Lingting 2020 New Year's Eve speech lineup announced, 5 highlights and big exposure

"I only lend you my body, you lend me your dream."


In the past year, what have you identified and what have you been uncertain about?

May be these are ok:

In 2019, we saw 10 million blockchain electronic invoices available on the Tencent blockchain; the Ant blockchain has landed in more than 40 scenarios.

In 2019, we see that Libra was born, the digital currency of the central bank is ready to emerge, and the digital powers are on display.

In 2019, we see strong policy support at the highest level. Between the months of the month, the era of industrial blockchain has officially arrived.

There are many things we are not sure about in the next 2020:

Can the market clear?

Can the scene land?

Can business logic be verified by the market?

In an era of change, how should everyone live?

2020 is coming. As we leave the old and welcome the new, we invite you to "Ling Listen" to the voice confirmed by the blockchain.

On December 27, 2019, "Ling Listening 2020" will be the first multi-year speech on the blockchain industry in Hangzhou.

Today, Ling Ting's 2020 New Year's speech lineup is officially announced, with 5 highlights and big exposure.

  1. Tang Xialing, Vice President / Editor-in-Chief of Babbitt, made two in-depth thematic reports.
  2. All-round thinking feast: case + story + data, a thorough understanding of the world, understand yourself.
  3. Three important guests blessed, three-dimensional analysis of industry, finance, and industry.
  4. Nine industry think tanks have made in-depth observations, set a cloud for you, and gain insight into the development direction of the industry.
  5. The first batch of 20 super listeners of "Ling Listening 2020" came from across the border to create the strongest voice of the year.

Think deeply and listen together.

The "Super Listener" onsite is limited to 200 seats, registration is open.

Scan long picture QR code

One-click Ling listening:


Listening to Super User 1205

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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