Big Brothers Call | Chain Node's 2nd Anniversary Special Show Talks Tonight

It's the end of the year in an instant, and it's time to summarize! The previous posts of 2017-2019 blew up the Weibo circle of friends. Xiao Bian pointed it out, but fortunately not, the live broadcast of the chain node is also the second anniversary! The live broadcast room has experienced the second anniversary full of opportunities and challenges and has gained full growth and experience. On the second birthday, the chain node live broadcast room received the support and blessings of the big guys in the circle. Let ’s take a look !!

Special thanks to:

Miao Yongquan, Chief Strategy Officer, BLOCKSTREAM

Dean of Binxin Institute Xiong Yue

Cao Yin, Managing Director, Digital Renaissance Foundation

Tim Yang, Deputy General Manager of R & D on Weibo

Rong Ruotian, CEO of Magic cube

Cao Jing, Founder & CEO of

Founder of PPk Technology Community CPO

Sponsors of the Link Industry Alliance

Product owner at imKey CEO solemn COO Hu Jing

Chain Node CEO Qu Zhaoxiang

Timestamp Capital CEO Li Zongcheng

Beyond the Chain CEO Lang Yu

Beto Chain CTO James

Babbitt CEO Wang Lei

(The rankings are in no particular order.)

Sincere thanks to the above big coffees for taking the time to call the chain node live broadcast!

Didn't you see enough comments? Tonight, the special program for the second anniversary of the chain node live broadcast room, we specially invited Xiong Yue, Cai Shu and the former live broadcast room to host Xiaomeow to initiate discussions on industry changes, recent hot topics, this year's summary, and next year's outlook. Hey, let me see you all at once!

Quickly scan the code into the group and wait for the second anniversary special of the live room tonight:

Little Helper

Video live: "Chain Node Live Room Two Anniversary Special" talk about your 2017 to 2019

See the event preview here:

See you at 19 o'clock tonight ~

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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