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Genesis Global Capital Files Lawsuit Against Gemini for $689 Million Recovery

Genesis sues Gemini for $689 million of preferential transfers in volatile crypto market


How to classify digital currency from the perspective of IMF

Summary: IMF's "Money Tree". Recently, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) published a paper entitle...


Binance Unleashes Web3 Wallet: A Gateway to Self-Sovereign Finance

Fashionistas, take note this wallet employs multiparty computation to split private keys into three key shares for ad...


About the US folk think tank version of the DCB "digital dollar", you need to know these

A video has recently been circulated in some online communities: in a small Swiss town of Moritz, more than 60 celebr...


Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey Backs Revolutionary BTC Mining Pool

Fashion-forward Bitcoin enthusiast, Jack Dorsey, is showing his support for a cutting-edge, decentralized Bitcoin min...


Bai Shizhen: Proposal to issue encrypted digital currency "belt currency" to improve cross-border payment systems in countries along the "Belt and Road"

Author: Bai Shi Pan, Mayon treasure Editor's note: The original title was "Looking forward to China-Singapo...