Blockchain transformation of two science fiction writers

The two science fiction writers are very restrained.

They have a common friend, Liu Cixin, the author of the three-body Chinese sci-fi novel. Since the two became entrepreneurs of the blockchain world from science fiction writers, Liu Cixin attended their activities and became a super member of the blockchain community, recommending their books and seems to support them in turning the science fiction world into reality.

In the six-year blockchain, the world's bulls and bears have changed, and the tides have risen and fallen. The two sci-fi writers of Changchun and Hexadecid have started with the same dreams and are now standing under different life road signs.


Science fiction writers obsessed with computing power

The long and the hexadecimal are friends when the two started writing.

In 2003, the seniors and the hexadecimals of the third year met on the red-sleeved Tianxiang website, and the long-sentence gave a hexadecimal message, and the two became netizens. In 2004, Changchun was admitted to China University of Geosciences and met in Wuhan with the seventeenth. Two friends interested in science fiction talked over the night.

When the career of peers has not yet begun, Changchun has stood at the pinnacle of sci-fi creation – the first science fiction novel was published at the age of 16; during the university, the entries in the major sci-fi magazines can fill the screen of the computer. In 2006, the junior student Chang Yu created "Kunlun", "No. 674 Highway", "Fusang's Injury", and won the Galaxy Award of the highest award in the Chinese science fiction novel for three consecutive years.

"His works are intertwined with modern and historical, and the classic works are full of generosity, and modern works are gradually showing the beautiful west wind." The university's long scorpion has been hailed as the representative of the new generation of science fiction writers in China.

Another masterpiece of Changchun, "The Skill of Dragon Slayer," was widely read after he became a blockchain.

This is a sci-fi story about "power to dominate the universe" – the whole universe is God's programming, a genius programmer was killed by the woman because he discovered the secret, and the woman fell in love with the man who chose to commit suicide God programmers will win.

Almost at the same time, the first sci-fi of the first book "Newton of Newton" in the "Calculation" series of the Hexadecimal Plan was released.

This sci-fi long piece shows the world of computing power led by Leibniz theory – from which they can find superb computing power, easily complete the game of Go 9, enter the classic suspension, they use mathematical calculations Complete the layout of the entire world.

In 2007, "Abacus" won the first prize of the first sci-fi novel contest "Hehui Cup" of Red Sleeve, and it stood out from more than 300 sci-fi works. It is called China's first to reveal the wisdom of the ancient civilization of the East and to analyze the mysterious "possible world". Reasoning science fiction.

At that time, several publishers wanted to publish the work. In the era when science fiction was not popular in 2007, this was a miracle. But the seventeenth code has always thought that this book has not been written well, which is very regrettable. This also laid the foundation for the creation of the "2140" sci-fi community behind him.


I was fascinated by it.

Chang Yu said that he only wrote the science fiction story of "near the future." His novels do not have the old growth talks such as "spaceships" and "aliens". They are all supported by the hard technology of computers and physics, and they have built a science fiction world in the immediate eye. The seventeenth work is full of mysterious logic of history, mathematics, physics, and philosophy.


The "long 铗" pen name means the ancient long sword, with a classical romanticism that is sloppy and lavish. After the college entrance examination in 2003, Changchun went to the township Linxian Xinhua to find the Taohuayuan site, and finally returned to the Cultural Relics Bureau in a cave.

Compared with Changchun's high concentration, the interest in the seventeenth is more complicated and varied. As an engineer background, he has a strong sense of liberal idealism, and his scabbard is more fierce, which makes him unable to fully adapt later. The currency is the supreme atmosphere of money, and choose to keep a distance from the blockchain.

In 2011, Changchun, who had already reached the peak of his creation, chose to enter the Guangxi Nanning Land and Resources Planning Institute as an engineer. For science fiction writers, this is a good job, using free time to write novels in an environment that is not too different.

He spends his free time in the forum, hanging out and answering questions about netizens' financial, love, and ideals.

Chang Hao’s reply

That is, in December of that year, in knowing, Changchun gave a classic suggestion of "buy bitcoin, forget, and watch again in five years" for a junior student's "6000 yuan" investment trouble.

In this year, Luo Jinhai transferred from the engineer of a national technology center to the media industry. From designing submarines to masterpieces, it can be described as “throwing from the pen”. The middle twists and turns are less well known, abandoning everything, looking for dreams, and entering many journalists at that time. Longing for the Southern Newspaper.

He put all his passions into this field. In 2009, he won the reporter of the Southern Newspaper Industry. Later, he was the chief editor of, with sharp writing and scorching views.

Hexadecimal 2013 Weibo

He once slammed Li Tian’s rape and the social phenomenon of officials who were constantly smashed at the time. The language was pungent and satirical, showing the position of a media critic with a liberal spirit and his courage.

However, "you can never wake up a person who sleeps." "The Internet has been ten years, and the arrogance is still stupid." "The people's eyes are not sharp." The more sniper, the hexadecimal The more "minority" the loneliness.

Hexadecimal (罗金海)

After the publication of "Newton's New Clothes", Mill Iron signed a seven-digit hexadecimal code to continue writing "Abacus" series of works "Cartesian plug-in" "Turing Holy Land."

In the process of reviewing the data, bitcoin was found in the hexadecimal. The world really has a currency that can be calculated. He is very excited. After six months, he found a manuscript in the southern part of the hexadecimal The coin – the most dangerous currency in the world, he feels that a news enthusiast has such a deep understanding of Bitcoin in the text, which makes him interested in finding more information to carefully comb the development of Bitcoin.

"At the time, I felt shocked." "I found the feeling of true freedom." "This decentralized society allows me to find the spiritual beliefs of liberal ideas."

At this time, Changchun has begun to spread bitcoin and blockchain technology in sharing with the forum. "The emergence of Bitcoin perfectly fits my imagination of the cloud era and the grand distributed computing project. I was quickly overwhelmed by it…"


Evangelists and Sisyphus

In 2013, Changchun officially entered the blockchain industry and founded the Babbitt website. The sci-fi circle sighed. It is clear that the peak of personal creation is over, and he has to do something more meaningful – to achieve the “near future” story in the real world of technology.

Before the establishment of Babbitt, Wu Jihan, who had founded Babbitt with Changchun, had invited Changchun to establish Bittland together, but Changchun did not agree. This is not the direction he wants to do. He just wants to be good at himself. Perhaps it is Babbitt – a blockchain information dissemination platform.

In his early years, he did not want to be a gold digger. For a long time, he led Babbitt to be a pure evangelist with the slogan of "serving innovators".

Hexadecimal, as a sharp media person, the news liberals, at this time tired of this difficult to change the "centralized world", also disappointed with the journalism industry, he is increasingly recognizing the blockchain The technology-driven decentralized world is like the peach blossom source that the elderly are looking for. For Luo Jinhai, this is a place where you can put your passion and freedom to work.

Entrepreneurship team of, Luo Jinhai (first right)

He became the entrepreneur of Luo Jinhai. He believes that the peer-to-peer electronic cash payment technology behind Bitcoin will achieve decentralized currency payments for the first time, and it will become the future payment currency.

Luo Jinhai, who has joined the business community, directly arrived at the core of the commercialization of blockchain technology and launched the digital currency business platform “Currency Net”. In 2013, Taobao Jingdong has become the giant of e-commerce, and the express trains have changed between people's lifestyles between logistics transit stations and residential communities. But Luo Jinhai and a group of early blockchain entrepreneurs are eager to try to make the change more thorough.

Office space

In the e-commerce platform transaction, the currency net has technically solved the multi-signature technology of the cryptocurrency world, and created the world's first bitcoin refundable function. The launch of this function makes the user's funds more secure and trustworthy. . However, the powerful centralization agencies Alipay and Taobao have just demonstrated their strength. Users do not need to transfer more trust to a new and unfamiliar technology, and it is even more impossible to make more convenient, efficient, standardized and other use experiences to complete one. It is a new project for the future currency.

Two years later, without any policy interference, Luo Jinhai’s “coin net” together with Li Xiaolai’s “coin to pay” and the old cat’s “pineapple market” and other digital currency payment items fell together.

After that, Luo Jinhai did not give up and continued to make cross-border payments – ColaPay, a third-party payment platform for cryptocurrency, and CoinCola, an international e-commerce platform. Because Bitcoin international transfer does not require high fees, the obvious cost difference in this market is not Will ignore, but there is still no way to make the market widely accepted.

He began to realize that everything was too early, and the clock was far from being dialed into the air of technology. The footsteps of the digital currency era are long overdue. These minority factions, like Sisyphus, can never push stones to the top.


Power is power

In 2015, the blockchain industry officially entered the winter. In the bear market, Chang Biao's Babbitt is extremely difficult – two partners left, the website did not issue a draft fee, and Chang Hao began paying for himself. Changchun once met with dozens of investments and talked about his blockchain technology principles, but the big ones couldn’t understand. In the end, the three long-term friends in the currency circle borrowed hundreds of thousands each and eventually raised 2 million. Let Babbitt come to the warmer of the 2016 currency.

Mint Liangyou has worked in Babbitt for a few months. She believes that the value of Babbitt is largely due to the persistence of Changchun. Unlike other blockchains, he does Babbitt as a mission blockchain. Simple and focused.

Babbitt's current office

When the 2018 seniors added a message on the classic question and answer of the "6000 yuan financial advice", he was already the founder of the original chain. "Join the blockchain company… look at it after five years." Changchun is recruiting People, his WeChat signature is, "contact the technology market, please contact me."

Chang Hao handed Babbitt to the partner and concentrated on the original chain. After Babbitt received a $100 million Series A financing, Changchun is no longer a water seller on the Taojin Road. He has more ability and space to make Babbitt a comprehensive giant. He will take Babbitt's slogan from “Serve the innovator” was changed to “Explore the boundaries of the blockchain”.

In 2018, Babbitt even invested in the mining pool business, and is a new starting point for the long-term dream than the original chain.

Chang Hao paints a future scene that belongs to the original chain. In the future, whether it is housing property rights, company options, copyright or digital assets, it can be opened and viewed directly in the original wallet, just like the Alipay in the Internet world. WeChat.

If Luo Jinhai once used the digital currency payment project to explore the space where Bitcoin is used as a means of payment, the longer than the original chain is to realize the real-life map of smart contracts and asset circulation on the chain. Both sci-fi writers are practicing the two most mainstream applications in the blockchain world.

For a long time, the rumors that have rarely come out for media interviews are exceptionally low-key and sometimes even forgotten. Until August 2018, the digital currency market once again entered the bear market. He rarely came out to accept live broadcasts of fire coins, but on the one hand was squandered by fans. The price was lower than the other digital currencies in the bear market. They are called "Adou, which can't afford it". Even the early evangelists, as the founder of the original chain, were also criticized as "black slashing the leeks."

Chang Hao is better at using words to express his feelings. He is still a shameful feeling of incompetence in the face of the public. Occasionally his cheeks are red and his eyes will go away. In the first few years of his business, he was also sweating when he gave a speech, but now he is adapting.

But perhaps because of the richness and concentration of the sci-fi writer's inner world, Chang's understanding of blockchain technology is still far superior to ordinary people. He is one of the few blockchain entrepreneurs who can create their own set of technical theories and logic. In 2018, Chang Hao proposed the theory of “destruction of the currency” and the theory of “impossible triangle”, and the latter became the core research topic of application and development of blockchain projects in recent years.


Science fiction writers go to the left, entrepreneurs go to the right

The right one is Luo Jinhai and the second one is long

Entering the currency circle in 2011, Luo Jinhai witnessed the madness of the digital currency plunging and plunging, and the blockchain world is still a money-oriented business world. "It (bitcoin, digital currency) is like the Lord of the Rings in the ring king", too many early entrepreneurs lost in the skyrocketing wealth, he decided to keep a distance from the blockchain.

In 2016, Luo Jinhai founded a “quantum school”, an educational platform for natural sciences. In the technological media, the blockchain was only concerned as a technology in mathematics, physics, philosophy, and computer. Finally, Luo Jinhai crossed the coin circle with half his feet.

Luo Jinhai did not leave the blockchain world, but he only regarded the blockchain as a technology and tried to bridge his initial heart and the blockchain world. The Quantum School also pays attention to the blockchain content. From 2017 to 2018, "There was 300 million people in China who "understood" the blockchain overnight." "People are the currency" and "Bitcoin: This thing is out of the world." 》 A batch of exquisite 100,000+ works.

In 2018, on the basis of the quantum school, Luo Jinhai released his new blockchain project "2140", which is a virtual community of blockchain civilization. In the "Declaration", he declared: "Here, it will be a paradise for blockchain believers, rationalists, technical geeks, and liberals." He called on 2,140 creationists to create a complete work. And grand science fiction.

After several periods of entrepreneurship, the sci-fi writers have finally returned to the blockchain, but the original intention of a science fiction writer is completed.

After 2015, there are fewer and fewer exchanges of hexadecimal and long 有着 with their own careers, the same battlefield, and different end points. After the release of the 2140 project, the seventeenth code feels that today's self is closer to what he loves, returning to the sci-fi itself, and the long-shoulders who go further in business may bear more burdens and can only move forward.

In 2019, Babbitt, led by Changchun, would like to make a summary of Bitcoin's ten-year sermons and publish "The Blockchain Ten Years". Chang Hao invited the hexadecimal code to complete the writing of the book. Thus, the names of the two 15-year sci-fi writers will be printed in the same blockchain.

Text: Three peach

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