Bloomberg: BTC rebounds to boost futures market, Chicago Commodity Exchange has a record high transaction volume

Bloomberg: BTC rebounds to boost futures market, Chicago Commodity Exchange has a record high transaction volume

Not long ago, the surge in bitcoin prices boosted the futures market, and the contracted volume of CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), the world's largest futures exchange, hit a record high.

According to data released by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the trading volume of Bitcoin futures contracts on April 4 reached 22,542, equivalent to 112,710 bitcoins, with a nominal value of $546 million. The exchange said that most of the transactions on the day came from Asia, with a trading volume of 12,634.

According to data from Bloomberg, Bitcoin's trading volume surged nearly 30% on the two trading days before Bitcoin futures trading volume rose.

On April 1, Cumberland reported that the trading desk flooded into 1,000 BTC bids in an hour, further indicating that demand for the encrypted digital currency market is rising sharply.

At the same time, according to Zhao Changpeng, CEO of the company, “The number of orders recently executed by the platform has reached a record high, and the number of orders we actually saw has exceeded the number in January 2018.”

According to the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the first major exchange that allows people to buy and sell bitcoin futures, it is evaluating the way its encrypted digital currency derivatives are traded and does not plan to introduce more contracts. (Mars Finance)

The Chicago Board of Trade Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange first launched Bitcoin futures in December 2017. At the peak of the crypto boom, bitcoin prices once reached a peak of nearly $20,000. Subsequently, Bitcoin plunged 74% in 2018 as the encryption market struggled to attract mainstream investment institutions.

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