Joint cofferdam "Ao Ben Cong"! Without the exchange, is the BSV completely cold?

According to reports, one of the world's most traded crypto exchanges, Binance, announced that it will be off the Bitcoin SV (BSV). Previously, the controversy surrounding Craig Wright (CSW), the creator of this cryptocurrency, has been going on for a week.


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Coin Ann announced on Monday that it will remove all BSV transactions on April 22. Just a few days ago, Chan Chan CEO Zhao Changpeng (CZ) threatened that if the CSW did not stop the attack on Twitter users, the exchange would remove the BSV. These users claim that CSW is not Nakamoto.

In the statement, the exchange stated, “We regularly review every digital asset we go online to ensure that it continues to meet our high standards.”

Zhao Changpeng subsequently announced on Twitter that the exchange was announced and said:

"Do the right thing."

The commitment of these teams, including digital assets, to the project, the level and quality of development activities, the stability of networks and smart contracts, the level of public communication, the response to regular due diligence requests, the proof of unethical or fraudulent behavior, and the encryption ecology System contribution.

However, according to the analysis, the main reason why the BSV was removed from the shelves may not be the above, but the CSW's Twitter user hodlonaut (he created the lightning network "Torch" activity, which was attended by many well-known cryptographers) and other personal attacks. Specifically, CSW investigated the real identity of hodlonaut through a reward, which had claimed that CSW was not Nakamoto. Zhao Changpeng previously said on Twitter that if the CSW continues these attacks, the exchange will remove the BSV.

In a series of subsequent tweets, Zhao Changpeng said, “Craig Wright is a liar”, “The real Nakamoto can digitally sign any information to prove his identity”, and it is very simple, but CSW I have never done this.

CSW has issued a legal order stop letter to others who claim to be not Nakamoto Satoshi, including "What Bitcoin Did" podcast host Peter McCormack.

Compared to the time when the currency was left to the BSV (until July 22), another exchange could not wait to get off the BSV.

Shortly after the announcement of the announcement, the CEO of another well-known crypto exchange, ShapeShift, and long-term encryption entrepreneur Erik Voorhees announced that the exchange would also remove the BSV for the same reason as the currency.

Voorhees said on Twitter,

"We support the position of Qian An and Zhao Changpeng. ShapeShift will remove BSV within 48 hours ."

In addition, another influential exchange, San Francisco-based Kraken also deliberately down the BSV, and its official Twitter launched a poll to ask Twitter users whether to remove the BSV. At the time of writing, the poll showed that 73% of participants supported the underlying BSV, another 20% said they did not care, and only 3% did not support the removal.

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On the other hand, due to the impact of the exchange's removal, the BSV price fell nearly 10% immediately after the announcement of the currency, while the BCH reversed by nearly 9%. As of press time, according to the QKL123 market, the BSV fell more than 18% in 24 hours.

QQ screenshot 20190416093215

In addition, blockchain wallet service provider Blockchain has announced that it no longer supports BSV. Blockchain CEO Peter Smith said on Twitter,

QQ screenshot 20190416094209

"In the next 30 days, we will stop supporting the #BSV transaction. To use #BSV, please go elsewhere!"

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