Bitcoin's new high 5400 US dollars, the upper and lower pins burst


In the early hours of the morning, Bitcoin hit a new high in the conflict of $5,400, and then quickly dropped to $5,200. In this process, there are a large number of short positions in high-leverage long and short-term futures positions. Bitcoin has turned warmer after the back, and fluctuated in the 5280 US dollar, but the other mainstream did not have a decent performance, grapefruit also fell back after the new high. Ambush high and low spot are the main profit ideas. In the case of uncertainties, everyone should be cautious in using high leverage for futures trading to avoid being passive.

Yesterday, the building block cloud BLOC went online OKEX, opened ten times, and then directly smashed. Even so, the amount of money that has been grabbed has earned money without exception. As of now, there are nearly fourteen times the increase, which is quite impressive.

Recently, IEOs of major exchanges have been hit, with no exceptions being hunger marketing, and the biggest beneficiaries are undoubtedly project parties and exchanges.

In addition, many friends are forwarding a new black screen on an exchange, full of gunpowder. In fact, ordinary people do not need to participate in the exchange's routines and blackout struggles. Instead, they should focus on the profit margin, calculate the profit-to-risk ratio in advance, and try to obtain the maximum benefit within the limits of their ability. If you make money, you will quickly retreat. If you don't make money, you will wait for the next profit opportunity. The idea of ​​making money is actually so simple.

As long as you run fast, don't be greedy, and you are willing to stop the loss, then you have already defeated the dealer.


Market analysis

The following analysis data are from Huobi

Bitcoin BTC:

A typical long and short game. In the early morning, it broke away from the shock and rose to a new high of 5,400 US dollars. It proves that short-term financial support is still relatively active. At present, it has dropped back to the 5,280 US dollar line and fluctuated within a narrow range.

Now it is necessary to observe whether the bitcoin is going to be high in the future. If there is a chance to rush to 5500~5700 dollars, it will be a high short position. The idea of ​​spot and multiple orders is still buying on dips.

The market is choosing the direction, we need to wait patiently for an opportunity to participate in high win rate trading. The 4,700 to 4,800 US dollar line is a strong support in the early stage. If there is a chance to fall back to this place, it will be a good buying opportunity.


Litecoin LTC :

The finishing pattern has weakened, there are signs of peaking, and the profit is temporarily out.

82 dollars have certain support, short-term trading can rebound in this position, fast forward and fast. If there is a second high in the follow-up, then it is a chance to short the high position.

Long-term spot and other mid-term backs and then enter the market, do not need to be anxious.

Ethereum ETH:

Although the fall in the early morning did not cause damage, it has begun to weaken. Profits should be eliminated, and there is a slight loss of strict stop-loss short positions waiting.

Linking Bitcoin, you need to wait for Bitcoin to give a clear direction, and a high probability to take the adjustment route.


Grapefruit EOS:

After the new high, it began to weaken. There is strong support around 5.3 US dollars. If you have the opportunity to go down, you can try to rebound. Spot is currently not recommended to enter the market to avoid risks.

Ripple XRP :

Linking bitcoin, unprofitable can wait for short positions, free up funds to find other opportunities, and profitable ones can be profitable.

Long-term stock can be held.

Bitcoin Cash BCH:

Prince is the Prince, except Bitcoin is the strongest bitcoin cash.

$300 has some resistance, and $290 has weak support. You can try to throw high and low, pay attention to the position. The $280 is a good entry price, waiting for a handy change, we will take the opportunity to intervene.

At the same time, BCH and BSV can be configured one by one, all of which are miners' interest groups, which are mutually competitive, and they are cooperative relations for the purpose of suppressing Bitcoin Core. Those who are interested can buy a little when the price falls back, and the price explosion has not come yet.

Computational power war, the story of true and false Monkey King, we can understand a little. In this market, the core business is to make a profit, earn money and learn to understand other things.


Platform currency HT, OKB, BNB, GT:

This is the picture I painted when I posted on April 2, accurately predicting the mid-top of OKB.

Both start to run down, pay attention to the risk, do not participate in the IEO, the platform currency can gradually take profit or stop loss.

It is worthwhile to participate in the new IEO of the fire coin. After all, if you grab it, you can have several times of profit opportunities. The current new rules are that everyone has a high probability of getting it. It’s impossible to drop a pie in the sky. Don’t try not to try hard to think, how can you taste the sweetness and share it with the cake of the dealer?

Everyone should continue to learn in the operation and improve their cognitive ability and feeling ability on the disk. Pay more attention to investment risks, properly participate in transactions within your controllable scope, and be responsible for your own transactions.


I will analyze it here today, we will see you tomorrow~

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