Babbitt weekly election 丨 Beijing takes the lead in piloting the "fintech supervision sandbox"; Europe and the United States appear to have divergent views on central bank digital currencies

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. The Babbitt weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping blockchain development trends and opportunities.

In the past week, the blockchain industry has made positive progress in areas such as supervision, project implementation, platform construction, investment and financing. In addition, the authorities and heads of countries around the world have issued their latest positions on central bank digital currencies.


  1. Hainan Province released the "Chain Shanghai South" plan, proposing that "the six chains" should let the blockchain release huge industrial momentum.
  2. Beijing is piloting the nation's first "fintech supervision sandbox", and digital currencies are expected to enter.
  3. Ethereum successfully implemented the Istanbul hard fork upgrade.
  4. Europe, the United States, Singapore and other countries and regions have issued their latest positions on the central bank's digital currency, and they are quite divided.
  5. European regulators issued a severe statement to prevent the stablecoin project from landing, and Libra's dilemma deepened.

I. Policy and supervision

1. Beijing Financial Technology “Supervision Sandbox”

On December 5, the People's Bank of China recently announced its support for the first pilot pilot of fintech innovation supervision in Beijing. Zeng Zhicheng, deputy director of the central bank's business management department, said that the central bank must be a licensed institution to enter the “supervisory sandbox”. In the end, 46 fintech projects were approved by the six national ministries and commissions, and 77 institutions and enterprises were involved. Some of the 46 application pilot projects mentioned above will enter the “regulatory sandbox”. Huo Xuewen, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, said that in the future, Beijing will focus on exploring the regulatory sandbox in two regions: one is the financial technology and professional service innovation demonstration area in the adjacent area of ​​Xicheng and Haidian; .

People in the central bank: access to the “regulatory sandbox” must be licensed for Beijing 46

Beijing financial technology pilot "regulation sandbox", analysts: digital currency is expected to enter the pilot

Central Bank: Supports Pioneering Pilot Fintech Innovation Supervision Pilot in Beijing

2, Libra Europe encounters difficulties again

Dante Disparte, deputy chairman and head of policy of the Libra Association, said that despite many concerns from EU finance ministers, the project is determined to get approval from European regulators next year. However, ECB policy maker Francois Villeroy de Galhau said Libra must adhere to "the highest standards of banking and financial regulation" and cannot sacrifice security and trust on the grounds of innovation. The European Council and the European Commission have issued a joint statement saying that until the "risk of currency stability caused by stable currencies" is resolved, no "global stable currency" is allowed to operate in the EU. Libra's prospects in Europe are worrying.

EU issues stablecoin ban: Risks cleared before any "global stablecoin" allowed to operate in the EU

Libra Association Vice-Chairman: Planned for European regulatory approval next year

ECB executives: "We cannot sacrifice security" when talking about Libra

3. Hainan makes every effort to create a "chain Shanghai South"

On December 4th, the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone released the “Chain Shanghai South” plan and the “Six Chains” special measures to support the development of the blockchain. The “Six Chains” focused on technology, scenarios and talents. The key bottlenecks, such as funding and capital, promote the blockchain technology to become mainstream and help the blockchain release huge industrial momentum.

"Chain Shanghai South" plan announced! Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone Releases "Six Chains"

Hainan Blockchain Pilot Zone officially released "Six Chains" to promote blockchain technology into the mainstream

Why do blockchain companies like to go to Hainan?

Second, editorial talks with big coffee

Learning to Power: Hainan's Blockchain Development Attracts Global Attention

Looking back a year ago, when the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone was established as the first officially licensed Blockchain Pilot Zone in China, the Hainan Blockchain industry was almost blank. Today, more than 100 blockchain head institutions and enterprises have been gathered in the test area, becoming one of the most concentrated areas in the domestic blockchain field, attracting policy makers, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the global blockchain field. Eyes.

Li Lihui, Former President of Bank of China: China may become the first country in the world to launch fiat digital currency

Li Lihui said in this regard that the issue of legal digital currency may have to solve three problems. The first is to technically meet the needs of retail business in a large market with high concurrency. The second is to institutionally enable the efficient operation of the currency market At the same time, the reliability and efficiency of the monetary policy transmission mechanism must be ensured. Third, in terms of use functions, the cost should be lower. Only by solving the above problems, digital currency can reach the price of a commercial economy scale, which is a problem that fiat currencies need to study. He believes that according to the current situation, China may truly become the first country in the world to launch fiat digital currencies.

Securities Daily: Digital assets will generate super enterprises

Gao Bin, deputy director of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, said that "industrial blockchainization" is the only way, and that the blockchain must not only empower the real economy, but also the digital economy. Digital assets are the first step of the blockchain to transform the existing physical world value symbiosis ecology, the origin and the future. The digitization of physical enterprise assets will realize the unification of its core value expression, customer value, and social value. This business model will give birth to a super enterprise comparable to BATJ. In this enterprise, we may also have shareholder interests. In short, I think that there will be super enterprises in the digital asset field in the future.

Blockchain and entities

For the first time, "Zhejiang Shoot" applies blockchain technology to the auction of scientific and technological achievements, auction data is generated on-site, and the transaction process is stored on the chain, and the security is more guaranteed. On the 1st anniversary of the two-dimensional code interconnection of the urban rail transit in the Yangtze River Delta, Xuzhou Metro will officially join the interconnection camp and become the eleventh city in the two-dimensional code interconnection of urban rail transit. The expansion of the interconnecting "pass" relies on the successful practice of innovative technology represented by Alipay's ant blockchain technology.

"Zhejiang Shoot" applies blockchain technology to the auction of scientific and technological achievements for the first time

Policy “ripens” blockchain application, China's number of landed projects increased by 110% in November

Wine is chained, EY uses Ethereum public chain token traceability

Urban rail two-dimensional code interconnection and interoperability realized from "1" to "11" in one year. Blockchain technology increased the "pass" capacity expansion

Construction of blockchain platform projects

Azure, the Microsoft blockchain cloud platform, announced the launch of "Azure Heroes" non-fungible tokens (NFT) to reward the developer community. In addition, GPU and SoC manufacturing giant NVIDIA recently released a new blockchain and artificial intelligence-based computing platform that can help healthcare providers reduce the time required to analyze complex 3D models from hours. To a few minutes.

Microsoft blockchain cloud platform Azure launches non-homogeneous tokens to reward active community participants

A quick overview of the latest research and development progress of the Ethereum Foundation and the ecosystem team

AI chip giant NVIDIA launches blockchain + AI computing platform, 3D model analysis time reduced from hours to minutes

V. Blockchain Technology Progress

On December 8, Ethereum officially completed the Istanbul hard fork upgrade, which is a step closer to Ethereum 2.0. The adoption of Lightning Network has also made important progress, and the exchange Bitfinex officially provided support.

EY expands Ethereum with Zk-SNARKs and can process 20 transactions at a time

Ethereum 2.0 storage contract enters formal verification phase, beacon chain testnet browser goes live

4D long text explains the latest development of Ethereum

Ethereum developers agree to upgrade network on January 6, ETH inflation rate will rise again

Lightning Network receives support from Bitfinex exchange, stablecoin will be ushered in next step

Read Monero's Fair Mining Algorithm RandomX

Ethereum successfully completes Istanbul upgrade

Investment and financing

Last week, the financing situation of the blockchain industry has steadily increased, DeFi projects have been favored, and Zerion received US $ 2 million. Ping An Group's blockchain concept stock, Financial OneAccount, will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange this week to raise $ 500 million. In addition, Singapore accelerator Tribe also received funding support for $ 15.7 million to fund the development of blockchain projects.

Do MimbleWimble, Litecoin is serious! Foundation plans to raise $ 72,000 to fund developers

DeFi company Zerion receives 2 million seed funding to create Coinbase in DeFi

Singapore government-backed accelerator Tribe announces $ 15.7 million funding to support blockchain startups

Figure Technologies Raises $ 58 Million, Morgan Creek, DCG Participated

Financial OneAccount will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange next Friday, with a maximum fundraising amount of about $ 500 million


Seven, the trading market

The trading market set a new milestone last week, with the Bitcoin network completing $ 8.9 billion worth of transactions in an hour. The Bitcoin network is at a block height of 606,641, and the transactions contained in this 10-minute window total 903,592.118 Bitcoins. FinTech company SoFi has been awarded BitLicense, a virtual currency trading license issued by New York regulators. The Bitcoin futures market is fiercely competitive, with Bitcoin option products from Bakkt and CME appearing one after another.

NYDIG Bitcoin futures fund approved to sell shares to institutional investors

Bitcoin network sets another record: on-chain transaction volume exceeds $ 8.9 billion in 1 hour

This new block actually holds 900,000 bitcoins, which is equivalent to Satoshi's bitcoin holdings.

New York regulator NYDFS issues SoL's virtual currency trading license BitLicense, giving consumers more options

Bakkt launches bitcoin options contract next week, CME announces launch of options product plan


The DeFi field is also making steady progress. In addition to Zerion's US $ 2 million financing, the DeFi project has injected new blood into the Ethereum platform. Ethereum added more than 38,000 new addresses a day.

Holding money or using DeFi to manage money, who is more profitable?

DeFi is a double-edged sword: decentralized finance in developing countries

Be careful, DeFi has the potential to erode the security of the PoS blockchain

Nine, central bank digital currency

Last week, the world ’s actions regarding central bank digital currencies continued, with the United States, the French Central Bank, the European Central Bank, and Singapore all happening. The US Treasury Secretary said he would not issue digital currencies within five years, but did not oppose Facebook's creation of digital currencies. France is more aggressive and plans to start digital currency testing in the first quarter of next year. The European Central Bank has also opened the door to central bank digital currencies and included them as an option.

US Treasury Secretary: Fed will not issue digital currency in five years, and does not oppose Facebook to create digital currency

AFP: French central bank plans to test digital currency in first quarter of 2020

European Central Bank: Central bank digital currency will be issued without efficient pan-European payment solution

Director of Monetary Authority of Singapore talks about Ubin project: more than 40 cooperative institutions, looking forward to working with China

Smartphone TEE: Booster for DC / EP offline applications of central bank digital currencies

European Central Bank President Lagarde: Evaluating the Impact of Central Bank Digital Currency on European People and Economy

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