretical research to key technological breakthroughs, the answer sheet has finally been delivered. MOV arrived on schedule. The Maker Foundation behind the MakerDAO network announced today that it has transferred all control of the governance token MKR to the governance community, which means that MKR holders are the only group that determines the fate of the MakerDAO network.

MOV is officially launched, creating an ace DeFi infrastructure, making transactions everywhere

DeFi Ultimate Getting Started Collection, the basics of DeFi you want to know are here

DeFi week election 丨 MakerDAO crisis is not eliminated, Uniswap V2 rekindled DeFi hope

From "Lego Toys" to "Open Finance", DeFi lacks a systematic risk control solution

The Maker Foundation hands over contract control to the community. Is the "centralization" hat off?

Seven, central bank digital currency, stable currency, digital dollar

In order to resolve the economic crisis, the concept of "digital dollars" proposed by US congressmen is now being hotly debated. Although this proposal was eventually deleted, this does not mean that "digital dollars" disappear. On the contrary, "digital dollars" are inevitable. It makes economic stimulus more efficient, but it also has many problems, such as citizen privacy. Under this economic crisis, Tether is continuously issuing additional USDT. It can be said that it is the only winner in this crisis. The market value of USDT has exceeded $ 6 billion, and the additional issuance of nearly 1.2 billion in 15 days. Banknote mode.

Central bank digital currency

Former Chairman of the United States CFTC: The United States should consider the central bank's digital currency and Libra as good reasons to consider digital dollars

Chinese central bank paper: Innovating the currency system and vigorously developing digital currency based on human value


Will the USDT market cap exceed Bitcoin? Stablecoin has become a strategic highland of blockchain

Nearly 1.2 billion additional shares issued in 15 days, USDT starts "unlimited banknote printing" mode

Nic Carter: Crazy growing stablecoin could be bad for Ethereum

Stablecoin's market value has increased by $ 1.5 billion in the past month, which may cause ETH demand to decline

Digital dollars

Digital Dollar Foundation: America Needs Real "Digital Dollars"

Opinion: sooner or later digital dollars, U.S. citizens' privacy may be violated

How is the dispute between "digital dollars" and "digital renminbi" staged?

Forbes: Will the US trillion stimulus plan accelerate the arrival of digital dollars?

Babbitt's Column | Far-water and near-thirsty "digital dollar" money-saving plan

Market transactions

Can Bitcoin follow the halving law again? This question urgently needs to be answered. Under the impact of this global crisis, Bitcoin has been hit hard. The halving effect of Bitcoin seems to be difficult, and it will even fail in the halving event in May this year. Despite this, many people are still optimistic about Bitcoin, thinking that Bitcoin will mature in this crisis, especially in the context of the Federal Reserve's unlimited QE, Bitcoin may become the biggest winner, and the future is expected.

Analyst: Bitcoin does not follow the "four-year model", the rise cycle will start again in 2022

Pantera Capital CEO: The global economy is experiencing unprecedented recession, and Bitcoin will mature in this era

Opinion | BTC is likely to break $ 20,000 in 12 months, hedge funds begin to deploy cryptocurrencies significantly

Wu Jihan debuted on live broadcast: Bitcoin is hardly a safe haven in a volatile world

U.S. $ 6 trillion economic stimulus plan is immediate, Bitcoin may become the biggest winner

Koreans don't love Bitcoin anymore? Trading volume of the two major exchanges fell by nearly 70%

Fed announces unlimited QE, bitcoin surges 10%

Opinion: The world economy is on the verge of crisis once again, cryptocurrencies will be strong

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