BEPAL officially became a member of the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Ecology, building a Wanwei Chain PoS node ecosystem

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The integrated blockchain service provider BEPAL (coin) announced that it has officially joined the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Node Program, becoming a member of the Galaxy Consensus Ecology and building a Wanwei Chain PoS node ecosystem. This means that in the future, WAN users can participate in the WAN's Staking service through BEPAL Wallet. At present, BEPAL has joined the Alpha test of the galaxy consensus. It is expected to support the WAN asset trading service before the official launch of the PoS in the fourth quarter.

The galaxy consensus is proposed by the Wanwei Chain Consensus Team. It is a practical PoS consensus protocol based on multiple cryptography techniques that can be proved to be safe, with a complete delegation mechanism and an economic incentive model. Based on the rich experience of multi-chain asset integration management services, BEPAL will fully deploy the PoS consensus ecology, realize the wallet as the entrance, and the node function is profitable, and become the PoS service provider with strong influence in the industry. At the same time, the two sides will also carry out multi-level in-depth cooperation in education popularization, project incubation, market expansion, and community service.


BEPAL Wallet is BEPAL's service platform for multi-chain asset integration management for digital finance. Focusing on blockchain private key security management technology, BEPAL PRO, Q, Touch series security hardware and BEPAL Wallet digital asset wallet have been successfully launched. And BEPAL Plus Digital Asset Hosting Service. Committed to providing full-scenario blockchain asset management products, asset management service platforms and industry application solutions for the digital finance sector.

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About the galaxy consensus

A practical PoS consensus protocol based on a variety of cryptography techniques that can be proved safe, with a complete delegation mechanism and an economic incentive model, is proposed by the Wanwei Chain Consensus Team. The Yellow Book of Galaxy Consensus Technology was officially released on March 31, 2019. Wanwei Chain's recently released Galaxy-Galaxy-Consensus-V1.0, a practical PoS consensus protocol with a complete delegation mechanism, is based on the Wanchain theory team's reference to existing consensus protocols. A cryptographic method, long-term independent research and development of research results. And a new delegation mechanism was introduced in the galaxy consensus to complete the proof of concept (POC).

About Wanwei Chain

Wanchain is an asset cross-chain + privacy protection + smart contract. The three characteristics create a cross-chain digital asset infrastructure platform to de-centralize the connection and value exchange of different blockchain networks, allowing any individual and organization to be based on Wanchain. Create a decentralized app. As the first cross-chain between Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20, Wanwei Chain is fully promoting the development of a fully decentralized PoS consensus mechanism. On March 31, North America officially released the Yellow Book of Galaxy Consensus Technology. The Alpha test was officially launched and is scheduled to be officially launched on the main website by the end of 2019. At the same time, Wanwei Chain teamed up with Telefónica and RIVETZ, Europe's largest mobile operators, to provide blockchain-based mobile security solutions. According to the plan, Wanchain will gradually realize the cross-chain connection with the main public chain and alliance chain of the industry. Wanchain adopts a global ecological operation and currently has offices in Beijing, China, Austin, USA and London, UK.

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