April 10 madman market analysis: choose Chinese life or American life depends on human ecology

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The market is stable as an old dog. This is the performance of the market. Even if GATE precipitates a $500 million digital currency, the market still refuses to adjust. This trend has laid a solid foundation for the second wave of future growth, giving up shorts and embracing. The trend, although the second wave of rebound will not be stronger than the first wave, and the risk will continue to accumulate, but most retail investors can not accept their own time, so you can reduce some of the position operations, once the head is not right to run.

Looking at the daily line of Bitcoin, yesterday's shrinkage callback, today's rise also has no big money to buy, but the sustained high shocks can at least show that the shorts do not continue to short-selling momentum, from the long-term ratio of futures, the bulls are also obviously Excellent, so the market madman still maintains the judgment of the previous period, the market is dominated by shocks, will not skyrocket, the 5th line is the upward lifeline.

April 10 madman market analysis: choose Chinese life or American life depends on human ecology


The trend is basically synchronized with Bitcoin. The amount of attack is not too large. It is expected to be dominated by 180. This situation is more difficult to pull directly.


Still shocking the market, the bears are weak, the bulls have no direct willingness to attack, the shock range is 0.345-0.368


Yesterday said that the three consecutive Yinxian, the strength of the killing is getting weaker and weaker, and there is a expectation of a rebound in the short term. However, from today's rebounding strength, it is still relatively embarrassing, and it is mainly for the purpose of reducing the position and not competing with him.


The upswing is equally weak, and the 5th line does not stand back and does not participate.


After receiving the 5-day line support, there was a slight rebound. The same problem is also the rebound strength is poor, and the sustainability is still open to question.


The only thing that looks like EOS today is that the uptrend still exists, and it is likely to be the leading currency that will drive the next wave of mainstream currencies.


The rebound is not bad. If the market is down again, you can continue to increase your position.

Most of the small coins followed the mainstream currency and rebounded. Although they failed to recover yesterday's decline, as long as it is not a continuous decline, the overall capital flight is very limited, so the big funds are waiting for this wave to rise and then do another wave. Patience is the main thing.

Most of the model coins have collapsed. If you chase the quilt before, grab the shipment, don't imagine that you will return to the original. After the air coins are returned to the light, they will be feathered. When they come up, no one will pick them up. Will become a real zero coin.

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