Interview with everyiToken: The main online line is less than a year, how do we reach cooperation with more than 300 projects?

One day in November 2017, Cai Hengjin made a sharing related to artificial intelligence at the Shanghai Natural History Museum . Cai Hengjin is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Computer Science of Wuhan University. His research interests include artificial intelligence, financial information engineering, blockchain, etc. He is the author of "The Rise of the Machine – The Beginning of Self-awareness and Human Wisdom" and "The District with Intelligence and Consciousness". Blockchain System (coming soon).

After the event, his former partner Chen Bojun asked him to drink coffee. During his chat, Professor Cai Hengjin mentioned his own "Token-based" theory and hoped to establish a blockchain project to turn theory into reality. .

A month later, Chen Bozhen took Luo Qi, who met at the community event, and met with Professor Cai Hengjin for the first time at Pudong Airport. After some discussion, the three decided to develop a public chain with a “Token-based” accounting model, named “everiToken”. Professor Cai Hengjin is the chief scientist, Luo Wei is the CEO (CEO), and Chen Bozhen is the COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Subsequently, Cheng Xiwei and Wang Wei, two proud disciples who were formerly Professor Cai Hengjin, joined the founding team and were responsible for core code development, serving as CPO (Chief Product Officer) and CTO (CTO).

On August 15, 2018, after the main online line, everiToken officially launched the original Token verification and payment standard protocol – " everiPay ". Since then, the everiToken team has started a large-scale commercial promotion.

In the past six months, they have contacted more than 500 project parties from all over the world, and more than 300 projects have been established to cooperate with them. Among them, there are many projects such as China's largest Internet public welfare platform volunteers with more than 70 million users, Brazil's only official football lottery, and Asia's first compliance currency, HWGC Cash.

This process is not easy. Since the team members are not from the currency circle, “not being trusted by the insiders” is the biggest difficulty they encountered in the early stage of their business . But they quickly proved themselves by action. Before testing the online line in May last year, everiToken won the multi-million dollar base stone of distributed capital, Yuandao Capital, Qianfang Fund, Shuimu Fenghua Fund and Prince Gong. Financing. This was one of the few projects that did not rely on white papers, but relied on a solid online test.

What is special about everiToken's technology? Why are so many project parties willing to cooperate with them? Why do they achieve such impressive results in landing applications? How do they understand blockchain technology and commerce? What pits have you encountered in blockchain startups? What are the "fun" souls in the community? In an interview with EveriToken's chief product officer, Cheng Xiwei, we were able to get the answers one by one.

Technical and commercial balance

The vision of the everiToken public chain is to "become an infrastructure in the era of the CIS economy and solve the problem of the difficulty of landing blockchain applications." Unlike versatile platforms such as Ethereum and EOS, everiToken focuses on things related to Token.

The “Token” here is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a pass, a card, a ticket, a voucher, a certificate, etc. that can represent the rights. What everiToken has to do is to easily realize the issuance, circulation and management of the certificate (including the homogenization certificate and the non-homogeneous certificate).

To this end, the everiToken team developed three core technologies:

The first is the original "Token-Based" accounting model , which can ensure security in the case of unsatisfactory network conditions. Compared with Bitcoin UTXO and Ethereum's Account-based, it is closer to the real environment. In addition, the relevant content has been written into a thesis and reviewed by the core SCI journal, which will be published soon;

The second is to introduce standardized security contracts that allow users to issue certificates based on standardized security contracts using the API interface;

The third is the original Token verification and payment standard protocol – "everiPay" , support POS machine, scan code gun, NFC, Bluetooth, etc., to achieve face-to-face micropayment within 3 seconds. EveriToken does not pursue the ultimate in technology and perfection, but seeks a balance between technology and business. Cheng Xiyu said:

“If a project founder is purely technical, he will make the blockchain a very geek thing, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. He just wants to be a very cool and cool guy. Things, the bigger the performance indicators, the better, he does not consider the business landing.

If this person is purely business and does not understand the technology, then it will make unrealistic things. For example, some people who do industry chain, he takes other ready-made public chains, and renames them to be integrated. Industry resources, but he does not understand how to do privacy protection, how to do data leakage, this thing is likely to be impossible. This is the advantage of everiToken: in the founding team of everiToken, the chief scientist Professor Cai Hengjin is a technical expert. Luo Wei, Cheng Xiwei and Wang Wei have more than two entrepreneurial experiences. It can be said that the commercial “pit” has basically stepped on.

In the past, entrepreneurial experience made them understand that “ users need something that is simple and dependable”, so during the development of the entire everiToken public chain, they will think about the design of each step “what can be used in the future, how to use it”. This is also the "Token-based" accounting model, security contract and everiPay design philosophy.

In addition, " the pursuit of long-term value " is also the harvest of Cheng Xiyi in the past, he shared a story in the interview:

“In April 2018, FCoin’s “transaction is mining” led to a number of “** mining” projects. At the time we were designing economic models for blockchains, such as how to collect fees and how to mine. How to pay dividends, etc. There are community users and investors who suggest to us that the very stimulating model of “** mining” can give early users more rewards.

This process has been entangled for half a month, and we have a lot of internal debates, sometimes in the middle of the night to discuss this matter. In the short term, the temptation of this model is indeed very strong, but in the long run, it is unfair to users who join later. This is a question of values, and I ended up using the traditional economic model (now in the white paper).

The currency circle is still relatively impetuous. At that time, it was in a bull market. Everyone was staring. If you don't do this thing, it is likely that not many people will pay attention to you. However, our team is not a currency circle. Before the project was established, we did not know anything about the currency circle. We only focused on blockchain technology. The first paragraph of the first chapter of the everiToken project white paper raises the question: “Is the blockchain technology really creating value in the economic world?” The everiToken team used practical actions to prove that “blockchain application landing is difficult. The proposition, returning to the commercial essence , is the right way to achieve large-scale application of blockchain.

“Blockchain+Volunteer Service”, “Blockchain+Smart Door Lock”

everiToken has a fixed office in Shanghai, but most of its team members travel around the world, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, the United States, Singapore, etc. to these regions or countries. Promote everiToken. For more than an hour of the interview, Cheng Xiyi’s WeChat has four projects, Fangla Group, and docking business.

At present, more than 250 project parties working with everiToken cover many sub-divisions such as public welfare, games, e-commerce, copyright, smart wearable hardware, traceability, music, real estate and so on. Cheng Xiyu said:

"Now most of the public chains are caught in the homogenization competition. It is basically difficult to convince everyone more than others by technology or landing application. At this time, instead focus on PR, peripheral products or do DApp yourself."

Compared to other public chains, the function of everiToken is really special. Taking the cooperation between everiToken and Volunteer Exchange as an example , Volunteer Exchange is the mobile terminal of China's registered volunteer information system “Volunteer China”, and the total number of volunteer apps is ranked first (third-party statistics, as of March 13, 2019). It is currently the largest Internet public interest platform in the country.

Volunteers provide volunteer services through the Volunteer Meeting Platform. The Volunteer Exchange Platform records information such as volunteer activity records and service durations. This information will be shared with government departments as an important basis for the construction of the youth credit system; Volunteer Exchanges creates a “profit-making point” system, and provides a corresponding number of “profit points” according to the service duration of the volunteers. Volunteers can use these “profit points” to exchange the required goods at the designated merchants.

Volunteer service information can bring direct benefits to volunteers. For example, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, volunteer services can be converted into settlement points and settled locally. As a centralized platform for third parties, Volunteer Exchange often calls or sends e-mails to question the fairness of its data. “Unable to prove the innocence” has always plagued the managers of the Volunteer Platform.

The cooperation with everiToken can solve this pain point:

On the one hand, based on the fact that the blockchain technology itself cannot be tampered and traceable, the security of the platform data can be guaranteed;

On the other hand, based on the everiToken's everiPay payment protocol and the everiPass equity verification protocol, the circulation of “Yi-Lei” will be more transparent and secure. In an exclusive interview, Cheng Xiyi specifically mentioned the application of blockchain technology in smart door locks . He believes that " this is an area that many people ignore and is an important part of the CIS economy ."

With the development of the sharing economy in recent years, the hotel market has continued to grow, but China's credit system has not yet been perfected, and there are trust and security issues between landlords and tenants.

Cheng Xizhen believes that these problems can be solved by a smart door lock based on blockchain technology combined with a secure encryption chip . He introduced that this smart door lock can achieve four functions:

Open the door, automatic distribution on the chain, tenant information management and data deposit.

Specifically, tenants use everiPay to pay for the corresponding pass to verify and open the door. These passes can be automatically distributed to stakeholders, such as landlords and house cleaning companies. At the same time, the smart door lock can be equipped with a second-generation ID card reader and face recognition and fingerprint recognition module. Combined with the security chip of the everiToken self-developed, the public security organ can obtain the information of the resident in real time. Moreover, the landlord can flexibly set the exchange rules for the pass and lease time through the security contract. If the time limit is exceeded, the tenant will not be able to open the door. Finally, the data of the above three functions can be stored in the blockchain in real time, and the cost is low.

At present, everiToken has signed cooperation agreements with a number of homestays and has run the first batch of more than 3,000 intelligent door locks based on blockchain.

Those "fun" souls in the community

Since February 2018, everiToken has grown from the original five founding teams to a small team of more than ten people . With so few teams, why can you support hundreds of projects? The reason, Cheng Xiyu said:

“We are more dependent on community contributors. We even have translations of our official website, technical documentation and white papers. Our team is focused on core product development and business promotion.”

The community, perhaps the most attractive part of the blockchain. A group of people, because of love, gathered together. In an interview, Cheng Xijun mentioned several impressive community members. He said:

"Jerry, a junior at New York University, contributes code to us every month. He contributes more code than a full-time job. He is a very special boy. He is very busy recently, preparing for the exam. There is also a German The developers of Munich have contributed the Java SDK code to us. There is also a Japanese developer, Masaki, who is Japanese but proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese."

Are there any words or actions in these community members that make the everiToken team feel very moved? Cheng Xijun’s answer is unbearable, he said:

"I really don't have ~ because they are all knocking code, not very good at expressing their inner feelings, so generally do not say such a nasty thing. They are talking about technical matters, others will not talk too much."

The everiToken team has always been low-key, not often in front of the media and the public. They cut in from small innovations and use actions to show what is closer to the reality of the blockchain and what is the future of the blockchain.

When the blockchain takes off the mysterious coat, when technology hits the cruel business, every step of the blockchain entrepreneur's exploration is accompanied by great uncertainty, and everything will be redefined.

"The road is blocked and long, and the line is coming." The blockchain revolution has just begun.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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