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8 steps 3 points blockchain game pass certificate design dry goods

This article is from Yu Ming, who was a continuous entrepreneur and has a good grade. He founded the earliest secret room in Shanghai. During his years of entrepreneurial experience in secret rooms, he personally designed several secret room games. For example, the "Book of the Undead" and "Red" that we can see now are […]

Teach you to create a blockchain version of the "Pokémon Dream" | Dry goods

Source | Adrien BARREAU Compile | Wang Keying Produced | Blockchain Base Camp (blockchain_camp) Speaking of Pocket Elves, Ethereum, MLB Crypto Baseball and other games, you may not be familiar with them. These pet collection and trading games have been all the rage. It also ignited a "pet boom" in the blockchain world, bringing together […]

We experienced this most exciting DAPP and felt full of boiling

DApps on the blockchain, no matter which one is on the public chain, basically more than half of them are gambling games, and "gambling" has already taken up half the sky. Just when everyone thinks DApp seems to have nothing new, a Dapp called hashbaby has reached the 8th place in the EOS daily ranking. […]