Discussion: The currency is down the BSV, is this right?

The coin has been removed from the BSV, I was swiped, and I believe that you have also been screened.

Everyone is discussing this matter, after all, this is the first time a first-tier exchange has taken off a mainstream currency. After all, the strange thing is that everyone thinks this is a good thing.

Those who do not support BSV and those who feel that CSW is a liar are very addicted. Zhao Changpeng has become the hero who has come forward. Zhao Changpeng only said one thing about the BSV: "Do the right thing", which is why I want to write this article.

The people who support BSV also think that this is a good thing. They feel that the threat of the currency security is "like a throat", and now it has been fulfilled, and it has been refreshed a lot.

"Thank you for the currency security," they brushed the screen.

So, does the currency really do the right thing? At least in Zhao Changpeng's heart, this answer is no doubt. Because when a mature rational person does something that does not meet the interests of all, then his motivation is only "I am doing the right thing."

Although the currency list lists a lot of "lower reasons", but this is the same as when you use the APP to ask you to agree to the "user agreement", you will only click "allow" instead of watching the content. Everyone will only think that it is because CW’s overbearing swindlers have angered Zhao Changpeng, who wants to “strengthen justice”.

But there are so many problems, I think it is worth thinking about.

1. What role does the exchange play in the encrypted world?

This question is actually very easy to answer, and the exchange provides the liquidity of the cryptocurrency. When the technology such as cross-chain is not mature, people need to trade, they have to enter the market to buy coins, and the project parties need to cash out “doing things”, etc., all need exchanges to provide liquidity.

Slowly, the exchange became the top of the food chain in the decentralized world, becoming the most important referee, and even able to determine the "life and death" of an edge project.

Because when the exchange becomes the head exchange of the industry, he accounts for a large proportion of the liquidity of a certain currency. Once it is removed, it will cause investors to lose confidence and the market will not be able to support, eventually leading to the price. Falling.

And the price is the life gate of all cryptocurrencies.

Does this lead to centralization?

Fortunately, apart from the price, the exchange can't affect anything.

At the same time, this is also the result of BSV's “seeking benevolence”. The currency security may be just the beginning. There will be more and more exchanges considering the BSV:

Supporters of BSV believe that the removal of big exchanges will enable them to open a new "reincarnation": the BSV exchange, which is also supported by OK:

Second, BSV=CSW?

This equation, I think a lot of people should be recognized.

But in fact, this is not the case, just like BCH = Bit Continental? This is not the case.

Many people who support BSV are because BSV better inherits BCH's original vision. You can call them "big block party" directly, because they think that when BTC has a large block, it will be realized. Things.

Of course, BCH's supporters are not all because they like Bitland. The reason why BCH was popular is still because of the “big block”, including the “cash that can be used to buy coffee” that is still being promoted.

Bitcoin supporters certainly don't like Bitcoin Core's philosophy. Even many people don't know Bitcoin Core, and not all people who support Bitcoin support the development of "block + isolation testimony" and the current lightning network.

The biggest problem that BCH thinks is that people have put "about equal sign" in the mind and bit mainland, and BSV has almost equated with CSW in people's minds. This is also the biggest problem.

But the anger of CSW is scattered on the BSV, is it true?

Nothing wrong, the exchange boss believes that the “project party” is fraudulent and has been removed from its own exchange (and has not called everyone to be removed), of course.

If the founder of the exchange can't even get the money, then the exchange has become awkward?

If a coin is afraid of the exchange, then what is the picture?

In fact, this question is actually completely over-considered. I just said something to ordinary BSV investors who have suffered price fluctuations.

BSV believers do not seem to care about this issue at all.

The original words of the true BSV believers are: "Congratulations to BSV for the currency."

3. Do I support BSV and CSW?

Let me start by saying that it is not supported.

Many people say that if the BSV falls more, can you make a profit? I think speculation is ok, even if the investment is.

I don't support investing in SV, let's say it again.

However, as a possible development direction of Bitcoin, BSV is currently limited by 128M block, and will soon be released even if the 128M block limit is removed. What will happen? no one knows. The worst result is gradually getting rid of the next BTCX, XBTC, BTX and other cottage forks, but if it succeeds? It is also a free test for Bitcoin.

And CSW is definitely a liar, and this is beyond doubt.

Even if he can use Nakamoto's account to send a message, he can get a private key verification, I also think he is a liar, and he can't find any valid proof.

I really don't want Nakamoto to appear. Because Nakamoto is a "person", he will be dug up by various forces and he will no longer be perfect. He is no longer the perfect one. Nothing, cool to the extreme "God."

A person who has made one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the world, a person who is looking for the world but can't find it, a person who has no desire for wealth, and an insight into sociology, mathematics, and operations research. , cryptographic technology geek…

The above description should not be owned by CW.

But aside from CSW, the community cohesion of BSV is also worthy of admiration. (Really, not ridicule)

I saw a lot of people planning to buy some BSVs because he felt the belief in the BSV.

Perhaps this is also the only community that can urge them to get off the shelves when the currency is going to be removed, and thank the coins after the removal.

At last.

Did the coin do a right thing? Yes.


(Author: William Chen)

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